What Zodiac Signs are You Completely done with?

I'm quacking done with: Libra Virgo Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Cancer as of today! lmfao! dead ass!
♐️sun, ♉️moon, ♐️rising, ♑️/♒️venus, ♍️mars
I'm quacking done with:


as of today! lmfao! dead ass!

*UPDATED* now adding placements!

Aries Venus
Cancer Mars
Gemini moon
Cap Sun, Aries Ascend, Cancer Moon, Venus Aqua
LOL, well at least your list is only half of the zodiac. So there is hope!!!
from USA
Aqua☉ Gem🌙 Fire Dominant
Caps!!!! lol but that's all I like 😂
♐️sun, ♉️moon, ♐️rising, ♑️/♒️venus, ♍️mars
Posted by daron76
LOL, well at least your list is only half of the zodiac. So there is hope!!!

😂 to be continued.
i'm done with libras. again. maybe eventually i'll find a few who aren't the treetrunking devil.
Local DXP idiot
Caps and Pisces in the love dept.
♐️sun, ♉️moon, ♐️rising, ♑️/♒️venus, ♍️mars
Posted by Aerazo
Caps!!!! lol but that's all I like 😂

😂 that's all i seem to attract. but they got me quacked up with the hot & cold bullbutter.
♐️sun, ♉️moon, ♐️rising, ♑️/♒️venus, ♍️mars
Posted by Leaves
all zodiacs

😂😂 i feel you.
Marine Sun, Virgin Moon, Centaur Ascendant
You're losing it
Romantically speaking, I think I'll only be sticking with earth and water signs, in future.

But, if nothing else, I'm treetrunking absolutely done with air moons...

just an ordinary shy Gemini dude
I don't know. everybody can act like markers from time to time. I'm not done with nobody actually. at least the ones I'm friends with. everybody else I just stay clear from. if I experience one or maybe even two bad Sagittarius for example, doesn't necessarily mean all of them are bad. so I can't be done completely with that sign. there are still some good ones out there somewhere.
29 years old male
Sun ♑ Moon ♎ Ac ♏
Romantically - Libras/Aries

Geminis are oblivious to keeping your sensitive information out of their "small talk" with others

But I still rock with them
32 years old female
Gemini Sun Virgo Moon Libra Ascending
Libra Men
Aquarius Women
just an ordinary shy Gemini dude
I just realize this is on the Sagittarius forum.
Posted by ashley1734
Libra Men
Aquarius Women

*throws shade at justagirl and tiz*
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