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  • Help with a Taurus Woman Disappearing

    There is this Taurus (sun and moon) woman I am friends with. Background: She has a boyfriend(capri). As I perceive it; she doesn't love him much but still she is with him for last 3 years. But when she is with me I feel like there is a chemistry between u
  • Uber Taurus

    Just lmao. Today called Uber to take me and my client to the bank. We’ve talked. I’ve asked if he can take us back. He agreed. So he took us back and I had to go shopping for her. He offered to take me. I said great! When he was letting me out he asked i
  • Reasons

    Why would you get upset that someone didn’t want to be friends with you if you established you didn’t want a relationship! Is it to string along for a fwb or you really want to be friends! How can we take you serious if you like someone
  • cap and taurus

    as soon as this show aired there were comments that they won't last as a couple. they have three kids, and been together for 8yrs and married for 5, I believe, but i do see tension, even in the very familiar body language from the cap. he wants to move, s
  • Cap female testing my patience..

    As I was leaving for work this ho aka my coworker aka stupid ass Capricorn decided it would be fun to just walk and stop in front of my car while I was parked, told her to move, glad she did. What is wrong w this girl? I never did anything to her nor even
  • Virgo that acts like Taurus- Too slow

    So I posted this on the Virgo forum.. but I am dating a Virgo sun - Moon in Taurus... who acts more like a Taurus to me.. I am a Scorpio sun- Virgo moon - Libra Venus - Aries Mars I consider myself a very sensitive person but my Virgo moon helps me to pu
  • My Passionate Taurus Man

    During times of very intimate talk (we're in a LDR), my bull will say things like "tell me you own me"....or "we're never breaking up... I'll never leave you". I've never had a man say these things to me before. It's thrilling & curious to me but the
  • Bull communication

    I'm in a ldr with a Taurus & he's called or contacted me faithfully every day since we started talking in February. Recently he's been making comments about me never calling him. The reason I don't call him as much as he calls me is because he's at wo
  • Been quiet around here...

    Too hot for the bulls? Those lazy days of summer, laying and grazing in the grass
  • How vain...

    How vain are Tauruses?
  • Stewie just said

    I was just watching Family Guy half paying attention. Then I thought did Stewie just say he was a Taurus? Yep. Always kind of funny to see astrological refrences on tv.