Libra scorpio final update

I usually give you guys updates on the status on me and my scorpio ex. This is the final update because I have decided I no longer want to be involved with her anymore. Thank you al for your advice through out these updates. The reason: We were re
I usually give you guys updates on the status on me and my scorpio ex. This is the final update because I have decided I no longer want to be involved with her anymore.

Thank you al for your advice through out these updates.

The reason:
We were remaining friends and hanging out together for a few weeks, I mentioned to you guys in the last post about her going off on me after my birthday which I forgave. But lastly, I invited her to come over the end of last week she said she could not because she needed to handle some things, which was fine, no worries. I then made plans to hang with my friends instead (phone is dead btw by this time). After the night I returned home to find excessive messages going off on me and me being blocked again.

I just don't have the energy or even want to keep a cordial relationship with her anymore. Maybe I'm just not in love anymore to care.

My chart:
Sun- Libra
Moon- Aries
Mercury- Libra
Venus- Virgo
Mars- Scorpio
Jupiter- Libra
Saturn- Aquarius
Uranus- Capricorn
Neptune- Capricorn
Pluto- Scorpio
Lilth- Aries
I had a friend that was a scorpio. There was always something wrong with him one way or another. It just got so bad I think everyone just stopped talking to him. Just became a downer at anything we invited him to.

From what I'm seeing maybe she was still interested in you but not definitely showing it the right way..
I think you're just hanging on because you don't give up easily and not because there's anymore romance left.

We have a similar chart
sounds like there's some lack of emotional connectedness..maybe what she was hoping to get? instead it pushed you away
@libralotus i dont think i am in live anymore, i “was” holding on. however theres nothing to fight for, especially with me realizing that live is lost. I attempted to regain and be more emotionally understanding to find i was just wasting more of my time. she still continues to try to write me but i dont care anymore. thank you though lol
Cancer ?
Ex lovers can’t be friends easily. Both people need to heal. She clearly has feelings for you or she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did. Just give yourself space and at least 30 Days without talking if u want to be her friend again someday
@pinkburd03 we broke up begining of july. didnt speak again until begining of september, tried to be friends and determine if we would try to rebuild another relatiobship/friendship. but theres no real communication and me being treated like im not important, which is fine. but all it does is push me away and seems to have made me lose the little emotinal feelings i had left.

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