Sag woman not interested or playing hard to get?

By natsNovember 26, 2021 2:05am — 105 replies
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since its sag season i can roast sag a lot but probably has the most outspoken voice of zodiac yeah gemini overall communicate better but sag with more intensity love u evanescence https c tenor com nhxld4wizqyaaaac crying-emoji-cry gif https youtu
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hi guys just wanted your thoughts rly i met an amazing sagittarius in july abroad - and we have spoken every day all the time since he flew me out to his family home 2 weeks after meeting him where i met his whole family amp spent 1 week with him i
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i notice i read it a lot in modern astrology blogs and i read it in another blog called aquarian astrology cannot find it though it seems like people write the best things about pairings involving sag women with water sign men and some like mila jovovic
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to keep things brief i have a casual thing with a sag man and we get along well however he appears to be interested in me more than casually just wondering what people s thoughts are on the paring charts listed below i m a very airy cancer and he s
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i have this sag lady at work who teases me so much in public and borders on being really mean will even stir the pot and get me trouble by saying to a muscular guy oh i think my name says he can beat you down good then in private she is super nice
okay so i met this sag lady in a summer program noticed she noticed me in a party we exchanged looks hold her gaze and figure she was at least interested in me when i crossed her again i decided to give my number approached her we talked a bit ga
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one of the girls i am seeing although we arent exclusive has a friend in her group well call her taylor taylor is the outspoken friend for sure but she is cool with most people including a past guy who used to casually hook up with the girl i am seei
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