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  • Why do we hold everything in and then totally explode?

    Hi, I have an aries gif with an aries social circle. Boy they really push me to my limits. They are aggressive and blunt. I have a hard time fighting back when they get confrontative. Now I am totally on a rampage each time, I am overreacting. I am
  • Taurus moons. Hi!

    So ive been watching almost every youtube video on you guys. It seems like this moon isnt described super well. I know its supposedly the best placement for the moon. What are your emotions like? What do you value in relationships? How do you approach

    Why do most of you (taurus men) lead women on? This is probably my third thread here. I am so grateful for all that have responded and shed light which led me to this post. Most if not all were sure he was courting me. We never slept together, never hugg
  • Scorpio woman and Taurus man

    I met this Taurus while playing pool and it was instant attraction me being a Scorpio I’m usually calm cool and collected lol but man those kind eyes and smiles had me I’m wondering if this can work
  • help me talk to my taurus

    im in a fight with my Taurus and if i have learned anything is that everytime i have a problem which is choices regarding to me and our relationship he gets super defensive and stubborn. he bailed on me. he knew i wanted him to be my date to my frie
  • So here we are.

    I wanted to end things with "my" bull (Sag rising, Gem moon) because we've had a short, painful episode. He lied to me for several weeks while dating another woman he met not long ago. We've talked a lot about the situation and my boundaries and after rec
  • It's changing

    The dynamics are changing. Still haven't slept with each other. We communicate every day 150+ messages daily. We see each other... He is planning a holiday together. He threw me! He told me about a thought he had a very erotic thought and how I re
  • Taurus woman finding it hard to get close with anyone...

    I'm getting married to a cancerian where he comes from a close-knit family. I come from an estranged family, and find it hard to have a mother daughter relationship despite all of my efforts in the past. I have now learned to live on my own and not emotio
  • How do bulls handle breakups?

    Do you guys ever go back to an ex? Do you all get over the relationship quickly? If you broke up with someone but still loved them do you think that it's harder to get over them? How would an ex know that you still wanted them? Also, how do you kno
  • taurus vs. taurus

    are the men too much for the women to handle as well? https://youtu.be/wnKRRZmlBSc Alot of people think he's hurt because she doesn't want to give him a baby. she doesn't think they are ready yet as a couple .
  • Dump this Bull?

    Here we go again! Hoping that this will be my last time venting out my frustrations. I am so close to dumping my Bull. All was well between us. We had an amazing night at his place 10 nights ago, talking, wining and dining. I stayed over like I always do.
  • Taurus women

    I am dealing with a Taurus woman with a moon in Scorpio and a rising in Libra. So I am a cancer woman with a moon and rising in Aquarius. I was touchy with her playing flirty with her as a friend first and we would cuddle and watch movies. However, one
  • Taurus Guy

    I Have met this Taurus guy from a dating site , I'm 40 and he is 52 . We talked a lot thru watsapp and he is sweet,flirty. We dated thrice and have sex on the third date , it was intense and he was happy . after that I'd thought he would not contact me at
  • Help with Taurus Guy

    Could someone please advise as i am totally confused by my Taurus friend. We were good friends in sixth form, easy to talk to and good banter in the small group we hung out in. He had just gone through a bad break up with his girlfriend and was heartbroke
  • April taurus vs may taurus, do you notice major differences?

    The may ones for me feels way more lazy and responsable, i think we 1 decans are 'younger' taureans, also i feel we are more possessive and more easy to anger