Taurus sun/ Scorpio moon

Ok, kids...what can I expect from a man with these placements?

Rising: Leo
Venus: Taurus
Mars: Aries

Im Leo sun/Scorp moon/Cancer venus

Are our mutual Scorpio moons going to duke it out and die a flaming death? Or, will we bonk each others brains out with a 6 hour lust session?
Thank you Elly babe.... Yeah, Im *sniffing* around the world of men again.

Have no knowledge of Taurus men other than my stinky brother. So far, he is somewhat timid and slightly socially awkward. Needs me to lead him a bit. Once I do, he is very receptive and complimentary.

Guess I need to hit up the Taurus board to read more about them. His scorp moon kinda scares me, since I know what mine does to me!

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