Scorp Appreciation

By xiongmaoFebruary 8, 2021 5:26am — 44 replies
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Learn more about the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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Have you seen any scorpio male transforming into a new person after break up or strong love?
Any experience, any story you know if you share i shall be thankful to you.
venus in scorpio & scorpio rising
I already know im possessive as hell and i yearn for a deep intimate bond/understanding with not just my lover but friends as well i am big on trust although i dont trust many but alot of ppl trust and confide in me whats your experience with this place
Signs a scorpio likes you
What are the sure signs that a Scorpio guy likes you , but is shy to tell you. What kind of things would he do or say?
Only A Scorpio?
Can I sniff your hair? Can I touch you, there? Uncle Joe wants to know! Tell us how you feel Did you vote for him? Is your love for real? Or do you feel used and abused?
What are your thoughts?
Background details: I’ve known this guy for 5 years. We’ve always had a unique friendship. We have deep conversations and bomb sex. Just recently I’ve started to crush on him. So I went for it and told him. He replied. Let me know what you think. Am I wro
Scorpio= Secret Keepers OR Secret Fodder Keepers
Scorpio...the zodiacs call to privacy, intimacy, secrets and trust. They’re notorious for being keen observers and guarded at the core. With that reputation they often are called secretive but also that they keep secrets...safely tucked away. Question i
How do I handle a Scorpio man that keeps running away but always comes back?
We have been in a fuck buddy relationship since July, meeting once a week. The sex is amazing and very passionate. I’m an Aries woman and he’s a Scorpio. Every month he disappears for a long time won’t answer my texts at all. This time he even blocked my
Why are Scorpio men so scared of Leos?
Like seriously. Everytime I have seen one near a Leo, they get insecure and defensive and paranoid of them.
You hate us cuz you ain't us...
We really are the best though. We must taste good too since we always in your mouth.