He told me I'm the SECOND best sex he's ever had?

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    So this morning after breakfast he went in the shower and left his phone out and I went through it, I went back reading messages from him and his ex who he was with for 11 years. She knows about me and I know about her we have met in person we're very p
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    Reality is, The person who likes you will stay in your life daily. They will want to be around you as often as possible, So there will be no need to wonder if they care or not... If they are not doing this, then its time to scratch them off your list.
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    Say you’re in a room with 100 people of your preferred gender and age range. How many would you expect to find attractive and want to get to know better?
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    It seems like most of my relationships start off the same way...we meet, have a connection, see each other more and more, I have a "this one is not like the rest. He's different" thought, we make it official or we don't, I start to show interest, he show