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It is kinda funny that you would say that, my T Guy is kinda moody when I just touch him he wants to know why and what for, it's just affection, damn go figure, but when I do touch him he thinks I am trying to get him horney and I was'nt just being touchy feely that's all.

I told him I am not coming to see him strickly for sex but I enjoy the conversations, the debates that we have and the laughter that we share together.

He needs to chill relax and enjoy the damn ride.

I will be confronting him when I see him again.
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"it can leave you wondering "is that all we have in common?""

That's how I kinda was with my bf. We had such magnetic attraction, but I held out for action from him & it allowed us to respect each other and as time went on we found many more things that we have in common or better yet, just love about each other.

You don't have to have everything in common, but don't rush the electricity to fall hard, you gotta make sure you like a lot of things about them, and note things that you don't want either.

Re: moodiness, cancer is the WORST, scorp 2nd, and I am moody cuz I'm a chick. lol
female from Washington, DC,
TG you are funny,

How you doing young lady?

As you can see from my post, that damn Taurus is a mother, but like I said I know he cares and so do I, I think it's time to lay some butter on the table. And I will do that the next time I see him, I can honestly say that I can probably deal with his moodiness and his stubborness and being mean, after giving it some thought, I realize that the problem comes when he acts those ways at the wrong moment and time.

You know like when I want to be affectionate he pushes me away and I don't like that, and another thing, if he don't start being more passionate this is not going to work anyway, I just can't be with someone that does not want to cuddle, hug, hold each other, when we get in the bed he said he does not like to cuddle so he has this king size bed so that I can have my space and he has his...I was like so what if I want to roll over and hug you said I can't....I wonder if he means that
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Hi Scorpiolady - thanks for commiserating

Like you, affection and physical contact is important to me =)

Lucky you, though, since you already know your Taurus guy cares about you!!! Wonder if the pushing away thing is just one of those knee-jerk guy reactions when they realize how close they are to getting emotionally involved/ for thought?

As for moodiness in my Taurus guy - I have seen flashes of it. The couple of times that he has been moody he has not been affectionate. Usually he is very demontrative, always holdings hands when we walk, cuddling on the couch, etc. I just kinda ignored it...both times that he was moody we were walking and noticed he wasn't holding my hand. I just kept walking alongside him like it didn't bother me, and a short while later he grabbed my hand, put an arm around my waist and things went back to normal.

Seemed like as soon as he regained some personal space he was ready to go back to his usual self. Also noticed that the moodiness coincided w/ work distractions so made it easier for me not to take it personally...

as for cuddling in bed, he does do that...when i told him i really like that, he gave me the heads up that sometimes he may not feel like it. am glad he told me that, so at least i know not to take that personally either, as long as it doesn't happen a lot

Hi GreatBull (great username, new to these boards and had a giggle when I saw your name) - it's nice to be able to tap into the mind of a Taurus guy, so thanks for replying....I have a question for you: how long does it take you to decide whether or not you want to be with someone? a few dates, a few months??

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Hey TG - wow, what you guys have sounds great...that's what i want can totally relate to your "addiction"

update....*finally* an IM tonight...

we just chatted, caught up...after awhile he asked if i had some 'action news'... don't know if that's his way of asking if i've been seeing other guys, which i haven't been.

i just changed the subject coz wasn't sure which answer would be better, LOL. either he might get scared off if he knew i wasn't seeing anyone else (seeing as he wants to keep things 'casual')...or he would get turned off if i had been seeing other guys (which i have a feeling would be the case).

ugh. i tell ya.

bright side - he said he was coming back next week. am looking forward to it
oh really, how awesome! im also a scorpio and i was born just a day before you, i was in a relashionship with a taurus and it was actually my first love these two signs are supposed to be really compatible, soo i hope your taurus male makes up his mind and everything goes well for the both of you! =]
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thanks for the kind thoughts, SS

actually, he's been back in town since wed and no call so i guess this is his way of saying the whole thing is dead

daymn men anyway...why can't they just close things out gracefully instead of driving us crazy with non-communication......

this is how it should go:
him: hey, sorry you're great, but this is not for me.
her: thanks for being honest. it was great to spend time w/ you, hope you find what you're looking for.

simple, done, psychotic episode avoided....that wasn't so bad, was it?????
female from aussie!!!
4 your sake... haha im pretty easygoin likes a laugh likes a rant
hahaha nope but men r stupid like that. so simple yet 2 complicatd... but sorry hun it didnt work out. grievin 4 u... nuthing worse than that waitin/disappointed/sinkn feeln.. hope ur gud!! head up woman!! hahaha keep strong
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thanks, Misty

actually he did finally contact me last tongue almost bled, had to bite it so hard not to say WTF??????? totally played it cool, oh, you're back, that's nice...he's like, it's been a month since i last saw you - he knew the exact date - and he said he's been thinking about me lately so i softened a bit, we saw each other that same night :p

ya i know what you're thinking coz i thought it too, but heck, i wanted to see him so figured i would just enjoy it and know that i have him just for the moment

he's gone for the whole month of aug anyway so no point in getting in too deep for me at this point.....all am gonna do is leave him w/ some nice memories, hehe

when he comes back, if we reconnect then we'll figure out if there's enough there to move forward with.....
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