How to show a scorpio man you love him?

This was originally started for a woman but I am curious how to show your scorp man how you love him. What are those
This was originally started for a woman but I am curious how to show your scorp man how you love him.

What are those little things, and big things, that they really appreciate?
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"RISING FROM THE ASHES... flakiness. That may sound really ridiculous...but if you're gonna be running off when poor scorpie has one of his mood swings and not want him back...he's not going to be a very happy bunny.

He needs you to be there literally through thick and thin...even though you're grinding your teeth in frustration...just stay kaput

Other than that...little kisses...big cuddles...and all that mushiness...yuck ! LOL
So...when he needs his space, let him come back when he is ready or does he need you to assure him that you still care?
from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
I dunno...when he needs his space I dont think you need to assure him you care...he already knows you do...assuming you're already in a relationship...and even though you're not, he'll be testing the waters..coming back to check on you so if your first response is to rip at him...well...he'll be very sad.

However...sometimes I let it rip...depending on why he wandered off in the first place...but assuming he just wandered off to "deep think"....when he comes back...make him feel spending time with him...cuz that's all he really wants to do. To be around you...otherwise he wouldnt bother coming back in the first place.
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Never reject his advances, paybacks are hell, or so I've heard

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