Betrayed Scorpios and Scorpios that betray

It's been said that Scorpios command loyalty and trust and when that loyalty and trust is betrayed out..they ar
It's been said that Scorpios command loyalty and trust and when that loyalty and trust is betrayed out..they are very unforgiving and you will definitely feel the sting of the scorpio. But what about the reverse? Do Scorpios ever consider themselves guilty of betrayal at times if they haven't shown complete loyalty or are completely trustworthy? If someone discovers you've not been loyal or have betrayed them what is the Scorpio's reaction to being found out or confronted?
Yes, that does help to understand. Thank you. Aside from the guilt, shame, humiliation of knowing you betrayed someone and were found say he forgave you for it and yet you were depressed for a month. Was it because YOU couldn't forgive yourself? That things could never go back to the way they were before or that although you betrayed him and he forgave you he still couldn't bring himself to trust you? Did you do anything to try to regain his trust back or did some of the traits of being a scorpio not allow you to do that because you felt you didn't deserve it?

ie: betrayal = unforgiveness regardless
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I was depressed for more than a month. I could barely function at work or at home.

I could never understand those dark periods scorpios seem to go through.
And it always seems self destructive rather than someone elses fault
Well I'd like to hear from the male side of the scorpio board then if what you say is true QuietStorm. How about it Scorpio guys? Is it different for you when you are caught in a betrayal?

What I'd also like to know is how the whole act of being forgiven affects you when it's reversed when you yourselves aren't quite so forgiving when you have been betrayed.
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a scorpio's sting is not that vicious, it just depends on who it is wielding it and who it is recieving it

now i been with 2 scorpios, and the last one im with now betrayed me so fuccing horrbily, i will never forgive her and i told her that im sick of repeating the same things to her deaf ass and it going thru her ears, im done trying to change her. i took those rose colored classes of and see her ass for what she really is and now we at a silent stand off but im standing my ground cuz im doen wit hhis cookiemonster

insecure scorpios are the hardest ones to deal with and the young ones, i di everything i could to make her feel secure and did it helo treetrunk naw, im done with the butter scorpios are not that loyal and faithful and are just as normal as any other sign i will never in my life do this butter again, ever

its only 2 scorpios i love with all my heart, my grandparents, but relationship wise never again, only for sex
You bring up a good point PRIDEOFOCTOBER. I forgot about a scorpio that I once dated a long time ago. He had big trust issues. I never gave him any reason to distrust me but he was always very insecure about it. I thought it was because his last GF cheated on him so he was overly cautious. I got tired of defending myself over it and come to find out.......HE was the one cheating on me ! When I found out I dumped him and cut all ties. Once I did that he confessed to his parents he had made a mistake and chose the wrong girl (the other woman) and tried desperately to get me back but I think I'm a bit like a scorpio in that way. When I'm done......I'm done. I can forgive but I don't want what they are offering anymore. I never went back.

As you said, they are as normal as any other sign but with the exception in which they do seem to put a lot of focus on loyalty yet can be incapable of it at the same time.

******It's not something we choose. It's just something that comes over us. It is rather self destructive when looking at it at face value. However, that is the moment we actually start healing ourselves. Some can get stuck at that point but we are all about reinventing ourselves to be better than what we were.*******

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I'm not a Scorpio, but I'm married to one. I think he would opt to get run over by a semi before he would betray someone. He has the most amazingly intact sense of integrity I've ever experienced. I'm not bad in that department, either (Scorpio rising), but I've got nothing on his Scorpionic loyalty.

My Scorpio best friend is the same way. When I became very ill on a backpacking trip with her and the hospital wouldn't see me due to insufficient funds, she basically staged a sit-in in the admin office and REFUSED to leave until I was seen by a doctor. This could have gotten her arrested, but instead it got me treated.

A Scorpio I dated for a while was a betrayer, though. He had devised a system in which he would say things that were TECHNICALLY true, but deceptive and misleading. In that way, he could justify to himself that he was speaking truth (it was the LISTENERS fault they didn't understand him property, he reasoned) and save himself the resulting guilt. He may have been the most guilt-free liar I've ever met.

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