Do Sags Move Fast in Rel'nships?

My Sag friend is dating a Cancer and their relationship is moving at lightning speed. Within a couple of weeks she was s

I know what you mean and yes she isn't done with me, although she might be soon.

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How do you know when a Sagittarius woman is done with the relationship?
30 years old female
Posted by Mariah
Posted by brianafay
So it’s the Sag that’s balls deep already ?? Not the cancer ?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Unlike most people think...

We may be "marriage Lets-live-happily forever"

We aren't easy. We could not be.... We can sense fishy stuff from a mile away and we tend to overthink

So jumping in head over heels is not a water sign trait

Once we know it's mutual and we trust you...

Yeah then we give all.....

But...... Also here sun isn't the important sign

It depends on the whole chart

Im both ..... im careful but.... Im impulsive....

I will give special intention yet won't put out

I will show the world your not just anybody but i won't give in to your effort that fast.

Its annoying though....

I can easily give the wrong impression

But sags are more impulsive..... Cancers overall not.

But i dont have much water in my chart. πŸ˜‰ sometimes i wish i did hahaha
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Hmm.. I think they could especially if they think you're the one. My Sag Fiance and I started dating in 2015 and we were literally spending all free time we had together. Three months later he wanted to give me a key to his place but I refused.

He told me he loved me 6 months into the relationship and 18 months in he spoke to my parents about wanting to marry me.. but didn't pop the question until our 2nd year dating anniversary.. lol
I wish that we're birds, and fly together forever
Posted by OneKnight
Shut up.

I wish that we're birds, and fly together forever

Kinda of 😟☹
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Posted by Mariah
Mister saggy put the moves on me months ago. I kept him on arms length. He can have any woman he wants... They all end up n his bed. But I know he cares deeply for me. I care deeply for him. I didn't want it to burst in to nothing. Still in eachothers lives ...I will see where it goes. Do I regret it? Well..... He drives me wild.. Think he is the most gorgeous sexiest man alive..... Once we do grab eachother boy oh boy...... But I don't want just sex with him. I'm not saying I won't have sex with him outside a relationship...... Cause he is.... Damnnnnn

But I cannot just be friends or just sexbuddies with him. Both in the long haul

Or nothing.....
Time will tell
He is one who goes hard and fast too..
But if that means the relationships last ..... that's another thing
Sags go fast...... But they can fall out fast too

So.... If he dissapears now.... It's not to be and I didn't miss out

If he stays..... I know..... He would have been worth the wait... Just like I am worth the wait and effort πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

awwww - good for you - I hope it works out well for you - keep us posted - yeah, I remember how sexy a Sag can be - daym ...

33 years old
Sag sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Venus, Libra Mars
We tend to rush into learning people so much they THINK its a relationship... once we solve the puzzle and we realize its not what we want we move on.... Unless the person makes us feel so special that it would be stupid to leave.... the biggest key is maintaining freshness and some mystery.
Jupiterian β™‹
I'm a cancer and I can get in a relationship pretty quickly. I'm usually a bit guarded up but if I trust my gut feeling I won't put any breaks. The sags I've met can be quick to want to know you, but I haven't met one quick to jump into a relationship. I think it depends a lot on the venus placement. Fire venus tend to be quicker imho.

Actually the quickest person I've met to jump into a relationship is my current cancer dating/girlfriend. Met her on a tuesday. Stayed at hers during the weekend after. Sunday night I go back to my place and she convinces me to go back to hers because "do you have anything better to do than to sleep with me"? A weekend after she introduces me to her friends as her future boyfriend and her mother invites me to Christmas with them. In Sweden. 😢
Nope at least the sags I know don't they are kind of reluctant to even enter a relationship.
33 years old
Sag sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Venus, Libra Mars
Posted by OneKnight
Posted by hellosaggy
LOL why you say that bro.

But the answer is yes.... its a lot going on.

Every placement is right on the money, Sun Sag that's already action, then Moon in Aries, action on steroids, sprinkled with Venus in Scorpio and you have Loving Anger

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Yeah that actually sounds about right....

women confuse my passion and action for emotions... that's where things get messed up.
taurus sun cap moon aries venus/mercury pisces mars
oh the Sag - and his expectations - that I could just stay at his place all the time and not have to go home ... I had dogs and cats who needed fed, a lawn that needed care, dusting and dishes to do - after reminding him he would still say - I just don't know what you could possibly have to do at home ...

he "dumped" me when his grandson asked me to take him swimming and I told him I had to go home to feed my dogs - he was so angry - said I was telling his grandson that my dog was more important than him - stupid oaf - but that was ok - that showed me what I needed to see

mofo still calls me once in a blue moon - gtfo - acts like "what" ? it's been years ...

39 years old male from NJ, USA
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Posted by hellosaggy
LOL why you say that bro.

But the answer is yes.... its a lot going on.

Every placement is right on the money, Sun Sag that's already action, then Moon in Aries, action on steroids, sprinkled with Venus in Scorpio and you have Loving Anger

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