Why men cheat?

By HamstheticsMay 30, 2021 3:35am — 69 replies
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Hey guys 😁 My Reading
Hey all, Most of you know whats happened in my relationship lately. I have acted stupid and out of order same as my partner. I am in the wrong no doubt the same as she is. I need a little advice one last time on what to do. Last night I had a tarot readi
Dating Apps
I hate dating apps! Most fake way to meet someone. But having gone through a painful divorce etc etc and lockdown etc I decided to try one. After swiping many guys past I found one. Really handsome. We chatted and flirted for 3 weeks and even arranged
Composite charts
So I’ve read up on composite charts and I understand that the composite is a chart of the relationship itself, as a separate entity. What confuses me about the composite though, is how can they predict the outcome or makeup of a relationship without facto
How do you rate (1-5 stars) and review your exes?
State their Zodiac signs, of course!
Birth chart compatibility
I wanna know if me and this person r compatibles Birth dates Mine 14th january 1986 His 12th july 1984
sleep sequence
which sign energy can you easily fall asleep with? dream with? you know when you suddenly become aware of your body/breathing patterns, whom can you sync with?
Can anyone please help me with birth chart(s) compatibility?
Hi I'm Nise and new here. (reposting here cuz I am not sure which forum to post in) My birthday is: 11/15/75 11:41AM Walnut Creek, CA Bf Sal is: 4/10/80 he doesn't know time of birth but was born in Dayton, OH. So I am sorry as I am guessing knowing his
Which aspects of a person’s chart are likely to make them predisposed to codependency? Which sun signs are likely to have issues with codependency?
Do we make a good match?
Aight look, before I get blasted I just want ya'll to know that I am a beginner in Astrology and possibly have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about. But I'm going to lay both of our placements here and ya'll do the rest. Astrology aside, we really love
Vertex in synastry
Has anyone had a s/o planets aspect your vertex? If so, how did it pan out? I’m particularly curious about Venus conjunct vertex