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30 years old male from crabby''s pants ;D
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hey guys, i'm new to these boards. glad to meet you all.

i was just wondering how a relationship between a scorpio guy and a taurus girl would work out? she's so sexy and it drives me nuts, but it feels like she's playing with me a little sometimes, aka. power games, and i know that i won't be able to handle that stuff for long before getting crazy. any suggestions?
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(smiles) got just the girl you need to speak with.........TaurusGoddess.....where arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre you??????????

welcome and don't mind a thing Mr. N or JennaT say.....they got loose from their chains in the basement.....
30 years old male from crabby''s pants ;D
scorpio sun. leo moon. gemini rising. mercury: scorpio
wow - thanks for the quick responses. so, any experts out there on either the taurus or scorpio romance psyche?
Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
AT LAST - something Mr. N and I agree upon! That's right scorp_wreck......she's the one.

(coaxes Mr. N. with bacon-flavored biscuits)............come heeeeeeeeeeeeeere Mr. N. I won't make them so tight this time.....!
comming from a half she actually is testing you, but she will love it if your the boss SOMETIMES, but don't get to chickeny with all the time that might not suit her so well, but if you need it all the time be quiet about it..haha
ummm i meant to say ... C () C K Y..not chickeny!
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Hello scorpio_wreck! Welcome to DXP, and good luck, lotta freaks on here! hehe, I can be one too.

Anyways, scorphottie & taurusgirlie, hmmmmmmmmmmm. Well I've been with mine half a year now, and every month only gets better. You mentioned "power games", or could we call this taurus/scorp's struggle to feel secure that they are in control & that their oh-so-passionate heart won't be broken.

Truth is, if you attempt this duo, heart will be set on fire, and perhaps broken, and you will love it and hate it and the last thing you can really do is fight it.

My scorp has made me cry, he's also put a smile on my face and my heart skip beats every time he tells me he loves me, and shows it in ways only a scorpio can. I've put tears in his eyes too, we've argued walked away and BOTH turned around to see if we were looking back. My scorp moved away a few weeks ago (I'm following soon) and yesterday he called to say something is empty, that he needs me there.

So if you want to attempt this, a taurus woman can perhaps fill a hole, with her sincere love & passion, you will have a deep place where you truly connect. Take it will all the dissasters that come with it. You won't regret it, and if you do, you won't ever forget it.

You can win her heart by just being you, it's a natural connection, trust me.
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TG!!! where the hell have you BEEN girlie???.......yes, much drama on here...I'm not even sure if I'm e-gem anymore myself LOL

pss...e-gem is really juicy...pass it on LOL
37 years old female from Canada
Sun in TAURUS Moon in Virgo Mercury in Aries
Hey chickie, doing pretty good, floating on clouds. How are you? Is there drama in your life?!! A gem? C'mon!!!
30 years old male from crabby''s pants ;D
scorpio sun. leo moon. gemini rising. mercury: scorpio
thanks taurus - right now, actually, i'm so fed up with her laziness and flakiness and mind games that i told her just to *bleep* off. we totally did have an instant connection, as you put it, but right now i need to stay away before i say something worse. thanks though, haha =].
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this relationship is always hard to handle. you should never try to approach this one unless you are emotionally secure and ready to commit (becuz if you're not, then you will become so), becuz you often feel as though you've found your "other half"; you both feel like you have everything in common, yet you're just *so* different. now ain't that strange?

but yeah, just look at her moon and yours. if they're not compatible, i really don't think that it would last. this coupling is so fragile that even the slightest thing can wreak havoc. but when things are good, it can be like heaven. so it's a challenge for definitely. if it's worth it, it's worth it all; if it ends up biting you in the ass, then at least you will learn a lot about who you are and much, much more.

but then again, there are so many things that would determine the success, besides mere astrology. it's also the strength of each's character.

so you feel like she's playing with you? mind games? i wouldn't say that that is neccesarily true. it just seems that way, ALL the time, becuz you guys are always so confused about one another. it's a relationship with continual play. you just play and play and play.. wondering why you do, but you can't seem to stop and get serious. it's just play. now, is that a good thing? well, i don't know.. you tell me.

Find yourself a water sign, and you will see what a real soul-mate connection feels like! Unbeatable!
37 years old female from Canada
Sun in TAURUS Moon in Virgo Mercury in Aries
"besides mere astrology. it's also the strength of each's character."


"ALL the time, becuz you guys are always so confused about one another. it's a relationship with continual play. you just play and play and play"

I felt that at the beginning too, and he forced me to communicate & that went a LONG way. I could see a taurus seeming like a "mind game" if it's right, you'll get inside, and I gotta admit a scorpio mysteriousness seems like a mind game too. See past that & find out what's really going on.

If u've moved on, good luck with whatever comes your way!
30 years old male from crabby''s pants ;D
scorpio sun. leo moon. gemini rising. mercury: scorpio
venus - thanks a lot. i definitely feel such a strange, magnetic, powerful attraction to this girl that it's kinda frightening. i think i came on way too strong in the beginning, but then, so did she.

lubenica, i generally get along well with water signs. i just got out of an intense love triangle with two best friends (cancer and pisces) fighting over me (a scorpio.)

taurusgoddess - thanks for the kind words. yeah, i cussed her out the other night for cancelling on our plans (and LYING to me about being available a few nights before) so i don't think i can go back to trusting her, youknow? and my cell died so i have no way of telling if she called me or not. oh well - thanks for the support though, everyone.
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