How To Dump A Scorpio-

Not everyone can handle the intense, passionate and sometimes demanding Scorpio. If you're out of your depth or comfort
male from India
"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
Not everyone can handle the intense, passionate and sometimes demanding Scorpio. If you're out of your depth or comfort zone, say so sooner rather than later -- once this sign has claimed you, it's hard to shake them loose. Don't ever betray them or sneak around -- they'll nail you for it. Speak honestly, act boldly and hold to your resolve.

If you're a Scorpio: Betrayal spells breakup for you, even if there was no intent to harm. Blame and revenge are counterproductive, but burning your ex in effigy can be cathartic.
male from India
"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
LOL...Burn her alive then ?
female from London, UK
"My big bad planets are: Sun Scorpio 18.47
LOL!..Thats funny

I agree with Roxi..
27 years old
" Rising Leo Virgo Sun + Ar
this is very funny because even though me and my scorpio have broken up for months now, when I occasionally see him (we are just friends), I still get this feeling that he thinks I'm still his, it's odd. oh by the way I broke it off lol
28 years old male from Ivslptwthyrmm
" Omg. I like football(the European, African, Asian and
"That's odd because I dumped one once."

"oh by the way I broke it off lol"


"or even just disagree with everything he says"

or just agree with everything and he's already packing.. lol
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This post is just to line up all the "How To" questions.........!
Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
**claps hands** You can see how easily I'm amused!
"You can see how easily I'm amused!"

Really? I think we all are

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