How Do I Win the Heart of a Taurus Woman?

All this talk about Taurus Men. What about the women?

I've been seeing and talking this Taurus woman and I'm attracted to her. We're just friends for now, but I want to take it to the next level. What should I do?
37 years old female
"Sun in .. Taurus 10.35 Moon in Scorpio 15.54 long have you been seeing her? By next level, do you mean you want to ask her to be your girlfriend?
37 years old female
"Sun in .. Taurus 10.35 Moon in Scorpio 15.54
Oh...and why do you want to win her heart? Has she won yours? Are you a cappy?
I'm attracted to her and I can't stop thinking about her. I met her a while back, but never contacted her. One day she calls me out of the blue and wanted to talk about her goals and what she wants to do, and she wants me to help her, and then she asked me to hang out her. Next thing I know, I find myself wanting to see her more. I don't know her for that long, I've been hanging with her and talk to her every other day for a little over a week. I know it's only a short while, but I like her a lot.

And yes, I'm a Cap.
And yes, I want her to be my girlfriend.
37 years old female
"Sun in .. Taurus 10.35 Moon in Scorpio 15.54
Giving advice on how to win a girl's heart is hard. She's unique. I think you should take a chance and let her know the real you. The you that gets nervous, the you that thinks of her, the you that wants to take it to the next level. Let her see that you have a life, and show her snipetts of it by asking her to join you to lunch with your family and friends. THose are always my favorite.

I've been in love twice. I first fell in love with a Gemini at age 19. He chased me (hint). He was himself, and charmed me with persistence and flirty comments. I must of said no to the guy 20 times, but he insisted, and I finally gave in. I can't tell you what ingredients there were, except that he was geniune at the time. He made me feel important by telling me that he told his family about me. He was excited for me to meet them. When I did meet his family, they knew all about me already. They were key components in me falling for this guy. He slipped though, and managed to flirt himself into bed with someone else and that was the end of that. I forgave and walked away.
Bachelor # 2 (a cancer) was my favorite. I was 22, working 2 jobs. There was this fedex guy that delivered boxes to our shop. Kinda cute, tall, and shy around me. He stopped by the shop one day out of his work clothes and asked me out to lunch. Sent me flowers after our first date, introduced me to his family a week later, and I fell in love within a month. Again...I think he was real and I knew he had good intentions when he took me to meet his family (and he didn't try to get in my pants). That lasted 2 years.
Just be yourself Capital, I'm sure she's probably interested too. She wouldn't keep seeing you if she wasn't.
Thanks the little advice and sharing your story, SensualTaurus.

I'm so passive about the situation. For now, I'm just being her friend and not try to push anything. I don't even flirt with her. I do joke a little bit. I think she only sees me as a friend. But it's really hard to tell how she feels about me. Maybe I should take the risk and really show her that I'm interested. It might risk our friendship if she doesn't feel the same. But I figure if I don't try, I'll never know.

Cap men and taurus women have an understanding that is totally unexplicable. There might have been several instances when you may have mentioned some things and she understood u perfectly. Several factors between a cap-taurus combination make it a very good match.

Like sensual taurus already told you, you hav to chase her cause we like it; if the right person chases us and wants us. Or if you wanna be friends with her, then you gotta make sure that she gets to be a real close fren and sooner or later the taurus woman will surely give u the hints that u do need; to take it to the next level.

Best of luck.
37 years old female
"Sun in .. Taurus 10.35 Moon in Scorpio 15.54
Cap-you need to update us on the progress. I'm excited for you. I do have a concern though. YOu stated above that you are "passive" and "being a friend" (which is fine) but the don't even flirt stuff is what concerns me. Its okay to throw little ones in,or you might be placed in the "friend box". YOu don't want a taurus girl to do this. From the experience my girlfriends (of all signs) and I have-its very hard for a guy to ever come out of the "friend box". So if you want her to see as more then just a friend you got to start initiating sporadic flirt bombs. And not just verbal flirts, sometimes just eyelocking for a few seconds followed by a smile. Or Looking at her when she's not looking at you, and look away when she catches you. That happend to me last night. I caught my friends cousin checking me out. It was so cute, because once he was caught he got embarressed but smiled. And I smiled back.

I am a Taurus woman who has been with a cappy for over 10 months. Our situation is a bit different (I chased him) BUT I must say the cap/Taurus combination is good and bad, Capricorn challenges me and pleases me, but he can also drift into a very private and closed off place, this hurts the naturally open and loving nature of Taurus. I guess what I am trying to say is, "if you plan on hooking a Taurus be prepared for a long relationship." We are in for good when we fall in love and Capricorn's can be a little be cold when they start to feel love.

My advice for getting a Taurus:
-talk to her about your family
-ask her questions about traveling, has she been anywhere, where would she like to go?
-She must enjoy good food, maybe take her to a great hole in the wall bistro

From my experiences most Tauruses are down to earth, nice girls who enjoy meeting new people, be bold, be brave, and if you get her, be as open as you can be!

good luck
37 years old female
"Sun in .. Taurus 10.35 Moon in Scorpio 15.54
Right on WTML!!
I think that is great advice for Capital. I want see him work out with the taurus gal. It doesn't seem to common for Capricorns to chase us, so I'm rooting for him and her!
I admire you WTML for taking charge and chasing after your cap. I would have chased the cap I'm interested in if he showed one little sign of trying to get to know me too. He just kinda secluded himself in his work,and I kinda left it at that.
I would love it to work for them too BUT I am in deep with this cappy and it can be hard work for the Taurus womans heart. SenTaurus, just so you know Capricorn men tend to all appear aloft and distant, this is what they would like the rest of the world to believe; not true! They feel so deeply and intensly about things they try and protect themselves from hurt, how do they do this? By not getting close to anyone except family members, who they often have unusally close relationships with, you will not get that close to them, maybe ever! Scary uh? Trust me girl I have learned this all first hand, oh, they all have this real boyish sweet nature that makes you hang on and love them unconditionally. sooo I hope, hope, it Capital goes for it that he tries to stay open and curious.

There's not much to update on the situation. Nothing's changed. I haven't seen her in over a week. But we chat online sometimes.

I honestly don't know what to do or say to her. I want to just call her and tell her how I feel. I'm not very romantic, or flirty, so I don't have any idea how to let her know how I feel about her indirectly without actually telling her. All I want to do is just be straight forward with her and tell her what I think about her and how she makes me feel. I don't even know if I should do that. Even though I want to, I'm so hesistant and afraid of rejection. Is this just me or is that typical of Caps?

I think I'm getting too close to the friendship category. *sigh*

You're right, wheretomylady, about feeling so deeply and intensely. Today, I could barely concentrate on work because I missed her so much and wanted to talk to her. We may not know each other for that long, but I like her so much, as if I was already in love. But I'm so afraid to tell her the truth, and I hate to feel hurt if she doesn't feel the same way about me.

I know I should be chasing her, but it's so hard. Being bold and brave is not easy for me.

What am I to do?

37 years old female
"Sun in .. Taurus 10.35 Moon in Scorpio 15.54
Capital-you need to do it!! Call her up and make a date like 25th described. When you have her in front of you tell her how YOU FEEL! Tell her "I'm not real good at talking about emotions, but I thought I'd give it a shot and let you know that I'm into you.
" [wait for a reaction from her to feel her vibe] If she responds with a smile and she's got mutual feelings then you go more in depth with your feelings.
Okay...if she responds that she doesn't feel the same, then you smile and make a funny comment like "strike one".
Relax Capital-there will only be regrets if you don't take the chance. Don't let your fears be in control of you.
Heres a question for you...describe how you would ask her out if you didn't have all these fears?

What do u have to lose? I guess u are not very good frens with the taurean girl so losing her friendship is out of the question. On the other hand, u stand to gain a lot by being direct with your feelings to her.

"But I'm so afraid to tell her the truth, and I hate to feel hurt if she doesn't feel the same way about me".
This hurt feeling is the one crippling factor that most capricorn guys have an issue with. Get past that. Trust me one day u will regret not making an attempt.

"Today, I could barely concentrate on work because I missed her so much and wanted to talk to her."
A cap man letting a lady affect his work, I think thats huge. Work is so high up on ur list of priorities that the taurean lady has to be special for you, to be affected so much.

Go for it capital.
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