Do Sags go back to ex flings?

is that part of Sag trait? This younger man I dated on/off 2 years ago contacts me every 3-4 months wanting another r
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is that part of Sag trait?

This younger man I dated on/off 2 years ago contacts me every 3-4 months wanting another run. Lately he is pursuing me even more agressively. He is writing me emails (super short ones like 'one more time?'); he is showing interest in my business; he invites me on his msn list. He asks me every week now if we can back together again. It is not in a romantic sense, we were more like FWB. There were times when I said, sorry.. am seeing someone... OR sorry... I am looking for more meaningful relationships.

He is an attractive man 16yrs my junior. I know there are tons of older women out there wanting just the occasional fling. I don't think he would have any difficulty finding one. So why ME???

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He's already tried you on and you fit well?
It's like your favorite outfit or pair of shoes...even when you buy new things you still end up wearing your favorites more because they're comfy and they look good on you, you know what to expect.
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LOL... thx, Bri

I never thought that way...
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Relationships - NO

Flings- Shometimes

I think if a sag is actually putting in effort to get to you, he may really wanna be with you again. Maybe it really worked, just need time to realize?

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Sag89 -- at the time it was great. Quite the revolution for me too, to be with someone like him. He is snake in chinese zodiac. I am Ox, which is one of the best matches. I felt it at the time, but because I was first fling as old as me for him... lol ... he kept on telling that he needed to find someone his age. All good...
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sagiluv -- it's been 2 years since last time we were together. He is just contacting me every few months. When I said 'No' last time.. I think in February that was, he said, ok .. will ask you again in the summer

but it seems different this time.. I don't know...

was just wondering what is happening. I like his straightforward ways. If he had more charm working for him... like invite me to drinks or dinner,.. it may come to the sweet part of things, but he doesn't.. he insists on just having sex. That part is what I don't get...

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jade -- yes that's him!

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he doesn't want to meet for drinks..... just asking for straight sex

but why me?

would he be possibly afraid meeting for drinks because afraid of any kind of attachment?

Briana mentioned comfort... so I dont know. I wrote him back last night if he wants to meet than to find ways of charming me first.

I seriously don't get such level of bluntness.
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for how long...? lol
SunScorpio MoonTaurus MercuryLibra

2 months of chasing are already behind. He may get tired of it though.

hm... giving him the best doesn't sound such a bad idea...

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