How good in bed each sign is and why?

I wanna go down the list on my personal experience on how good in bed each sign is in bed and why. I'm a female Capricorn btw.

Aquarius men are pretty good, they last quite a while and are very skilled in both foreplay and intercourse.
Picseans aren't bad. They're good at foreplay but not good at intercourse.
Aries are awesome at both and are intent on satisfying a woman first. They last way too long for me though lol.
Taurus I can't comment.
Nor on Leos and Cancers.
Libras neither.
Scorpios in my opinion are the best. The passion they put into it is extremely sexy. The intensity and the kinkiness is to die for.
Sags are ok, but only care about their own satisfaction.
Same with Geminis (who I forgot to mention lol.)
Now Capricorns are great but very rough. Maybe too rough lol.
And that's my view in a nutshell for ya. If anyone has any comments or a different experience with these signs, feel free.
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"Crackes nuckles"
Your crazy. Virgos all day everyday
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
im just out of a relationship with a capricorn and he was the most gentle lover ive had to date very imaginative very attentive and was about having sex with the whole person not just the body but the mind as well. But he is on the cups with aquarius.
Cancers were rubbish I had to teach that one everything he knew.
Taurus was quite animalistic in his style but was attentive in showing me what he liked which was awesome.
I found scorpios quite routine in what they did but again attentive.
Aeries were great in every way.
Ive only had one Leo I found him selfish only interrested in getting his own rocks off.
Ive never had a libra or a virgo or gemini to know.
Only one piscies and gentle and caring for my needs.
And Sagittarius well im one and im allways interested in pleasing my partner first
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Cancer #1: He was OK. Nothing to brag about but not awful. Mediocre kisser.

Libra: Liked to please. Liked to be dirty. I appreciated the adventurousness. Bad kisser.

Taurus: Extremely kinky. Liked it rough. All. the. time. Got boring after a while. Funny how he made it a monotonous routine. I prefer to spice things up with some variety. Really bad kisser.

Cancer #2: Not much into kink but enjoys variety as well. I'm more adventurous but he's willing. Aims to please and is super easy to please . Attentive and likes dirty talk. Can get lazy without encouragement. Great kisser.
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Gemini - Very experimental and open minded.

Pisces - Like kissing a fish. Very weak in stamina.

Aries - Very adventurous, steamy, aggressive, but a bit selfish. After he came, well it was all over.

Virgo - Loved to please and was well read in kama sutra. Loved to go in deeeeep. Only one that I could achieve multiple orgasms with.

Cancer - Very touchy feely and nurturing, but he talked too much!
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no taurus on that list yet firewater?
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Lol! Taking it slow like everyone suggested. I'll be sure to update when the magic happens
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please do,and remember,pictures or it never happened. :p
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Just wanted to give a shout to all the lovely taurus women. You girls rock! ~ascorpio
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
Thank you Scorpio.
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I think this is a trick question

*notes that it was placed in the Taurus forum*
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To date, the best has been with Libra for me.

I'm currently with a Gemini and we have no sexual chemistry. It really sucks because it was so AWESOME with the Libra.
"thrill seeking dare devil who loves to live on the edge.... not really, but I
Posted by houstonpeach74
To date, the best has been with Libra for me.

I'm currently with a Gemini and we have no sexual chemistry. It really sucks because it was so AWESOME with the Libra.

Why are you "with" someone with whom you have no sexual chemistry???

I am missing something here, aren't I? Does anyone else do this?

Am I the only weirdo that thinks the sexual chemistry is important?
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