Venus Retrograde. What about it though?

By heliumfiascoMarch 19, 2017 9:03pm — 16 replies
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How is the venus retrograde going for you?
https www youtube com watch v yzhxgxkphyw
For Venus Retrograde in Pisces, you're looking at the headlines of your life being affected as follo
for venus retrograde in pisces youre looking at the headlines of your life being affected as follows pisces name face persona profile presentation packaging reputation style shape aries secrecy invisibility classified material confident
Venus retrograde is here - a survival thread
a follow-up on the venus retro is coming thread for all those affected by her reflecting mood are any you experiences some tough self-realization these days how are you dealing with them i think im in need of this retrograde to put things in per
Twas the night before Venus Retrograde and all through the houses!
happy retro eve everyone hope it works in your favor https youtu be pmivt7mj41m
Venus retrograde is coming
venus-ruled things fall under the two zodiac signs taurus and libra so these signs are particularly sensitive to venus retrograde don t forget to consider your rising moon and venus sign http starsignstyle com venus-retrograde-in-aries-2017
What is Venus retrograde like?
in natal specifically in scorpio im very curious i dont understand these people
Venus retrograde turn direct
if i was born 30 days after venus turn retrograde does it means it will turn direct when i am 30 years old
Venus Retrograde - natal
hi guys id like to hear from people who have venus retrograde in their natal charts like me need to know how do you think this affects you if it does of course mine is in virgo im leo sun thanks