Can you feel someone thinking about you?

Have you ever felt someone thinking about you? If so, how does it feel?
Have you ever felt someone thinking about you? If so, how does it feel?
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Posted by virgo78
Have you ever felt someone thinking about you? If so, how does it feel?


But i can sure feel when someone is looking at me and im not aware.

That too LOL!
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My Virgo always seems to tend to call me when I'm just getting ready to call him...
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Theres one guy I know who alway texts me when im crying (which isnt often) it's weird because I could not have seen him for months but when im usually balling my eyes out I get a random text from him that snaps me out of it. Very strange. But I suppose i'm not actually thinking about him, well I actually I am these days because everytime I cry now I await his message! haha
I can sence when someone is thinking about me Have no idea how I get that info - whatever I'm doing, doesn't matter, the idea that a specific person just tought of me comes up in my mind. I think my body temperature elevates a little... it could be a friend, a relative , crush, boyfriend... At first I didn't realise that was it, but... I receive a text, or an e-mail, or a phone call, or when I see them, they tell me they thought of me - and the time matches...
So I got more in tune with that sensation, and for the last few months, the more relaxed I am the more vibes I get! And usually get an immediate phone call or a text or see that person weird
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Ya know, the weird thing is I absolutely can sometimes feel when someone is thinking about me. But I don't see the point in calling to confirm it that was true b/c of course they'll say yes!

Sometimes when I get the sense that someone is thinking about me, they'll call or text me in that moment.

I'm not superstitious though. When my ear or nose itches, I don't take it as, "Yep someone's thinking about me!"

I love those moments when the person you're thinking about in the moment calls you & confirms that yep, they were thinking about you! It's a good feeling...ESP maybe =P
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not people in general, but a couple people. definitely. it's not really a good feeling for me.
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Yes, feels like they're trying to crawl in your head. It can be pleasant or not, depends. And you can choose to deflect it or not as you see fit.
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Posted by QLIbraMale
i hear my name being call from time to time. often its when i'm not doing much like playing piano or walking down block, its usually at times when i'm isolated.

Because THAT'S not creepy..
Posted by janettam
hehehehe funny thing. i would think about a guy every minute of the day. but when my head is clear... thats when the guy would contact me... ahahah. so childish but personal experience. may i add this is a recurring thing.

i was starting to think that maybe the more i think about someone the less they probably are thinking about me and the less i think about them the more they are probably thinking about me. ahahah such an amateur when it comes to these sort of things. i have too much mental time dammnit

Oh my god I'm the same way! I'm a scorp born on nov 10 and this aquarian guy I like is born feb 7. I think about him all the time and I'm thinking "hes probably not thinking about me." and then when I'm NOT thinking about him, I know hes thinking about me because of the subtle hints and things he implies.
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yes I feel it
most of the time if they hit you with a cricket bat or iron pipe
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Posted by QLIbraMale
Posted by RestlessLove
Posted by QLIbraMale
i hear my name being call from time to time. often its when i'm not doing much like playing piano or walking down block, its usually at times when i'm isolated.

Because THAT'S not creepy..
lol nope I tend to be spiritual aware.
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I hear that, too. It sounds like it's a loud whisper, not really the full tone of a voice. And most times, it happens when I'm meditating and my mind is blank
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Yes, my mom and I do this all the time. And end up calling each other while the other one's thinking about calling. To me its like that feeling you get when someone's leaning over you to see what you're doing. Tickle on the back of my neck type thing.
Posted by Claire
Posted by virgo78
Have you ever felt someone thinking about you? If so, how does it feel?

Yeah I can, i'm not too bad at this. What it feels like depends on what I feel about them and what the sutuation is at the time. Sometimes it's a bit clouded with my own judgement but I can usually tell when this is too. I know when it's clear.
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I'm the same Even tho' I'd like to think "he" is thinking of me all the time I know for sure when he is and I believe I can also tell in what vibe/mood/context he's thinking of me. Its freaky but I like it! (of course I wonder if he can do the same w/ me and the answer is probably so...that I dont like as much)
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