That Scorpio Magnetism

Will someone please explain why Scorpio women are so magnetic...I work with one, she really isn't the greatest looking person in the world, but dam all the guys even the nice looking ones flock to her....
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Well to be frank, this is a Taurus board. Maybe Scorpio board can help you with this one.

"she really isn't the greatest looking person in the world, but dam all the guys even the nice looking ones flock to her...."

Number two are you jealous of the attention she's getting from the men at your job? That's a sign of insecurity you know. To defame her, then on top of that state that even the "nice looking" guys flock to her. Maybe THEY think she's nice, you don't know why they "flock to her". Beauty my dear is in the "eye of the beholder" and eventually, with time, it fades.
"Beauty my dear is in the "eye of the beholder" and eventually, with time, it fades."

Your right on the first part money lady, but I am older, and I am still a gorgeous hussy!!!!! HAH!

I think Scorpios are magnetic and magnanimous. They know who they are! They have confidence in themselves, and I think other people recognize this and confidence is very attractive! Even if they are really insecure; they would never let it show!! Do you know that is true though, all Scorpios are attractive even if they are not! There is something very appealing about them, the men are!

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To the original poster...I replied to your topic over on the scorpio boards. Just letting you know : )

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