Ignoring a scorpio

Is it going to help the relationship or kill it? i mean not talking to her for a month.
Never ignore a Scorpio, it tends to drive us up a wall and makes us build resentment towards the person.
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If you ignore her for too long she will DEFINITELY LOSE INTEREST. Then you won't have to end it. She will move on.

Scorp men in my experience are opposite. The more you ignore them the stronger they come on, but I don't think they will either after so long.
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i would only ignore someone i didn't know very well. i'm doing it now to avoid confrontation and it's not a romantic thing either cos it's some kid's mother. but i don't think you should ignore someone you have a romantic connection with - unless there is a reason like them having hurt you and not really knowing WHAT to say to them and for you not to want them to see they hurt your either - everyone likes to nurse their wounds privately.

if it's just confusion and a need for space - it's far easier to declare that than start all the guessing games.

or perhaps you are worried that if you say that, she will end it and remove that decision from you altogether?

whatever. just tell her what's going on. you owe her that much
Bri giving some one the silent treatment is a form of abuse, unless it is mutual.
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Dont actually ignore her - especially is she contacts you first.

But keep busy and get on with your life. Be confident and do what you want to do. I find this attractive in a person. It shows you dont NEED me. Cant stand needy people myself.

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oh i am when meeting new people warholian, it's just i called her it on facebook so i didn't get to see her reaction, she went offline straight after tho. oops.
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I'm beginning to think you're really not that shy, Aries.
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i'm ignoring this scorpio girl at the moment, in fact i have'nt spoke to her since when i jokingly called her a 'slut'. Wow that sounds bad.
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Have you now? lol..sigh..got so much to teach you...
Dont actually ignore her - especially is she contacts you first.

But keep busy and get on with your life. Be confident and do what you want to do. I find this attractive in a person. It shows you dont NEED me. Cant stand needy people myself.

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ignore her?


the thing with this plan is this. if you stop talking to her and she still makes first contact with you which you go on to ignore. that's baaaaaaaaaaad. and very virgoan too which is kind of the hugest astrological curse you can give a personality trait LOL.

if you stop talking to her and she makes no effort to make first contact with you, then you will get locked in a battle - like a stare-off - and neither side will want to be the first one to make contact and then you start to wonder who started the ignoring - and then you start to wonder what they are getting up to during all these prolonged silences..........trust me - that is exhausting!!!

isn't it just easier not to plan a strategy or, dare i say it, play games and just to say what you feel? TALK TO EACHOTHER!!!! it's a much quicker way to reach a conclusion.
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Tell her you need a break and you don't want to talk for a month, she may still have feelings for you but she can force herself to move on.
"Is it going to help the relationship or kill it? i mean not talking to her for a month."

It would depend on what you're trying to achieve.
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bri -- if it was an on and off relationship, and you ignored him for a month... well not a good thing to ignore scorpio. We beat ourself up like no other. Not sure... 1 month is pretty much borderline, I would think perhaps up to the 2nd month, but then it definitely is over. Everyone's length of being ignored and the level of how much he cared for you may depend accordingly.

Don't do these type of long term ignoring, honey, if you think you cannot do without him after a while. We get very resentful. Don't make a pattern out of this because we will look for ways to get over you. And when it is over, it will be over...

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Ignore her....but not for to long

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