scorpios are cool but...

By 2MoonOctober 14, 2020 10:54pm — 38 replies
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Scorpios are so underrated...
people always talk about how sexy and magnetic capricorn is but i think scorpio deserve more recognition for their loyalty stability and hardworking nature
Only Scorpios will get it..
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Best match trade
scorpio men you has gemini cancer leo virgo scorpio and aquarius woman as your best match question is how much are you willing to offer capricorn men for their pisces woman
Don't take this seriously...
wtf does everyone with a scorpio 8h placement want to be a scorpio
Just to whine
uff what a bummer i had yesterday night so i went with that scorpio man scorpio sun capricorn moon on the second date after 1 month of texting i was out of town we were chatting like for 2 hours he bombarded me with lots of questions but he nev
Scorpio friend
i have a scorpio friend who recently broke up with her bf she started dating again covid 19 dates and has met a few guys but theres one guy that she really really likes he seems to be perfect for her hes older has a steady job and loves to pam
The Sexy Scorpio- Capricorn Perspective
im taking some time to show some love for one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac who can truly figure out that sexy scorpio i think we all have to admit that at some point in our lives there was at least one scorpio we couldnt get out of o
So... Now what?
dated this scorpio guy for a while and things didnt work out as hoped the main issue being that he felt he couldnt trust me and i felt he was too controlling more than the average scorpio broke up back in june but decided to try it again in a mor
scorpio moon & casual sex
is this pair possible people blessed with this placement laughs in terrifying language and or who had an experience with them please chime in