How well do taurus get along with aries?

From your own experience: how well do taurus get along with aries?

I'm asking because I just found out that my current roommate is a taurus (shocker). I'm a little concerned because I've never really had a taurus so close, and I don't know if that has something to do with my failed attempts at bonding with her.

My previous roommate was a libra, so it was very easy for me to bond with her and we developed a great friendship. However, I feel this taurus girl very distant from me, and not interested at all in developing a friendship. Could you give me any advice on how to approach her? Or maybe suggestions on what should I avoid doing so that I don't scare her -I honestly thought she was a cancer or a leo- :p LOL

"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
home is for relaxation. unless i knew you before we moved in together, i'm not looking to make a new friend. just thinking back to college, i never went to eat with my roommates, shopping with them, walking to class with them...nothing. in the room, we were cool. we had a good rapport but outside the room, nada. my roommate fresh year was from the same area as me and even when we got back home, we didn't communicate. she looked me up the following year but i'm sure my "nice to see you, let's not do this too often" attitude wasn't very welcoming.

i had a roommate briefly in my adulthood and aside from saying hello and nite, i didn't deal with her much. it wasn't that she didn't want to and i'm sure i could've been more "warm" as there was nothing wrong with her. it wasn't even due to my being tired/whatever because friends would come over and i was a chatterbox with them but not my roommate. it was purely a financial arrangement and i treated it as such i suppose.

for those roommates that i've had that i've grown close to, i think they were genuinely warm, not too pushy, easy to talk to, we had similar interests, within similar age ranges, similar personalities...get it, "same." aries women are fun to chill with outside of the home but they lack that "sameness" inside the home.

i'm trying to wrack my brain as to what you could do to get her out of her shell. asking her to events probably wouldn't be good. i don't care if it's a mutual thing. what if i don't like going with you? now it's ruined for me so best to avoid the risk. clue...
@ tauruswomanwtf: thanks for your comments, I'll keep that in mind

@ tubbyscubby: Ohh, I already asked her to a couple of events, unsuccessfully. She already had something else planned. Yeah, I think I'll just let her be. I just wish I was more of a chatter, probably that would make it easier for me to communicate with her. I just don't want her to think that I'm such a hermit because I don't talk to her much :S
"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
are you kidding? that makes you PERFECT! i was under the impression that you wanted her to hang out more? if not, i wouldn't go out of my way. as long as the silence isn't uncomfortable, what's the big deal. if she speaks in the morning and at night as do you, who cares if you're not bosom buddies?

i'm definitely more of a "go to your corner" kinda gal when i'm at home. again, guests are welcome but...GOT IT!

if your social circles aren't VASTLY different, you could suggest having a get together at the house and each of you inviting a small group of friends over. this way, she's in her comfort zone, she's around people she's comfortable with, there's new people to meet but she can avoid, you both get to know each other better through your friends, plus there's entertainment and food. you'll enjoy yourself, she'll enjoy herself and that could open the door to a true friendship.
Yeah, I try not to be very intrusive with her, so I just go as far as she lets me, which is 'Good morning', 'How are you?', and 'Hi'. Lately we have added a 'How was your day?' to our daily interactions -LOL
Umm yeah...My dad is an Aries, and while I love him and learned a lot from him...he is too much. My BFF (a male) in high school dated a girl (who subsequently I went to college with too) and she was an Aries. We got along BECAUSE my BFF asked me to be nice to her. Well, that wasn't a pretty day when she found that out (from her little brother who was friends with my BFF's lil cousin). I stood by my feelings and told her why I didn't like was tough, but I was true to myself. We went to college together and it was a constant battle because she had friends that I ended up being (closer to than her) and she wanted to keep us a apart. She even told one of our mutual friends that she "has friends, but they shouldn't befriend one another because they would have never known one another without her." It got ugly for a minute, and I had to essentially disassociate myself from her. She was WAY too judgmental for my taste and many other things I just won't get in to. With all of that being said, what I do love about Aries folk (my dad included) is that they set a path and will NOT stray from that. Example, she would say, "I'm graduating, getting my Masters' in Math; getting married; buying a house and having 2 kids." She did EVERYTHING she set out to do. She was very smart and she was secure in herself and nobody could tell her otherwise (just like my dad). The funny thing about Aries is that they feel they can tell/say anything to you and you shouldn't be offended, but if the tables are turned they are completely butt hurt...just from my experiences w/a lot of Aries folk. I would recommend you continue to just chill and do your own thing. Taurus folk "feel people out" and they can't be forced or coerced to like anyone. If it grows, it will grow naturally and if not - then it won't. We are just weird like that. Typically we are pretty good judges of what works for us and what doesn't. After about 20 minutes we will (typically) know if you are full of ish or not...although, we aren't perfect, and I've misjudged from time to time, but my % rating is still in the 80% range for me and my personality type.
"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
"After about 20 minutes we will (typically) know if you are full of ish or not...although, we aren't perfect, and I've misjudged from time to time, but my % rating is still in the 80% range for me and my personality type."

^^^couldn't have said it better myself. it used to bother me b/c i couldn't explain it. maybe it's just as simple as introverted behavior?

and i agree about aries being go-getters. my grandmother is the exact same way. i don't know how she does it. whatever she has set her mind to, she accomplishes with ease.

I'm rather social and get along with many sings. I do like to talk but when stressed out or tired I can be an introvert. Maybe your roommate is just tired.

There are some things that I cannot stand and If I meet people who have these characteristics I can be very cold or even angry.
I know one Leo lady who really wants to be my friend. She is smart, fun and energetic but when I see how fake and phony she is I'm becoming so angry.

Have you done something unintentionally that made your Taurus roommate angry? Do you make a lot of noise? Do you respect her privacy? Do you give her unwanted advice?
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I find my bull is quite happy being on his own doing his own thing. It might be a good match if you want someone out of your hair.
Now, if this was a love match, I'd tell you to think twice
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I love Taurus people. They are so grounded. I was with a Taurus for a while (14 years). He was cool. He had a lot of Cap and Gemini in his chart so we blended well??_(for the first eight years). However, I love ALL my Taurus friends.

I must ask as I've been with my bull for 11 years now, why did your 14 year relationship end with him? Just curious...
Try to find out what fascinate her, what she likes. Often when I'm really busy I do not have time for a little chit chat about nothing. It bores me. I like talking about tennis. art, books, film, travel etc.

She should be open to talk to you about her passions.
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Often when I'm really busy I do not have time for a little chit chat about nothing. It bores me.

OMG, I thought I was the only one. I can't stand doing "chit chat" especially with my girlfriend who talk about the same thing day in and day out. I don't care about finding a husband; talking about diapers or where a child threw up, etc. That's all a lot of my female friends are concerned with and it drives me crazy! Not to say that conversation/talk isn't important to them, it's just not to me. I feel mean because I cut the conversations off quickly; however, when I talk to my male friends, we can talk about almost anything without it boring me, because it's not about relationships/families and/or starting a family, etc. It's about business ideas, starting businesses, sports, travel, restaurants/food - things I'm interested in!
*smh* I'm so not a girl sometimes!
that should have been "girlfriends" (as I do have more than one girlfriend ) LOL!

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