• My Gem Guy

    is amazing. Didn’t put this in gem forum because it’s mostly just relationship stuff. I’ve posted a few times about my current gem boyfriend that’s nearly 20 years older than me. He’s still as amazing as he was the first week! Truly. But I think due to ot
  • Do men fantasize about baby names?

    Listening to Joe Budden... Apparently some men, who aren't even pregnant, have considered baby names. I think that was odd because men act so closed off and too cool for school. It says in my mind that men DO want families. Do men also dream of white
  • Relationship more like FBW , not long term.

    Would you get in a relationship just for sex? I mean more like fwb, to get more experience and learn more butter, no long term butter and nothing 2 serious . Some people do it, some people don't do it and are against it, some people go thru many partners, som
  • How would you feel?

    A good friend of mine told me that on Weds her friend text her to ask where a good first date spot was. Her date just so happened to be the Aries I’ve mentioned here a few times. Just to clarify this again before I get rude messages. The things I say he
  • Long term relationships with no future

    I have a question about a topic that caught my attention. Why do men stay in long term relationships with no plans to marry? I mean I’m hearing about 16 year relationships just breaking up and the woman are expected to move on like nothing happened and is