When a Taurus ignores you.

So, taurus peeps! Whats the reason behind the ignoring? Is it a ruhroh (uh oh scooby do) moment. Good, bad? Or plain out
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Even in my Libran retreat, I do not ignore ppl who call me or ppl who I say that I love. I do not understand it. Taurus men not texting, not calling back or even calling. Then I hear that they are insecure. Sounds pretty damn secure to me. I like/love u so I'm going to ignore u. Pretty ingenious concept if I ever in my life heard one.
i wouldnt necessarily ignore the person, if the person calls me i would talk to them,but i probably wouldnt reach out to that person until the inner conflict has ended, because we are independant thinkers and i definately wouldnt want to impose my issue on anyone. and for someone to interrupt that thinking time, i may not want to talk,get irritated and take it out on that person which i consider unfair, so to keep from causing other issues i prefer to think alone..if that makes anysense
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I can think is that one of my FB poss bothered him or something


There you go! This can defntly make him feel insecure and ignore you. Don't initiate contact. Let him think you don't care.. and after 2 weeks just casually test him hey.. it's been long? What sign are you by the way?
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When a Taurus man get's upset I don't care how mad you get him, if he loves you he will keep some sort of communication going..he will not totally ignore you..Sorry but not happening...Now if he does totally ignore you and no phone calls or maybe not even a goodnight text..he has moved on..he thought about it and it's just not happening.They do take some time if they want to re think some things..but while doing this he will not IGNORE. I was with a Bull for 3 yrs and I don't care how mad he was, he would always find an excuse to come by, maybe to drop off something I left at his home or to come and see the kids(not his kids) and bring them McDonalds or something..but he kept some sort of communication open. Taurus women are almost the same.. I will ignore you if I don't care aymore.If I still have feelings I will not ignore.Good luck!

Yes and to add...we'll shut off if we feel we are doing all the leg work when affection or attention is not reciprocated. We love the chase and the witty, flirty dialogue that is exchanged, so if there is no vernacular foreplay, the game gets boring...The quickest way to encase our hearts with ice and steely resolve is through a compromised trust or a matter of infidelity. We screen everyone that ever gets into our inner circle and once damaged we rather turn away in disgust.
Well, I just have to say that I think that ignoring someone and moving on without any sort of closure is pretty weak. I thought this sign was courageous and real? I am a Gemini/Taurus cusp and I have to think it must be the Gemini side that gives me the testicular fortitude (read balls lol) to let someone know whats what and not have them lingering in a limbo. The worse thing you can do to someone that you say you care for, respect and has as a friend is to leave them with no explanation. The rationalizations of 'oh, he must be hurt' or 'oh, you must have done something' is really just that, rationalizations. In my case, I did nothing. I was open, honest and had a two year friendship with a Taurus man. We never met, but we talked on the phone, bbm, email etc almost every day. We had mutual friends so I knew he was who he said he was and he did with me as well. We are supposed to meet in 4 weeks (we live across the world from each other) and last Friday, I sent him a bbm to which I have yet to receive a reply. I am in limbo land and it is the worse place to be because you start to internalize and think that you are the problem when you know what, that person has issues and is the problem. Not you. I wonder though, if this is a man thing, instead of a Taurus thing because every sign has seemed to do this disappearing act and the common factor seemed to be gender. In any case, since I'm on the Taurus board, really, what's up Taurus??? Are you just scared to come clean and admit that you do not always say what you mean or mean what you say?? I don't know how my situation will turn out but not looking forward to it resolving nicely unless my Taurus surprises me, communicates and addresses the issues. This is really too bad because I thought I had made a good friend. Lesson learned.
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I am a Libra in search of understanding......
Every woman deserves a man who calls her baby, kisses her like he means it- cos he does, holds her tight like he never wants to let her go -bcos he doesnt, doesn't cheat, wipes her tears when she cries, doesn't make her jealous of other women; instead makes other women jealous of her, is not scared to let his friends know how he really feels about her and let her know how much he really loves her...calls and texts back not ignoring her.??? ??? ??? I have a feeling that Taurus Men are not the one for this type of Woman.

@Lizuz - I agree with everything you just wrote. I have no idea why my Taurus guy disappeared but at this point I have to accept that sometimes people do things and you get no explanation even if you deserve one...I didn't do anything wrong and day by day it will hurt a little less until I'm over it...

I'm going to write an email saying how I feel about him b/c at this point I have nothing left to lose and I don't care if I look stupid. I mean it looks as if I won't see him again anyways so who cares! :-)

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what his moon sign? his ascendant? venus and mars?
Wait Ephflank! How long have you been waiting on a response? I know exactly how you feel but I think if it has been less than two weeks wait! Tell me, what's your story?
Okay, I read a little of your story. Here's what I think...wait!

I am a very up front person but I think these Taurus men are a very different kettle of fish and frankly, I am tired of reacting to everything, trying to figure out his thoughts, wondering what he is thinking. Its not that I won't do this anyway, but I don't want HIM to know that. I have not written or contacted my Taurus again since asking him about the tickets that we were both interested in. He is on my bbm and I see his smiling face being available so he hasn't deleted me or anything. So I have no idea what his deal is. I think it is safer to wait. He once told me that being patient is the key to everything so either he will come clean and tell me he is done or I will know he is a douchebag as time moves on and our rendezvous comes and goes. I am just tired of offering myself up on a plate for him to choose or not choose, forget it. My last contact was fine, not needy and totally sensible. The LAST thing I want to do is come across desperate for a response as that will not go over well as it shows lack of self control. I think you should wait too. You have his key. He will either show you he is a douchebag or he will contact you. If it's been like a month and you haven't heard anything, email him and tell him how you feel. Your heart would be a little stronger by then and you can really write him off once you do that. Take time to absorb his doucheness now (if that makes any sense) without reacting so that when you react, you can close the door. And who knows, maybe the aliens picked up both your and my Taurus and THATS why they are not contacting us. LOL My two cents.
ha, well i will try and give you the VERY short version...Everything was going along as normal and following a wknd at his apt where he gave me a key...2 days later he defriends me on Facebook and stops all contact...

I don't know why....He was the one who initiated everything...I did not want to be pushy at all in the relationship - I tried to do everything 'right' (i.e. my Virgo ascendant); so it couldn't be that I was trying to move things along too fast..anywho, I texted him and called and I did not receive a response...that has been since Wednesday night...

I finally decided that I even if I look stupid and completely hopeless I am going to write him an email letting him know how I feel about him. Not an angry email; something really from my heart. I figure if I'm going to go down I might as well go down in blaze of glory! lol I have never done anything like that before, but I figure if I really like this person it is worth it to bite the bullet and go for it. I will have been true to my feelings. I mean he is clearly being true to his feelings and not thinking about how this makes me feel so I'm going to do the same for myself...
Guys it could just be an emotional outburst or he for some reason have realized that relationship with you should have not started a first instance.Few things to know about taurean:-
1. They don't start relationships just like that.Unless he is a player who just wants sex we think ahead and take one step at a time to develop relationship.Because a serious relationship matters a lot to us because we naturally tend to become lot giver,lot sensitive with that person.We may not expect romance and entertainment all the time but mental peace is of top priority and a sign to disturb our mental peace is something we can't take.And above all break up from a serious relationship could be taken as an eternal setback.So in short taureans put lot of effort,time,patience in analyzing person,creating harmony or building the solid ground for a relationship.
2.Taurus giving you key to his appartment.Baby its serious stuff. We won't let you to even drive our car unless we trust and care...A lot..lot.
3.Time to time by acts and words taurus tells you what he likes and dislikes.He tells you what will please him and piss him off.And above all he knows you know it.So when you do something den surely you knew what you are doing.
So in your case I beliv you have done something that you knew would upset him/dis respect him/affect his mental harmony. Taurus men are not insecure.Its just they know ppl so well that they know why and for what ppl do it.They are not a@@holes but if you find him an a@@hole den its got something to do with u.He might know motives of this guy.He would definitely know your week points.Why wud u let some guys presence affect ur mans harmony (esp when u think u love him like anything).Do you really love him like anything or these are just words.Because words to us are just an information which we authorize wen u act.He has given you keys and beliv me lady he trust u a lot and wen u make him feel that you cannot respect him for a guy???Serious thing.TRUST IS hurt..Presence of this guy apparently is not a big issue..But what is more important is are you reliable enuf in issues/situations that need much more honesty,committment.trust,loyalty and support (these are extremely important for taurus).Taurus prefers two type of woman.One strong who knows what she is doing.Another passive who does not possess any threat to his mental peace.
Good luck
I think Taurusguy is on the money ephflank! Don't send off a hasty email. In fact, why don't you try to get some face time to clear everything up? If you are going down in a blaze of glory, do it all the way. I feel most of the issues, when my Taurus and I have issues, are because we CAN'T have face time. That makes everything so much easier to sort out.

Re-read Taurusguy's advice above. Center yourself. Get in front of him. Tell him how you feel. Sending you all the positive vibes I can and hopefully you know, at the end of the day, it really is ALL good!

Let us know how it turns out! Peace!
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I am a Libra in search of understanding......
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Posted by intellectualbrat

Yes and to add...we'll shut off if we feel we are doing all the leg work when affection or attention is not reciprocated. We love the chase and the witty, flirty dialogue that is exchanged, so if there is no vernacular foreplay, the game gets boring...The quickest way to encase our hearts with ice and steely resolve is through a compromised trust or a matter of infidelity. We screen everyone that ever gets into our inner circle and once damaged we rather turn away in disgust.

Taurus are protectors of their hearts..and before they hurt him/her they will leave..and if you hurt them..it wont be easy..that Taurus will never come back..we dont take cheating well at all.

So it doesnt make us cold we are just cautious..because when we love someone they become our universe.
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I feel the same way...how do TWO ppl with these same traits get past the ground floor. If we are both screening and protecting we are NOT leaving room for any type of development. This seems good and well in theory, but I find it to be full mularkey in practice. This is too complicated if we are both looking, scrutinizing and weighing in on who we are allowing into our inner sanctum. IJS
Just a thought: How does a Taurus really ever have a relationship with all of this going on? Does this practice REALLY save their precious heart (seems they make crappy decisions and get hurt anyway)?
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