Scorpio Women Love Aquarius Men

YES WE DO!! Well, I do anyways ;-) Here is a great post, I would like to share: In astrology this is not a tr
YES WE DO!! Well, I do anyways

Here is a great post, I would like to share:

In astrology this is not a traditionally advisable match, for these are two fixed signs that are square to one another. And at first blush, these are not the type of men you would think a sexy, controlling Scorpio woman would be interested in. They were not necessarily the most popular guys in high school, they are quite a bit off from the ???norm?? and have strange habits. Don??t ask me what they are.. only them, and presumably by now their Scorpio wives, know what I??m talking about. But let??s face it, they are brilliant. Again it is possible that only their wives see this, but the astrologer sees it too. These men are visionaries, they are creative and talented, seemingly on an entirely different level than everyone else. They are inventors. They see the possibilities and then make them happen. They are mad scientists, in the realm of film and television in this case. And clever Scorpio ladies are just the type to spot this kind of talent a hundred miles away and hone in like a guided missile.

After all Scorpio ladies have been through their fair share of dissapointment. It is absolutely worth noting that all three of these women have been married before. Julia to fellow Scorpio Lyle Lovett. Demi had been married twice, briefly to a random musician, and then to Pisces Bruce Willis. And Rebecca was married to Leo John Stamos. These are more the type of men you would expect a Scorpio lady to fall for??_ passionate Scorpios, sensitive Pisces or brazen Leos. And they did fall for them, long enough to realize that this was not their perfect match. They each needed someone just as intelligent and interesting, but more aloof and unconventional, like an Aquarius. Scorpio women are, truth be told, very unconventional.

Famous Scorp-Aqua Couples: men. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O??Connell, Aishwarya Rai and Andabhishek Bachchan. rai husband/Eva_NL/Actresses/Aishwarya Rai/aishwaryarai-kungfupandapremiere-1.jpg?o=0" target="_blank"> 20Rai/aishwaryarai-kungfupandapremiere-1.jpg" border="0">

Bollywood's Angelina Jolie & Brad.
Posted by MidniteStar
This is very true. My first love was an Aquarius man. Even though he broke my heart and left, he still remains my most remembered love. I can't find anyone who compares and don't think I ever will. There was just something about him...that quirkiness, intelligence, aloofness, compassion, passion and drive. He had such a beautiful mind!!!??? It was like this magnetic attraction at first glance. His eyes...omg his eyes! The most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen in my life. I could stare into them for an eternity. Even though we were so different, I actually felt like he understood me. I could be myself around him and we could be weird together in our own weird ways. Conversing with him turned me on like never before. The sexual attraction was amazing! Sex with him was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. Even though he wasn't the best at showing his emotions...I could just tell what he was feeling and he would show me in his own unique way. He was a truly kind man and I'll never forget him. I've dated Pisces, Cancers, Gems, and Leo's.....and nothing...I mean NOTHING comes close to what I experienced with him.

I think I'll always have a soft spot for him. Even when he left me I could not hate him. I still think about him every single day. Sigh...

awwww.. Yeah I have dated Gemini, Leo, Cancer and Pisces. I still prefer Aquarius or Virgo Men. Virgo men are very traditional as for Aquarius Men are more unconventional. I dated two Aquarius, The first one was my first boyfriend and we are still good friends. :-) He is now happily married to another scorpio woman.
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Scorpio women are, truth be told, very unconventional.


Surprisingly, I've heard a lot about how well this match works. Unfortunately, I haven't met many Aqua's in my lifetime, but those I have met are very intelligent and have something special about them. My oldest nephew is an Aqua and I feel like I understand him so well. It's like they have a mix of Cap and Pisces with some air. I think the fact that they are fixed sign can actually work in our favor since we are also a fixed sign.

Here is another site that ranks this match 10 out of 10:

Posted by aNEWday
Here is another site that ranks this match 10 out of 10:

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that is a first! Usually, they say it's a no go.
Scorp sun/Taurus moon - Venus ruled rai husband/Eva_NL/Actresses/Aishwarya Rai/aishwaryarai-kungfupandapremiere-1.jpg?o=0" target="_blank"> 20Rai/aishwaryarai-kungfupandapremiere-1.jpg" border="0">

Bollywood's Angelina Jolie & Brad.

& they are one fine couple!
but he looks more Cap-ish to me. :p
He does! I swear I thought he had a very Earth quality to him.
27 years old female
Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th
They are both so pretty!!
Posted by QuietSt0rm
speak for yourself :x lol

the closest I've come to loving an aquarius is my capricorn boyfriend with his aqua venus! LOL!

from Toronto
I went to a concert once with a female Aquarius friend and her Scorpio boyfriend. When I found out their star signs I told them how my relationship was similar, only with a Scorpio female and Aquarius male, and her boyfriend said "Aquarius loves the water," haha.
Luckily for Aquarius, we love them too. There is a cosmic 'meeting of the minds' when these two intelligent signs join forces. I've been in a relationship with an Aquarius man for over three years now and, while we have our share of fights, the fights, I think, have been good for us both. We were both used to getting our way all the time in relationships and we both had to learn how to compromise. The aqua-scorp combination isn't recommended for romance but I think these signs have a lot to learn from each other. There is value in the Aquarian's detachment for Scorpio to learn, and vice versa for the powers of experience emotions to the fullest. It helps that my Jupiter is in Aquarius and his is in Scorpio.

It's important to note, I think, that this is not an easy relationship. Both signs like to feel in control, and neither will tolerate being bossed around (Scorpio will try). Aquarius can be a know-it-all and speak patronizingly to Scorp, who gets PISSED. Communication will be near impossible at times and you can expect a roof-rattling fight about every other week.

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