Moon in Scorpio DARK SIDE experienced

Hi I usually post on Leo boards because my guy s Leo Sun but he has Scorp Moon. Also Venis in Cancer.
Normally I am seeing his gracious warm and bubbly side 99% of the time.

But he freaked out on me yesterday in a way I can only describe as Scorpio Moon darkness and intensity. And it was creepy.

It all has to do with lack of trust. He has been burned by women. So he is always suspicious if I am out with friends or if I don't return his texts. But he never gets mad, he just states he is suspicious.

All of a sudden last 3 weeks he grew more distant stating he is having stress from work, and then got a new job which stresses him. He has been in touch via phone and text but finally he said he wanted to see me since sunday but i got a new job project and I coudnt see him.
He finally said he "gets of work at 10.. is it too late?".. I said yes if it after 10 by the time u get home. I asked for alt days and he said he could see me frid sat or sun. I told him sun I leav for a work project and friday is good. He said he would work around my schedule if I had pans on friday. So I said "I will free my schedule just for u. I do want to see u too"

Ok so last night I suddenly get a text that he would be home by 925 (well befoe my 10 cutoff time). I was caught off guard as I thought he said we would do friday instead.. I already was in the middle of something and said Icouldnt make it yesterday. OMG he then proceeded to flip out, calling me a BS queen and the buttertiest and fake person he has ever met, and that I am like all the rest of the women he has met who have betrayed him etc... his ranting went on for one hour via texts and him resending my texts back to me to prove I was supposed to see him that night. He says "I bet you are fing some other guy right now... I hate you , f u, leave me alone, dont ever call me again, u wont see me anymore because I am suddenly busy etc..."

He then left me a voice mail saying the same thing and saying that he rushed from work and missed a cowrkers party so he could see me. And he rushed so he would make my 10 o clock deadline. He said now he is at home and miserable, and that I am a cookiemonster.


Anyway, I am usually calm with him, so I just threw some clothes on and went straight to his place and buzzed him. He said "why did you show up at 11 npw i am in bed". I said "well I am not letting u think such vile things and be upset over a stupid miscommunication".
He let me in and we talked for 2 hours arguing about who was in the wrong. And he kept telling me to stop talking... he wanted me to say I was sorry. He said that would have stopped everything.
OMG he insists that there was no miscommunication, that things were clear. He told me I was insulting his intelligence.
Anyway it was an ordeal. Then he tells me he was sorry for being mean, and that he gets that way when he is pissed off.
What a wrath.

I mean I felt I coud handle him and I ended up calming him down and then we had wild sex. But still, I told him if he ever behaved that way again, I would be breaking up with him.
I still feel he had no right to be so scathing. At the same time I have heard Moon in Scorpios infamous wrath, and that u dont want to be on the receiving end of one. He was like Mr Hyde, and next thing u know he is laughing and calm by the time I was done lecturing him about control.

Anyway what do u scorpios think of this. This was verbal abuse wasnt it,and is this a good reason to leave NOW? Also the fact he could be so mean, does it mean he has met some other girl and was looking for an excuse to break up?

I am very bothered by this.
26 years old female
Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th
I dated a scorpio with a scorpio moon. These people are out of their mind with paranoia. Their dark side is bad. I have a leo moon and it was just too much for me.
OMG how many texts he must have wrote saying "I hate you, you don't know what friendship and love is... you worshoip money, your job, and other things more than me... Never call me. I hate you I hate you!!!"
Posted by eden 3
^ ya i have gone back & forth for hours & i luv when their game playing dont work out for em so they accuse u of doing exactly what they do...its a test u know ....keep hanging u can break him lol! dont give in let him be a big baby after u have ur say just make it clear ur right cuz any hesitation could get u killed (not literally of course) but they go for the jugular if they sense u being unsure of urself.

Thanks Eden. Man they are brutal.
I kept telling him I did no wrong, and then he started turning red and biting into his fist telling me to stop stop, because his hed is hurting!
26 years old female
Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th
That sounds just how my relationship was.
He's been very stressed. He needed you.

We have a very hard time showing our emotions and what makes it worse an even harder time asking to have our emotional needs met. So when he was asking to see you and you, not wrongly BTW, had your own things going on and couldn't see him, he took it as rejection, one of our biggest fears.

This does not excuse his outburst. This does not excuse his temper and it definitely does not excuse the name calling.

Now, at the risk of me being disowned by my fellow Scorpio Mooners I will let you in on something:: His outburst got him what he wanted which was to see you. Like a child we can act out eg; temper tantrums, to get what we want.

eden 3 - I was writing my reply before I saw your posts.

Manipulation - I was going to use that word as you're 100% right. I'm dating a Scorpio sun so I learned real quick to not even go there with him. So now when I "need" him I know how to ask. I've stopped pushing his buttons while trying to get a reaction (attention) from him.

As for us testing others, in comparison to a Scorpio Sun doing the testing we are novices as we tend to do it with too much emotion. Moons can get crazy dark, in the beginning my Scorp actually told me I was too intense for him! He has an Aquarius moon and I a Gemini sun so it's a very nice balance.

I apologize Babykaykesiam, I did not mean to hijack your thread by talking about my own relationship.

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Mussette and Drums,
Actually I really do feel I understand him as I have Sun conjunct Pluto in my natal chart which means I am in tune with Scorpionic energy. I wouldn't have headed on to his place out of instinct if I didn't feel in my gut that was truly what he wanted and needed in the end.
My only question is that I don't want this to lead onto more abusive behavior and how to nip in in the bud.
Fine balance between understanding and putting u with the behavior and being his oasis, vs looking like a doormat being his punching board each time.
How do I achieve the balance?

Like eden says, I don't want to be giving in to all his tantrums.

How do u make a Scorpo Moon feel understood, comforted without losing ur self respect and dignity, and staying strong at the same time.
thanks M and D! Beautifully written.

Scorpio Moons have a beautiful quality indeed. But so afraid to let in, this man.

Yes Respect he must.. but by his behavior and name calling, he doesnt seem to respect me, and I have been supportive and kind to him and tolerating a lot of stuidity from him.

It is very hard. Sucks so much energy.

After all last night I am exhausted, and after all that he writes on a female friend's myspace wall that "I miss u"... so after all that, guess he pulled away even more? Even after I listened to him, talked and calmed him down after his tantrum/
Last night, he said I have mixed feeling for u after tonight. I said do u want to date other girlss.. he said "sure I will now.." So bluntly.
Whatever I guess. So much for love and loyalty.
Posted by wtf?
(treetrunk sun signs..)

- his vision:
why should I trust anyone ? we're all greedy and unreliable..
life is like the jungle.. eat or be eaten..

Wow that is EXACTLY how he talks about life.
What I read about how to handle Scorpio Mooners:

"So much for scorpio moons. They want trust, unequivocal one. Blind trust if you may. If you let them know that you are walking into their lair, in awe and high spirits coupled with blind faith, trust and an equal dose of feigned ignorance; that would definitely make them sit up and take notice.

I think, based on observations and direct experience, trusting with cold detachment and never showing the intent to probe beyond what they're letting you into, would make the scorp moon open up. They love a poker-faced and disinterested reactions to their regular "shockers", so it helps to learn how to be oblivious to their weird, emotional ramblings.

And what about their legendary, frequent yet shortlived temper? Let them be. Let them trash and shout and scream as long as they can see you being cool and levelheaded about it. Raise an eyebrow if you must, just to prove your point. This is their deepest and probably greatest need - to be able to let out all their dark emotions and still be treated like an equal afterwards.

"Are you done? Ok, wipe your tears and I'm putting your seatbelt on. We're heading home."

That's me addressing my three-year old daughter with all her personal planets down to Jupiter all in Scorpio in the 8th house.

They have a strong need to be contained. And those of us who are blessed with the intensity that they bring to our lives should honor this need. I think this is how scorpios want to be loved and accepted.

They will repeatedly subject to the test our strength and willpower to contain them while we maintain integrity of character ourselves. Their lifetime trust is earned once we managed to do this while we carry ourselves with flair and ease in doing so. Should I say, not a single strand of hair out of place?

Having said that, dealing with a scorpio is its own reward. "

But since now he wants to see other girls, it is too late anyway.
Posted by eden 3
babykk *smh* he may be running away & don't believe all he says...ppsshh I have neva heard such butter... it's typically for reaction too..attention lk Sam said he will crawl back in his head after being hurtful to someone he loves then *crickets* then if ur lucky maybe an apology for that which they can't kick dirt over

in other words sometimes they just do things b'cuz *shrugs* they "feel" lk it

rememba our moon is our emotions it controls tides imagine what it does to an emotional psyche such as with scorp placement *shudders*

as m&d wrote they don't even understand themselves...I thought I knew it all til I met a scorp things have not been the same since

wow thanks Eden for that!
how r u not the same? have u been able to find that balance and it worked?

He was so weird and insane like sayng "I want the ring ur wearing, give it to me, give it to me now." OMG it's a silver carved ring, not expensive, andit doesnt even fit him (i have tiny hands)
He was like a 2 yer old literally.

He finally apologized after all that and hugged me. Yet the other girls thing he mentioned is still bugging me... I dont think he gets it either.
Posted by eden 3
u hang in there baby don't let that mean scorp moon boy get u low.

pull some of that air out on him and act nonchalant go quiet on him.

haha thanks.
Actually that nonchalant air thing I did is what got me in this mess to begin with. He called me fake!
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