Sadge girl and Libra guy.. What do you think..?

30 years old female from Ca
Ok, I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this, the good, the bad and the ohhh so yummy!!

Any insights, also what patterns have you noticed, specially in that Libra hot and cold, studying every angle, what has helped you guys or girls to make this smoother on both Libra and sadge, is there anything I can do?
45 years old male from Austin, Texas
really, you shouldn't have to do much, besides being your wild and crazy self ... sag and libra is good match. He'll always like you because his life was prolly boring as doggy poo before you came along, and he knows it would be the same if you ever left. If he has a tendency to get depressed ever, be grumpy .. anything like that .. don't put up w/ it at all. Maybe do something to cheer him up, but if he just wants to wallow in misery ( like some libras do ) ... Tell him to snap out of it or else!!!
30 years old female from Ca
Thanks!! Yeah I do see where we both have fun, I always do, but he seems to enjoy our time together.. always coming up with something

As far as being direct, do you think thats good or bad, I know he as libra is very read in between those lines, and I seem to have a hard time getting that.. I like to know, and be direct, and will tell you something straight up, not going around the bush..

Have fun Sagdies!!
30 years old female from Ca

lol@ Direct, 'libra-style'

Its funny I love to play-wrestle, I'll try it next time
30 years old female from Ca
For 4 months..
I met him right at the time I separated from my ex, he showed me he was very interested and persued me at the begining, and then he told me we can be friends since I need time, and see where that goes, but he is interested in me... He's told me this many times, but the recent break up holds him back...
We text alot, have seen a couple of times, then we got intimate, that's when he said we are not to be intimate again, until my divorce is final.. and on the meantime he wants to date me, even told me what we would do; dinner, golf/bowling and then ice cream.. he would go on daydreaming about the date, and asked me if I could (9 days in advance, since he was going out of town-work) however that day I didnt hear from him, though he must have been tired..

We still text, he's called me a few times, but for some reason, its always bad timing for me and I miss the call..

He keeps saying we have time, so maybe he is being careful or just dont know..

He's not afraid to ask alot of questions about boys, if I am seeing anyone, dates and stuff--- all the time., seems jealous if I get a text when I am with him. but not in a aggressive jealousy, but more like a way to find out where I stand...

I'd wish he could just tell me what he wants and that would be it.. instead of these guessing games..

He wants to see me, however never asks me out..

30 years old female from Ca
Not at all, he's 32, divorced 2 years ago, took it pretty hard, stopped dating for the first year or so, he told my friend that separation is tricky, I guess he feels at any moment I could go back and try things again with my ex, which of course its not true at all.. matter of fact I would not go back if he was the last men...

that's the kind of stuff that I dont like either.. He's accepted that he goes back and forth with me.. he really likes me and is interested

but he told my friend he doesnt want to get hurt
30 years old female from Ca
Will try, once he's back into town, he's been traveling a lot cause of work, Great Jade, I will take the initiative!!

I'll let you know how it goes.. Thanks for your insight!! Hope to play-wrestle soon!!
45 years old male from Austin, Texas
Whooah!!! you girls are just as bad as me!! What part of " he doesnt want to get hurt " don't you understand? Do you really think, even if he were the perfect guy, that you are ready to settle into a long term exclusive relationship w/ the 1st guy who happened to come along after your split? He's worried about falling for someone who's just rebounding.

Now, on his part, he's about as clueless as a redneck in an art gallery. He should just enjoy whatever life brings for a while and not worry so much .. but then that's not a libra's style. They're so loyal, and so cautious about doing the right thing that they forget to live.

That's why, even though libra is the most common sign to show interest in me, I will never spend another day w/ one .. a night maybe
30 years old female from Ca
jru2.. he's about as clueless as a redneck in an art gallery lmao!!!!!!!!

I agree, thats my way of thinking, Things should just be enjoyed!!!

Update, he asked me to hang out with him today, he's back and he doesnt work today, so yeah I am down for some play-wrestle thanks for the tip Jade!!

Wish me luck, oh right we have Jupiter on our side
30 years old from Canada
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Posted by jru2

That's why, even though libra is the most common sign to show interest in me, I will never spend another day w/ one .. a night maybe

Ha I have to laugh at that
Play-wrestle is definitely true! I am a Sagg and my Libra goes nuts every time we play-wrestle, he seems to enjoy it a lot and so do I.
Good luck with your Libra, they are a good match for us
30 years old from Canada
Sun Capricorn 0.11 Moon Taurus 3.10 Mercury Sagittarius 9.26 Venus Sag
Posted by silentdoll9
Play-wrestle is definitely true! I am a Sagg and my Libra goes nuts every time we play-wrestle, he seems to enjoy it a lot and so do I.
Good luck with your Libra, they are a good match for us

lol couldn't agree more! my libra hubby likes to do self defense lessons with me
33 years old
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my moms a sag and my dads a libra...been married 35 years. there's been some very ugly times but obviously the good trumped the bad. my mom is totally the one wearing the pants though
30 years old female from Ca
Sadly to say, there is no update, he's been out of town since last week

Work trips suxs!!!

He's kept in touch (texting) and he'll be back this coming week, I am not contacting him, hopefully he wonders where I've been

30 years old female from Ca
Posted by jade_dragon
Update, please......

Wow 35 years!!!!

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