Happy Birthday, MyStarsShine!

By HamstheticsOctober 28, 2021 11:32pm — 29 replies
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Learn more about the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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Happy Birthday @ImperfectStorm
hope you have a fabulous and healthy year https i postimg cc qrblgz70 477330205beautiful-disney-happy-birthday-cake-wishes-pink-animated-gif-1 gif https i postimg cc kvjmkdrs happy-birthday-happy-birthday-to-you gif https i postimg cc dwrm1fhd
Is my Scorpio man gone for good?
im a leo female and have been involved in an online relationship with a scorpio male we met on reddit and sort of hit it off right away he pursued me and did drop the l bomb after talking for maybe a day i did take that as a red flag since reading abo
Scorpio Mars vs Venus differences
apologies if this has been asked before but how does scorpio mars differ from venus in terms of energy aggression relationships personality
6 Scorpios in the 1st house?
hi all im new here been trying to learn about aspects and houses so far but its been difficult to understand lately ive just searched up my friends bd chart and omg he has gotten such a unique chart personal planet gt gt https ibb co wffx6
Scorpio Moons, the original fluid sign?
i just found out a woman whos main facade is straight but radiates a totally intense sexuality so that it attracts mainly females is a scorpio moon and was not surprised i have never met a scorpio moon that was a 100 straight unless they had a stric
Scorpio Male, Virgo Moon
scorp sun merc venus virgo moon sag mars scorp rising all scorp placements in 12 house this guy has been chasing me hard he comes off very determined caring funny and smart thing is he is super fresh out of a relationship but he claims it has
To anyone of you who genuinely liked Scorpios...
even when theyre happened to not be gifted with hot body or nice face why how can you be able to deal with their darkness without a great s3x and hot body in return
Meeting Scorpio's Standards and Expectations
which zodiac sign is foolish enough to consider scorpios as the judge of morality and are willing to put effort and work on themselves for being considered worthy in the eyes of scorpios just curious because i know it wasnt me
Confusing Scorpio Man
hello guys gals i coupled with a scorpio man for two months at the beginning of our relationship he was so passionate and loving then we broke up a few days ago as it turned out he just want to have intimacy with me but not commitment we can t have