'Mother issue'

By MonaLisa26July 3, 2022 3:15pm — 29 replies
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Bfs narcissistic ex
so i m trying to support my boyfriend any way i can but i feel bad and wanted some opinions of some that may have similar experiences i m open to all perspectives before we got together he was in a 5 year long abusive relationship his ex was mentally
60 Day Business Proposal
what are 5 wants and expectations that are the basic foundation for a long and healthy relationship sun in pisces with dominant fire and i will be signing a relationship contract its a 60 day trial to determine if were a potentially great union
Going back to broken relationships
why i had a friend who went back to his ex girlfriend who cheated on him once and got jealous of every woman they kept making up and breaking up mentioned it before another woman went out with an aspergers man with small man syndrome he was reactive
Guys help
sooooo after years and years i am going on a date tommorow night the guy is a pisces and is a pilot thats all i know i am getting nervous i bought a new outfit and shoes i hope i wont look ugly and fat i am anxious
Do women overestimate?
this is for the men do you think the women you date overestimate your ability to get other women for example accusing of you of talking to other women or thinking you have like all these women throwing themselves at your feet when in reality you were
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do pisces men not communicate when their in one lf their many ever changing moods i m a pisces female yet i tell ppl i confused want to be bothered
“When you know, you know”
i ve heard from both men and women that say that when they first met their spouse they knew right away that this was the person they were going to marry have you ever felt this way about someone early on and were your feelings true
picking people who are good for our mental health
randomly saw this on pinterest this morning and thought it was a simple yet important question to reflect on when getting into relationships picking someone who is good for our mental health and emotional well-being and also being the kind of person
Is Monogamy on the way out?
and what relationship model will become the new normal in the future are humans truly meant to be monogamous we can certainly accomplish many things without being in a monogamous relationship anymore i personally believe you can like and be attrac
Dating One Like ME
steve geyer who was totally unknown to me but last night i watched him and one thing he said - i absolutely lmao if you are the same - than one of you is unnecessary it s like borderline narcissist marrying itself it was like an eye opener so fin