• For those who have been cheated on

    This is a question for people who were cheated on and continued to date that person anyway. Has it ever worked out for the both of you after the cheating happened? I ask because I believe people can learn from their mistakes. But I'm also curious to see i
  • Best Friends

    Aside from romance, lovers and all. People who are just friends. Things like how well you get along with your friends, what are their signs and how well you get along with them. Those that have your back.. My best friend and I consider like a brot
  • Why would he lie like this!

    why would you tell someone you like them, tell them not to give up on you, kiss them in the MOUTH, say you're going to work towards a relationship with this person, and then disappear?!!!! whats up with guys? this is how people get shot
  • So frustrating!!!

    Every man I meet seems to be in relationship unless it's just the ones im attracted to? I'm like why even bother asking for my number or attempting to get to know me TF? It's like I'm a magnet for taken men, older men, men that aren't my type! & gay men
  • This past week has been too much for me

    I originally posted this in "aquarius" but I figure it could be vague enough for this forum Hi all I posted about my ex aquarius here almost a month ago, I forget the original post and I have a lot to say now, although some of this post with be about a
  • Taurus and Leo Lesbian Relationship

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so sorry if this has been discussed before, i'm a n00b and i'm not afraid to say it! I am wondering if anyone had an insight on a taurus and leo relationship. I'm the leo, she's the taurus. I'm her first girl, she
  • Would you date an astrologer?

    All things considered, would you? How would you cope with negative reactions about your love monkey's profession? Or deal with the fact that if they see your chart, the can basically know you in ways many people take years to even get close to. Woul
  • A Real Man??? What do you all think?? Agree or Disagree?
  • Nurturing Bad Guy

    What are the character traits of the Nurturing Bad Guy archetype? If you've been in a relationship with a Nurturing Bad Guy, what are the pros and cons of a relationship with this persona? Fill in the blanks for me.
  • Epic Fail

    This chick yours truly has been pursuing for the past month went to the butters. one day i show up and this fat ugly chick gets in my way starts talking to me about smoothies, but this happened in front of the chick i was pursuing. So i side step the husky