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  • I told Taurus I want him.

    This Taurus guy and I have been friends for 2yrs or so on FB. Lately, we started flirting heavily but he’s still not taken the initiative to ask me (he did slide in my DM asking for my number). Today, I text him that I want him and when he was gonna let
  • Will my Taurus come back?

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the concept of forums so please bear with me, lol. So some background on my situation, mind you this all happened yesterday so the wound is still fresh: I’m a Scorpio woman who is (well...was) involved with a Taurus man. Up until y
  • How Macho are Taurussses?

    Hi, How Macho and traditional are we? I have the feeling we cant really let go of the old times. We want to be providers and we want to date feminine woman. At the same time we have a weakness for strong women like Aries and Scorps. I have seen both pro
  • Need advice on what to do

    I am a Taurus dated a libra to begin with we are/we’re really close I really felt that he liked me and I liked him back, things were great until I guess ‘life caught up’ we come from complete different backgrounds which led to us not getting to be togethe

    Only taurus please! How when and why Would you go back to an ex ???
  • Taurus Sun Gemini Moon

    So is this guy being flaky? I'm a Taurus Sun Scorpio moon so I do tend to overthink things and think of the worst case scenario. It's a long distance thing, but he had reassured me before that he wasn't interested in any other women and that he really, re
  • Taurus Guy Gone Silent?

    Disclaimer: Not really one to bank all of someone's traits on astrological signs but I've definitely identified pretty strongly w my own natal chart and this guy has told me he's identified pretty strongly with his sun sign. I'm a Taurus sun, Scorpio moon
  • a confusing taurus woman

    i had a friend. at first we become close because she been dumped by her ex. later i felt that she likes me. how did i know that? by her body language. she often looking at me, when we are talking, sometimes she touch my hand. when we are on call, she is t
  • Venus in Taurus

    This is my 4th one in a row and I've noticed a pattern.
  • Taurus man is confusing me

    tl;dr : we are family friends, last saturday we saw eachother, spend the day with eachother blabla (he teased me, cracked jokes, pushed me playfully) and yea we hugged eachother then he looked at me and quickly kissed me (peck like) and he wanted to kind
  • "Want to make sure you are the 'real deal'"

    Slow and stubborn you taurus males... Last night was supposed to be a quiet evening with my bf. He worked a 12 hour day and asked me to go to his house and hang, while he was on his way home from work "get comfy and rest. I cant wait to see you" he said.
  • Stalking ?

    How would a Tauras react to someone lowkey stalking them ? I've been doing that for a while. And I wonder how it'd be if he realises that I had been stalking him all along.
  • one day taurus is interested the next shes not

    Me and this taurus woman have been speaking for a few months now. have hungout on multiple dates, she is very interested in me from time to time... meaning one day shes all about me the next day shes not. how do i seal the deal? lately she was very intere
  • Dear Diary: I blew up on my Taurus.

    Last night we were laying in bed and my Taurus was opening up. I THINK that my Taurus was really effected by his parents divorce a few years ago. it is something he has opened up about a lot thru out our relationship but only in bits in pieces to wh