Scorpio Sexuality

Here's a write up I came across on Scorpionic sexuality. True or false? Scorps, let's hear it.


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Scorpio is an enigma. Unless you are strong Scorpio yourself, it is fairly safe to say that it is nearly impossible for you to truly understand the Scorpio. We hear about Scorpio being the sexiest sign, the mysterious partner, the vengeful destroyer...these are all true to some extent, but Scorpio is also the redeemer, the protector, the monk, nun, and aesthetic. The Scorpio is powerful and in control, and he or she can channel and sublimate their enormous sex drive into their career, art, or even their religion (thus, the Scorpio monks and nuns). Passion is the keyword for this sign--they are passionate about everything that is important to them. There is a duality about Scorpio which affects every area of his or her life; you will find yin and yang, God and Lucifer, Heaven and Earth all wrapped up in a condensed package known as the Scorpionic Soul. Is it any wonder that quite a few Scorpios are bi-sexual? Even if they have never experienced sexual intimacy with a same sex partner, it is likely that something about their sex turns them on--be it breasts or the turn of the female ankle for the Scorpio woman or the hairy arms or rich voice of a man for the Scorpio male. Whether they admit to this or not depends greatly on their upbringing and the depth of their need for self-preservation (in the form of secrecy, even from themselves!). It also depends on whether he or she trusts you or not, and if you are important enough in his or her life to share this with you.

The Scorpio house is the 8th house of the zodiac, a house that is ultimately one of the least understood. This is the house of surrender, true surrender. But how can this be, you may be asking, when every Scorpio you know has been down the River Styx (in one way or another) and came back to tell the tale? Scorpios do not give up--ever. So how can Scorpio be about surrender? To a determined Scorpio, surrender (when misconstrued in a negative context) may be a frightening word, but it is this very fear that compels them forward. They are always searching for surrender in some form, be it surrender to the self or surrender to a higher power. If you think about it carefully, you will realize that sexuality is a combination of the two. Sexuality is everything to Scorpio, and it is not the act itself that is of ultimate importance, but rather the surrender of the self to another and the act of self-discovery through other. Sex can become an all consuming, repetitive, and ritualistic act for Scorpio. No other man is as fond of sexual gadgets as the Scorpio Male! And, honestly, any object can become a sexual gadget when a stimulated Scorpio is around. Feathers, leather, whips, chains, food, blankets, batons, name it, it can be sexualized. Sex can obviously become an obsession for some Scorpios who have too much Pluto and not enough of the taming nature of Capricorn(Saturn) or Pisces (Neptune, in a spiritual sense) as a strong counterbalance in their nativities.

To the Scorpio female, sex is a fuel, just as food or water is. It is simply a necessary part of life. An exciting part of life, yes, but truly necessary. She can be rather dominating and demanding sexually, and she has a tendency to consider every angle of her sexual involvements from a position of power--as in, who is in control? Who has the power over whom? Is he (or she) trying to manipulate me? Her intuition is keen and she uses this gift in the bedroom to please her lovers. She will often know just where to touch her lover, just how much pressure to apply, where to put her lips. Sexuality is second nature for the Scorpio woman. She is intensely passionate and she has something many of the other signs do not--a great capacity to abandon herself fully
All right, perhaps I shouldn't have posted this.

I hadn't read this for about a half of year, I forgot how extreme it was.

Anyway, sorry if this offends anyone.

No offence taken by this Scorp male. And if any Scorp was offended then they should hand in their badge!

Gadgets, bi-sexuality...don't have the urge for either.

Passionate - about absolutely everything I'm afraid. Too much sometimes and not always to my benefit. I'm even passionate about being apathetic for Christs sake!

Don't give too much away about myself, that's for sure. Takes a great deal of time to get to know me. But once in a trusting relationship I do give it my all and am loyal to a fault. And I really don't know where my feelings/ actions come from, they just appear and I react to them. Not always positively may I add.

Sex - think about it all the time. Certainly like to explore all areas of the female body and like to take my time. I've found out to my dismay that some women only like a quickie. Very disappointing I can tell you. Masturbation - guilty as charged!

Lastly, things are black and white to me. Grey is certainly interesting but when it comes down to myself or others having to make decisons, there has to be complete conviction either way.

59 years old female from AR
"I never turn down knowledge; whether I use it or not is my choice. Self-assure
I have read this before.

The man I'm with now doesn't have a clue, or maybe he does and is scared to death of it.
Time will tell.

Sex and religion? Both one and the same to me. I am known to spend hours in the evening talking about the Bible and end up in bed reinforcing it.

Passion? Live for it.

From where I sit, the man has to go along for the ride. (no pun intended)

I nearly always know what I'm doing. I trust myself.

Overly confident? Paid the price for it.
female from Minneapolis
Rising: Sag Sun: Scorpio Moon: Virgo Mercury: 19 Degrees Scorpio Venu
A lot can happen when I fully trust someone in the bedroom, absolutely right on... There's a lot I won't ever share with anyone, what it neglected though, was how every once and again, the scorpio will sting itself... But yes, I love toys, love to lose myself, love to love, and it's been pretty difficult to find someone to keep up with me. Religion and sex, yes it's true they go hand in hand. It's sacred, that's my thing with it, multiple partners isn't my thing though. I feel like my body is too important to abuse, and have used. At least in my opinion... I would rather trust someone, and have it be spiritual as well as physical, or not have it at all. The joining of two bodies becoming one, well, I guess I simply can't take it lightly. That's the ultimate of sharing yourself with someone.
Thought it was pretty funny it mentioning Lilith, when I don't want anyone to know my name, I use Lilith...
27 years old female from California
31 years old female from Mexico City
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wow.. that horoscope seems to be accurate. I am not sure about for the woman but it seems right on for the man. My exboyfriend was a scorpio. He was mysterious, and I felt like he was taking all of my energy. But he never trusted me. Get this--- you wanna know the reason we broke up???? When he told me how many times he got himself off a day.... that was freaky. And I thought it had something to do with me. they definately make you feel exposed.
id have to say this is right on,
passonate about everything and i mean everything, when it comes to sex no one can hold a candle to a scorp woman when shes with someone she totally conects to, trust me i know. when you say sexualy powerhouse you really have no idea how true that is, ive been asked way to many times how i knew to do that or to do this or how did i do that. Most men cant handle all the built up sex and they get scared and run for the hills. too bad we scorps are so misunderstood.
53 years old from NC, USA
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Well can anyone explain this?

My scorpio and I was only intimate once. During the course, we connected with all the passion in the world. At that point, I thought I would rip him all to pieces. I was in complete control of our intimite moment. After all was said and done, he ran like a btich!!!! That was a little over a year ago but yet we are still at war. He will not see me but still talks to me. He still doesnt trust me. If any Scorpio can answer this question, What gives here?? What is really his problem??
i do have to say, the scorp guys i do know are just not attractive to me. and the one scorp i have been with well i tore him to piecese and yeah he ran too. i could not figure it out but i think women scorps are more intune with their sexuality then the men are, why i dont know but it seems to be the case. i still havent talked to the scared scorp after that. maybe scorp males are just all confusing.
I agree with eleven. Hand in your badges! This article is dead on.
30 years old male
Lately i've been jonesing heavily for a Scorpio chick.

When I first really got into astrology I never thought much about romanticizing with Scorpio broads because, while I pictured them as sexy as hell and down for anything, I more so had a craving for an "Innocent", "Girl Next Door" type (Such as a Pisces). But now i'm totally into a "dominating", "sexual deviant" type (Scorpio)

Way back in Middle School, I remember I shared a locker with this chick who was so cookiemonstery, bossy and just a downright vixen. She was pretty hot, but she scared the butter out of me because she was so intimidating for some reason. I later found out that she was born on the same exact day as me (Meaning me and her basically have the same exact chart)

Ever since then i've been so hot for a scorpio chick, I just can't get them out of my mind.

I guess it only makes sense for Scorpios to want other Scorpios, since we're all about sex, we obviously want a partner who can keep up with us and that is as dirty as we are in bed.
"Why don't you ask me sometime. I won't bite, truly. lol and, I have no idea
the passion is very true. We are very intense with everything we do.

I do not want sex for the sake of sex. The only good sex is with someone I really love and connect with.
and it is hard to not take control in the bedroom, and you must learn to let the man take some lead or he might run for the hills.
A scorp couple is difficult because they both fight for control in the bedroom. A dominate scorp woman might turn the scorpman off. He is used to being in charge.
My first love was a scorp. We were very similar
Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
AS needs a cap!

She will slap you silly if you misbehave and act like a meanie ...

but she will love you
male from Sydney, Australia
Agreed with CS
Scorpio's and Caps are a great match
AngryScorpio needs a Cap Gal coz she wont take any **** and will definately put him in his place!
Id love to be a fly on the wall for "That" relationship hehe
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