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  • Really Taurus?

    So, angry Taurus says he is going to give back everything I gave him. Then shows up wearing his favourite T-shirt which I bought him!!! Huh? He then, proceeds to give me money I had lent him (not all of it) and leaves. He then texts me to say don't t
  • Taurus stole my heart and crushed it

    I've been seeing this Taurus for about 5 months. We have been together since the moment we meet. He was crazy about me...started talking about me moving his way this summer and making future travel plans. Two weeks ago I saw a change in him and had a talk
  • Things are looking up with my Taurus!! Lessons Learned

    I have an update for those who have followed my last thread "Taurus Guy Asked Me If I Love Him....What does this all mean? For those who haven't here's a quick recap. Long story short...dates a much older Taurus for four months towards the end of 2016.
  • Anyone else who gets rejected by Virgos?

    Yeah, so, I'm a bi Taurus woman, in my twenties. I keep crushing on Virgo Suns, both sexes, and they just keep rejecting me. This has now happened to me 6 times already, and I'm starting to wonder what is it in me that they don't like? I can't be that una
  • Please help me in moving on.

    Please someone help in moving on from the thoughts of somone who rejected me and asked me to be friends. This incident happened last year. I last met him months ago. He is having fun, at least this I know. I am just another girl for him whose presence
  • Confused by Taurus Man

    I have been seeing a Taurus man for a month. He would ask to see me every two or three days, was very sweet, seemed to really like me. The past few days, I have started to feel him withdraw. He said he was sick, and he ended up having the flu. At firs
  • Rash reactions...

    I connected with a Taurus online recently and we had made an arrangement to meet on Friday for food and drinks. We have talking day and night etc and today I mentioned that tonight I had some free time I was looking forward to. Anyway, he said "You should
  • Taurus Mixed Signal

    I have this long distance relationship with this taurus (4 hours drive) we met for 4 times and everything is so like fantasy thing in 3 months relationship. She has been single for 3 years (just having some casual sex in between) and after having met me w
  • Are taurean women too forgiving?

    I just noticed this about myself; I'm too forgiving when it comes to men. Sure I can hold a grudge like nobody's business but when it comes to someone I want to be with, I get stupid and forgive easily. What the eff? Any of fellow taurean women feel this
  • April vs May

    Is there a difference between April Taurus and May Taurus? I have heard this before, and I kinda am crushing on this Taurus guy in my life, but I'm sure I have treetrunked that up already. Anyway, I have a female Taurus cousin and she is an April Taurus and he
  • Taurus being confusing

    Us seeing each other started out slow and in the last few weeks we've been together almost daily. Things were great!! I thought I had finally found my person. It all fell apart earlier this week and I am so confused and need help understanding so I can fi
  • Sagittarius woman and Taurus man

    I've got to say I've had some good relationships, but none have ever treated me or cared for me like this Taurus. He is
  • Taurus Archetype

    I actually found this interesting. From all the things I've been reading about Taurus while trying to become a better version of myself, I found this perspective enriching my own opinions and thoughts about Taurus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwXk
  • What Should I expect from this Taurus man?

    In the past, I've dated mainly Capricorns, so I am not too sure how a Taurus tends to operate. I met this guy on a dating app, and we exchanged a few messages. Then we stopped talking. Then, one day, I attended a show that he had apparently been a part of
  • taurus sun libra moon.....

    i'm friends with this attractive boy (taurus sun libra moon) who i used to hang out with but not anymore because he never leaves his house. i was never close enough with him to invite him out but from the few times we saw each other, we got along perfectl
  • Tried a Taurus

    Good morning Dx, I'm back on here because I've tried someone who folks say is right up my cancer Ally! I tried a Taurus!! Now this was much an accident, we met on social media, and realized we lived in the same area and even work for the same corporatio
  • How to love a TAURUS

    Hey guys, how do you love your taurus? What do they like/love? Any deal breakers/or pet peeves for a taurus? What i want to get out of this post is, how i can show more love to my taurus man, improve our relationship by knowing his wants/needs etc.