Why, why Taurus are you so hard to understand???

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That??s true. I??m a Cancer in a relationship with a Taurus. We struggle severely with the ways we expressing how we care. I??m emotional and want a man to express his emotions and be affectionate. My Taurus shows his feelings by doing, which is ok but I really want a man that will expressed his feelings and be more focused on my emotional needs. It??s frustrating to say the least.
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hey PiscesLeoAquarius .. could u explain more , im in a relation with Pisces female and i think i know wat u talking about! but i would say the key to understanding a taurus is to watch his actions not his words... and try to communicate better with him!

hey starfish, indeed we speak different love language.. anyway .. why don't u trust us?? how is it possible to gain ur trust?

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PiscesLeo, I??m in a relationship with a Taurus and have been for about a year and a half. I??ve learned the hard way they are not communicators unless they are a fault and trying to make things right. They feel their actions tell you how they feel, their fear of rejection and being vulnerable keeps them at a distance. As long as I??ve been with my Taurus I still question how he feels even though he calls me 3-4 times a day, we??re together all the time and he doesn??t do the Taurus ???disappearing acts?? because he??s not verbal with how he feels his actions seem less. When we first started dating I use to pressure him to tell me what he thought about us and me, but he would always push back. He later told me one of his female friends told him never tell a woman everything because if it doesn??t work out she??ll know how you truly felt. I could smack whoever told him this..lol But that on top of him telling a woman in his past he loved her and she told him he was soft, has prevented me for hearing anything close to how he feels. If you like him and think he??s worth it, fall back on asking him to tell you things and see what he does.
Starfish, I??m a Cancer. I??ve come to realize it will be a long time before he actually tells me how he feels. But yes I know he cares for me deeply just by his actions and as I said I applied the pressure the first 3 mths that we were dating. It all came from me not wanting to get attached to a man that was taking up so much of my time and not going to commit. He definitely needs to grow more and probably feel more comfortable in our relationship due to past hurts. At some point the risk of losing someone good should be far greater than the fear of rejection..
Oddly to me, Taurus men and women seem to react similarly in relationships moreso than some of the other male/female signs. Whether it's a male or a female Taurus, if they are in to you; you will know it. They may not make large proclamations of their undying love for you, but if you need them -- they will ALWAYS be there for you; as long as you don't deceive them in anyway. Once they feel that they can't trust you, they may stay for a little while, but they will eventually leave. Trust is a HUGE thing with me, and most other Taureans I know. Some may argue that trust is big with everyone, but that's not the case. And yes, communication is huge. I think as humans, we all communicate differently, so that's why it's important to become self-less, and not be so selfish; meaning, really listen and watch what the other is saying and doing. If you do that, then the communication can be a little easier. LOL, I'm not saying perfect, but when people stop trying to always be right, or thinking their feelings are being hurt and just "be still" like Starfish said, then everything is revealed.
Good luck w/your Taurus, PiscesleoAquarius

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This is odd that all these pisces have problems communicating with taurus. I'm a taurus & I think I get along great with fellow earth signs & water signs follow close behind. In fact, there is almost a psychic connection that I've had with water sign people that I've known. Like thinking about the same things or writing about the same things as a pisces friend at the same time. I've dated a Scorp & it's been the oddest relationship because I've felt as if I know him like "really" know him without him saying anything, it's an unspoken knowledge that we have with eachother & we also think the same thoughts/finish eachothers sentences often. I have a cap & an aqua who are my 2 best girlfriends. I call the aqua my soul sista because we have such similiar personalities & sense of humors. In fact her boyfriend told her he didn't think it was possible to have another person as crazy as she was in the world...referring to me

BUT I do know what you mean when you talk of speaking different languages & I, a Taurus female have always had that problem with air sign people. I DO NOT get them at all, funny thing is my moon is in gemini YUCK which is probably why I'm so confused with myself. My feet are planted firmly but my emotions are all over the place & I'm exhausted trying to rangle them all back in & ground them But seriously, I dated a gem for 4 horrible years LOL I didn't get him at all, he was too all over the place for me, physically & emotionally. I semi-dated a Libra for 6 months & he took the cake. He would send me some emails sometimes & I would seriously look at them like "HUH?" It was like he was seriously speaking a different language, they made no sense to me. My brother is a Gem & he infuriates me, I don't get him either.

But I love me some water people
Jiyo, I have the same thing with my Taurus. I have never had a connection like I have with my Taurus. That's not to say he doesn't drive me nuts. But its like I can sense when he's about to say something and a lot of times what he says is what I just thought but he beat me to saying it, it can be very scary..
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Taurus' has a unique way of showing love & their way of showing love is usually misunderstood by the ones they are trying to love. Taurus is emotional, but yet not. They are stubborn & greedy one minute & the next they'll be willing to give you their last dollar just to see you content & smiling. One minute they appear to need lots of affection & assurance, and the next they'll appear standoffish or like your sweet words in their ear doesn't faze them. And half of the time, you shouldn't take it personal b/c believe it or not, the average Taurus is so afraid of rejection and/or losing their companion, that they often switch personalities just in case their partners get too bored or start to dislike one of their "sides" or personalities.

Taurus' like to be the providers. They like for others to depend on them emotionally & physically. And some signs just don't like whole submissive thing & don't have time for the flip-floppiness that Taurus takes THEMSELVES through more than they take their partners through. Taurus' thinks with all logic & tries their hardest not to function from emotions, which can explain why 1 moment your Taurus is so sweet & affectionate, while the next minute seem to suddenly detach & appear to be the ones who look at you crazy for needing/wanting those very same things. Taurus likes to wear the pants & be the head of the household. Their main goals are status, reputation & financial stability. And if a Taurus doesn't feel that you need them to survive or that you are not impressed by who they are & what they've achieved, then the road with them will be VERY BUMPY UNTIL YOU DO. It's that simple
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Taurus' tend to be attracted to those they can control and/or to those who will be awed by who they are & what they do for others & for themselves. Taurus' are easily turned on by a woman who is emotionally sure, but yet can be just as turned-off by someone who is too emotionally sure, b/c it doesn't give them the assurance that their partners need them or that they are appreciated for anything. This is the part about Taurus' that most people don't understand.

Plus, Taurus' main goal in life is STRUCTURE & STABILITY. If they're with a partner that they do not trust 100% (for whatever reason) they may not let you go necessarily; no, they'll just hold on but yet make the ride a very bumpy one, assuming that you'll get the point & conform into what they thought you were and/or who they wanted you to be. They are very possessive & have a hard time having smooth & drama-free relationships with people that are uncontrollable or unatainable. And they are not bad people. They just always want to keep tabs on who they've invested their time in, no different than how someone keeps close tabs on thier purse or their wallet b/c of how much of their life is in it.
Krysrenee you are right on. I've been dating a Taurus for a year and a half. He's trying to find himself and get his finances in order. I am a little more stable, I've always felt he was more critical with me because he brought less to the table, some of the things he'd say to me seemed harsh.My friend told me because my Taurus had less he found ways to be critical or negative towards me to bring me down to his level and feel better about himself. He's a decent guy but I've told him he needs someone who has less so he can be more in control, he of course disagrees. I really see if I had less and needed him more financially he'd do more and feel better as a man..

I always felt my Taurus was moody, but you explained it perfectly with their different personalites. One minute he's fun, laid-back and easy going, the next he's super critical, controlling, and argumentative. Its draining and I'm saying this as a Cancer!

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PiscesLeo, the worst is when I'm totally done and he knows it he'll be really sweet and buy me little gifts as a peace offering.

I have never met a man that showed so little emotion. If we don't see each other for awhile I tell him I missed him or I can tell he missed me and instead of telling me back he'll say "why do u say I missed you?." In the end he still won't confirm so I just stop waiting to hear it.

Cancer and Taurus I've always read are a great match, we seem to have a connection with each other and our thoughts but the stubborness is like they'd rather bite their nose to spite their face, its amazing and I've never experienced anything like it.
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