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  • Taurus silence

    New to this site, please take a moment to read my thoughts.... Looking for some insight. Recently met a Taurus man and confused by his actions. Will try to keep it as simple as possible. We met about a month ago at a wedding. Hit it off right away,
  • A curious turn of phrase... for anyone but a Bull

    I find the way my Taurian friend expresses himself to me fascinating.... even if it makes perfect sense to him and but not to me ?. I thought Bulls were straight forward? He recently said to me..... "I do get nourishment from our friendship even if it is
  • who's a better match for bulls? fire or air?

    self explanatory, these two supposedly are not compatible with us supposedly. i have a good amount of fire and air in my chart, so i find myself attracted to them. i prefer fire over air romantically speaking, but holy crap are they a handful. what ab
  • Uh, help!

    Is it normal for a taurus to constantly accuse someone else (me) of arguing? Like, he expects me to see things his way. If I don't and explain why, I'm arguing and it's sickening. Do bulls always expect their friends to go along with how they view thin
  • Taurus Man Pulling Back

    I need some insight. My Taurus seems to be pulling back. I've been seeing this Taurus Man (Venus in Taurus/ Mercury in Aries / Moon in Gemini/ Mars in Virgo) since May. We met online, had an instant and intense connection. He pursued me. Called, texted
  • Help with Taurus man...

    So I, a Virgo woman, met a Taurus man a few days ago. I felt a almost instant attraction to him so I contacted him and he admitted he thought I was cute when he first saw me. Yesterday, we hung out for the first time alone. It took a while for me to get c
  • Getting over someone

    Basically, what goes on in a bull's mind when he/she is trying to get over someone? Its hard for bulls and bullettes to
  • Possible to get him back?

    I broke up with my Taurus and over the summer I realized what a huge mistake that was but and how I needed to change. Now I'm ready and am in the process of changing but what if I show him all my progress and he really has closed his heart off to me? I s
  • Taurus women

    So as I have said before we both have a crazy schedule between work and school. But my ex taurus gf(that I'm trying to get back) is always so stressed about school and work. She always says there's just not enough hours in the day. She's angry a lot and v
  • Natural Chemistry?

    I am talking to this new person and we just confessed that we liked one another. But is it natural for a Taurus Sun/Cap Moon to have natural chemistry with a Pisces Sun/Cancer Moon?
  • Taurus Sun Libra moon man...

    Tell me what you know about them???
  • I think i am a failure as a taurus

    I hate work i just want to having fun, money to me i need only the nescessary to satisfy my desires, i hate boredom because i need to search new interesting things to ocupade my mind, stability to me is not that important but at least my friends, family a
  • Can anybody relate to this ? Even if feel like its just me

    So , I am Taurus sun .. Taurus moon ... Virgo Rising .... I am VERY private ... I honestly Never share anything going wrong in my life with any of my friends and I've known them 10+ years ..I know everything about their life and they hardly know anything
  • He said

    He's busy, and that he hasn't had time to think about dating. It was fine, nobody pushed the other, we respected boundaries, I suggested we should be friends and leave it at that. Then he wanted to see me, and it was great, we learned a bit more about
  • Why

    Why does my ex taurus want to be friends with me and continue to live and sleep in the same bed. I feel extremely friendzoned right now. I try for her everyday, I do all the nice things and I'm always there when she needs anything. But I want her to be my
  • Disturbing the peace

    Its good to have that calmness and be in your own little realm. Sometimes there may be some who try to go out of their way to try to disturb your peace. I think the best thing to do is ignore it or set em straight then continue on your path. It can be con
  • Less hurtful way to break up with Taurus man??

    Now I have to do it.. break up with my Taurus bf.. It even hurts me to type this, it is not an impulsive decision and tonight I made up my mind about this relationship. For me as always, there's no turning back.. here's the link if you want to know the