Scorpio men and your moon sign

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Yeah...ok...this is for the ladies who are just too baffled by the antics of scorp men (and the ones who PM me ) PLEASE...dont take that new scorpio man you just met into your boudoir until you've gone here and typed in your birthdate, birth location and ACCURATE birth time.

Now if it says your moon sign is pisces, cancer or scorpio OR your moon is in the 4th, 8th or 12th house, please....PLEASE...just give up. Seriously wont cope. I'm not even kidding here. The only women who can handle a long term relationship with scorp men are those who know how to EMOTIONALLY DETACH from them every now and then. I cannot stress this enough.

The most ideal moons are aquarius, libra and gemini. The WORST are stated ^^^. These are the girls that cling and can't let go. The ones who wait by the phone and try to ?emotionally connect?. There's nothing wrong with being able to ?emotionally connect? ? just do it from an emotional distance...LOL.

I know that sounds contradictory but what I mean is scorp men are emotionally unstable...they live in an emotional hell (most especially true for moon in scorpio). What you don't want is to get dragged into that hell, which is what happens when your moon sign is related to water. You need to be standing at the gates of his emotional hell so that HE comes to you when he seeks salvation and then retreats back.

Don't follow him in. Just stay at the gate so he knows where to find you. Trust me, if you follow him inside, you wont come least not as a sane person.

Your mysterious, sexy scorp man may not realise it but his mission in life is to destroy your spirit along with his. Blame it on Pluto.

The BIGGEST problem with water moon girls is that they DO NOT stop at the gate. They push it open and venture in. (This is analogous to scorp man pulling away, becoming moody or silent and you start analysing, getting depressed and stressing about it).
from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
Air moon girl doesn't notice or does but nevertheless gets on with her life. She can see the DO NOT ENTER sign at the gate and abides by it. Scorp man gets his act together and comes to the gate for salvation. Water moon girl isn't there. She went inside and got lost...has become as deranged as he is from the things she's seen down there while trying to ?emotionally connect? from within... or whatever. Air girl is still at the gate and gives him salvation.

So if you're a water moon girl and you think you can stop at the gates...or at least learn to, go for it...however I doubt you would be difficult to go against your natural emotional nature and not have illusions that you can dive into your man's hell and pull him out. Nobody don't even go there. All you can do is let him come to the gate (analogous to let him chase you, be independent, have your own life, do not make him the centre of your universe)....and BE there.

Rant over.
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Don't tell me. Let me're an air moon girl?
newbie is 100% correct!
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"Don't tell me. Let me're an air moon girl?"

from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
"um, so what's my excuse when my Moon is in Leo?"

The trick is being able to emotionally detach and to stay at the friggin gate. If you can manage to do that, you'll be fine. It's just that it's relatively easier to do it when you have an airy moon.

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They are cruel...cruel...cruel. MOST ESPECIALLY when they're so badly in love with you. It's almost like they hate you for loving you so they try to hurt you.

They're nuts...and you just gotta handle the sh1t or get out.
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Think about it this way. Scorp man needs to be in control...not just of your emotions...but HIS. When he loves you so bad...he has no control of his emotions. So he "hates" you for making him feel this way.

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Like U'C'ME mentioned in the other thread, hubby put me through the wringer as well. We were 10 years into this thing and I could swear he friggin hated me. He almost broke my spirit and I couldn't recognise myself anymore...and yeah, the silent ones are the WORST.

They seep into your life and suck you dry like a virus.

Anyway, I decided I HAD to get out dead (possibly slit my wrists) or alive. I opted for the alive part and left. Naturally he tried to get me back...I'm guessing the tools in his torture chamber were getting rusty.

I disappeared for a year until he tracked me down. I didnt budge until he was begging on his knees. Kinda helped that he was flashing a diamond ring at me while he was at it

Anyway, for the first time in his life he actually broke down, spilled his emotions and said "I LOVE YOU". It was a long road back but he DID change a lot.
haha newbie those water moonites and their PM's! No, but i feel really good about having the upper hand and just straight up ignoring him/cutting him off. I can sense a little weird energy coming from his side of the computer because hes reaching out to sting me but i'm not responding and nowhere to be found. But.. i feel like he'll always have something up his sleeve to react to what I'm doing. This is fun. its like my own little behavior management plan... and everyone knows when u start that plan,behaviors get worse before they get better.
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Yay for you AriesSun...remember...stay at the gate. No going inside looking for his lost soul...he'll come to you when he needs you. Let him play his games by himself.

"except for the torture you had to endure to get there."

That's the point Ferdy...EVERY woman has to go through that woman will ever sail through a relationship with a scorp man. Only the strongest survive...minus meltdown.

You have a lot to look forward to
from Newport Beach, California, ...Not here to kiss your friggin ass.
^^^ LOL. AS, you sound really sweet.

"Scorp men sound like psychos..."

In relationships they are. And yes, I know all too well how sensitive they are. Which is why they do the things they do.

Maybe you should have a little chat with your brother's significant other. You will see a totally different side to you may not even believe.

They are drama causing nutjobs. Plain and simple. None of us women want to go through all this sh1t but...hey, we do.
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Honestly, of all the women I know, Taurus women make the biggest fools of themselves in relationships. I dunno why...

They will not hesitate to put family and female friends in their places, it's only when it comes to men of interest that they suddenly become balloon-heads.
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