Are all Scorps so insecure and defensive???

I just needed some insight into the Scorpio male mind and emotions. I met this guy online, and we hit it off. He ask
I just needed some insight into the Scorpio male mind and emotions.

I met this guy online, and we hit it off. He asked me out, I said yes. He asked for my number, I supplied it.

Then I didn't hear from him for two days, so I sent him an email, inviting him to a party the next night. He never responded, and never acknowledged the invite, which I thought was rude, and also a sign.

Lo and behold, the night of the party, he starts texting me. WTF? I ended up blowing him off, because I was already out with friends, and since I hadn't heard from him, no longer thought to include him in the plans.

Next day, he asked what I was doing. I told him I was busy all day with friends, which he knew, since I had told him this during the week. A few hours later, he texts, asking me to dinner. I didn't get the message until hours later, as I was BUSY as I had told him. When I finally replied that I couldn't make it, I also added I was free the next day, and I got iced out. So, I texted him again the next day - TWICE. Finally the second message, he replied to. But, he was whining that I has blown him off twice that weekend. SERIOUSLY???? We did agree we would try again.

I then heard from him the next few days over text, and another few days later, he asked me out for the weekend. I told him I already had plans on one night, but was free the next two. Well, that he didnt like either, started asking why I was busy, how I'm always ditching him for other people. Again, SERIOUSLY???

So, we were supposed to meet up last night. We texted in the afternoon, and then he never told me where we were supposed to meet. I sent him a few more texts asking what was up - no response. Finally, I said that if things had changed for him, and he'd rather not meet, then he could take the out. I really didn't understand why he wasn't getting back to me. He ignored that, too. I sent him another text, saying I guess he wasn't interested, and it was rude and mean to break our date and blow me off, and he finally responded, saying that I was the one who broke the date, that he had told me where we were to meet, and he was tired of women doing this kind of thing. I was SHOCKED I said I never got that message, and if I blew him off, then why would I be contacting him all afternoon???? He then told me to leave him alone.

Is this typical Scorp behavior??? I know they like to test, play head games, assume the worst in everyone, but my gosh.
How funny that no scorpios have answered this yet.

For me..yes and yes.

female from Jupiter
Then I didn't hear from him for two days, so I sent him an email, inviting him to a party the next night. He never responded, and never acknowledged the invite, which I thought was rude, and also a sign.

You should have stopped right there.
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words fail me
typical bloody bloke by the sound of it. not just a scorpio thing i don't think. i've pissed off a few men by not being more 'available' to them. i honestly don't think they get that a woman can be attracted to them and actually have a life of their own? i think when we meet someone, we're supposed to stop living instantly and make sure our diaries and our legs are always open and ready for business when the mood takes them.

it takes a special man to be able to accept an independent woman. there obviously a huge shift in consciousness going on viz-a-viz the position of women in the world and men are still a little trapped by their basic instincts.

give 'em time.....they'll get with the program. maybe not before we've seized world dominance though, lol.
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Dont bother with him,too many bad signs at the start..Ive experienced some drama with Scorps who act like that and they are just not worth it,trust me.
Thanks, everyone!

I agree he's totally not worth the effort. I ended up sending him an email calling him out on all his garbage - all the games, the paranoia, the insecurities, how he puts up walls and sabotages things, how he was testing me from the get-go, how he kept throwing back at me that I wasn't available when he wanted me to be, how it was all totally exhausting and all before a first date! You know - all the things we think and say to our friends, but would never tell someone we hadn't met yet - lol. I told him he needed to change some patterns in his life, as the vast majority of women will never put up with this nonsense, and as expected, he just ignored me and blocked me. lol

I'd like to think in a quiet moment, he'll go back and rethink what I said, but I'm sure he'll just write me off as being a nutter, and he'll move on and pull the same stuff with the next lucky contestant. That's what most people do when they hear the truth, right?

I do think even if we had met, and had gone out a few times, that he would have been a total nightmare. I mean, if he was this high maintenance before meeting, what would he have been like in a relationship? Yeesh.

Thanks again for all the responses.

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10 bucks says JaimeJaime is a Gemini
Posted by IntriguedScorp are calling a man you never even went out with in real life "insecure" and "defensive." And OMG he didn't call for two WHOLE days! OMG!!! Sounds like drama.

He never even had a chance. The two of you never even had a chance so its best it never happened...

That was harsh, wasn't it?

Um...I guess you didn't read the whole story. How unusual for a Scorpio to just pass judgement with their gift for selective perception, and get snarky! lol Thanks for proving my beliefs on Scorps, though. Totally awesome!!

I was not upset with him for not calling for two days. Never said anything of the kind, but again, so funny that this is how you twisted things. I swear, you could be him. lol

And no, I'm a cancer. aries moon. Nothing gemini about me (thank heavens - lol).
Posted by ellessque
LOL @ me.

Chic has an aries moon.

No wonder she's so impatient.

I know, right?

But, the problems with him had nothing to do with impatience. It had to do with his manipulations, whining, pouting, and generally being a baby and completely high maintenance. Total turnoff. Now I really get why Scorps are the least married of the zodiac. I usually end up with a Taurus (the best!!), another cancer, or an occasional aries, just for the intensity of it. lol
Posted by ellessque

I know you may find this hard to believe, because I am well aware of the awesomeness surrounding the aries moon. That placement often times trumps all other placements and makes someone "god like"

Maybe he just wasn't interested? It happens. *shrugs*. Even to the aries moon *shocked face*

Just chalk it up as experience and call it a day.

You've got 5,782 other things to do today that you haven't touched since he graced you with his nonsense.


Huh? Aries moon is "godlike" and "awesome"? I've never heard such a thing, and certainly don't personally believe that. Not sure what astrological source you're getting that from. I always think of Aries moon as being impulsive, bored easily, and with a lot of positive energy. Good thing I have a cancer sun to balance that out somewhat. lol

Not interested? lol. I suppose...but then I'm not sure why he kept contacting me and asking me out. He also contacted me on WED of this past week, which was before I sent him the email. lol

I still don't think the Scorpio posters are getting the point of this thread, and keep trying to derail it in to some other weird territory. I find that fascinating in itself.

I'm curious - did you actually verbally speak to him, e.g. over the phone, or was it all text and email.
I'm just me. Sag rising Aries moon
Yes they are high maintenance, and you either accept this with them or run like you stole something

I don't have a ton of scorp experience under my belt, but one thing I have learned is to give space, especially in early stages. They distance themselves to try and figure stuff out.

2 days? I get excited if my scorp emails under this time frame I stay away from contact at times, and the scorp cames roaring back.
Seems he didn't have a chance to do this.

Getting confrontational in a messy way from the get go is not good either. It will just make his mind up that you are impatient and not understanding of how he works.

Patience is a massive virtue with these guys! Don't get me wrong, it's not an excuse for shoddy behavior, but some of their behavior does have genuine reason behind it.
In any early stage of a relationship, it's about learning about one another.

I'm a cancer, funnily enough, with an Aries moon too. But I'm new to all this, so what does that mean?
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
Posted by IntriguedScorp
See you next tuesday?

scorpio is annoying. I have a lot of scorpion influence in my chart, being that several house placements are under its rule, and pluto is also my co-ruler. so whenever I meet a scorpio there's this really heavy mental vibe that always happens, and a physical tension that either wants us to entwine and build our own special universe together OR suffocate and rip each other's hearts out.

I dunno, I still think they're kickass for some reason, even though the creepy voodoo vibe thing going on weirds be out. I've never been with a scorpio before, probably for that reason, but the one time I met one in a date-like setting he was standoffish & "let's hang out" at the same time. my aries/gemini/let's go already! aspects itched me out of there.
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elaborating destroys the effect

That's awesome.

*files away for future reference*
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