Why, why Taurus are you so hard to understand???

I'm a pisces and I thought no one could come close to being as baffling as me, but taurus has completely won the prize o
27 years old
" Rising Leo Virgo Sun + Ar
"We have known each other for over a year and he keeps swaying between really into me and then really ignoring me

You sure he's not a Capricorn or a Gemini? I thought only these guys did the hot/cold "

-Maybe he has these in his chart?

I actually knew a Taurus with Cap and Gem in his chart and he was definitely a hot/cold person always appearing then disappearing...
We have known each other for over a year and he keeps swaying between really into me and then really ignoring me

You sure he's not a Capricorn or a Gemini? I thought only these guys did the hot/cold thing

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27 years old
" Rising Leo Virgo Sun + Ar
O M G, this describes my exact same situation with this taurus gut I've dealt with... weird

"You are all so right, that is how I feel about the Taurus guy I like. We have known each other for over a year and he keeps swaying between really into me and then really ignoring me, but we have never been in a relationship, only on the brink of one. In person he is clearly into me and has been trying to kiss me and is always touching me, but then me being mercury in Aquarius and a mushy mushy pisces wants to talk about it all and what it means before anything really happens, so I initiate so many conversations, do you like me, what is happening and will we be together and he then runs away and denies it all. Then I wait a while and ignore him and he comes back again and it starts all over again. I can't stand it. He is really bad at communicating and is so silent. It seems that he wants something to happen, but doesn't want to say it's happening, but to me that makes it not real or like fake."

so true
"I have to be careful around you, because I could really fall in love with you."

There you have it. Taurus aren't so difficult to understand...they are pretty straightforward. haha... But I have the same problem too...everytime, I say something people think it's a joke when it's not. And when sometimes, it's meant to be a joke, everyone took it so seriously. haha.

"I love people to be straightforward (maybe my mercury in aquarius), but if ages ago he had just sat me down and was straight about it all and said look I have feelings for you, I'd like to see if we could be something more than just friends" everything would be so much better now."

I doubt taurus will do such a thing...unless maybe they are very confident the other party likes them a lot too. Why? Taurus are passive and not chaser...but most importantly, they are afraid of changes. They fear that if it doesn't work out, things will be akward and we may not even become friends. In fact, after having a crush on my ex-Pisces for 2 yrs previously, I decided to tell him I like him. I became so insecure after reavealing my emotions to him that I become stalky and irritated him...and things become rather nasty. But glad it's all over...and we are still polite to each other.

"Also you should be persistent. I like it when someone is really into me. Sometimes I may reject someone, cause I just don't see it happening and then they keep pursuing me (in a nice way not too crazy). It makes me think that they really do care for me enough to try to convince me to be with them and I give them a go. "

I definitely know what you mean by "not too crazy". haha. Thanks for the info...I'll be persistent. =)
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Im a Taurus woman and I cant figure Taurus men out, good luck to you all. lol

Now I myself dont feel like im hard to understand. I tend to over analyze and worry about things that sometimes arent even factors so I might seem high strung..I just like to cover my bases. I am poetic and I try to compensate for our less communicative nature, but I find that most guys think a woman is a playa if shes a smooth talker....who knew

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This is a nice thread. =)

Now I have a better understanding as to why my Pisces is unwilling to start a relationship with me. It's the mixed signals I've been giving out. I'll change for the better and hopefully time is one my side.
So similar...I think we need to share tips. haha...

"The dancing comment was a bit random cause I am def not a bad dancer, I used to dance for my country's national ballet company, which is why it was a stupid comment."

Can't you tell he's being jealous that you rather dance with other people first then him. He doesn't want you to dance with others...that's why he says you are horrible dancer.

"Exactly exactly exactly exactly!!! Alone he is so sweet and lovely, but when we are with others, he over-pretends that there is nothing going on."

Taurus isn't very good at expressing feelings and emotions in front of others. Many a times, I care for others...I'll just hide it and do not show it. And people will think I'm cold and aloof. Taurus is actually one of the most misunderstood sign! And I thought pisces who are sensitive will be able to tell that we are cold on the outside but soft and cuddly like a teddy in the inside. =) Just that, we have different defensive mechanism from pisces, he act cool and distant on the outside...because we afraid that people will take advantage of our kind-natured. But once you get to know us well enough..the exterior melts away and we are that caring and loyal people.

If you really want to be in a relationship with this Taurus or with other Taurus in the future, I tell you what we need. We need kindness and understanding from our partner...accept who we are...accept our stubborn nature. We need to be in a stable 1-1 relationship. We don't like to feel jealous cos' it makes us insecure and unstable. If we feel jealous, it'll make us weigh if it's still worth it to be with you in the long run. As much as they like you, they also want to be stable emotionally and relationship wise...so don't make them choose between the two.

Really I thought pisces will know all these things about Taurus. Guess I'm wrong. U mean that my pisces guy has been thinking I'm not interested all this time. I thought it's very easy to understand. hee...I even ask him out for 1-1 lunch before. U mean he couldn't tell?!!! haha. Taurus won't even waste their time on people they are not interested.
I've been putting in extra effort to talk to him in office context and email etc. You know how difficult it was for me to open my mouth. haha...

I wish I can tell him I love him so much so much right now...=)

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...before they can be committed in love and nutured each other.

Hey PiscesLeoAquarius,

What you had describe is so "me". I would ignore my Pisces guy in social setting...for me, he's my colleague you see, and I won't sit next to him. Everytime, I went back to the office, I will tell myself today I'll sit next to him and in the end I will always sit far away from him. Also when we are out dinner with other colleague, I won't talk to him. That's me. I only talk to him when we are alone.

But my situation is a little bit different...cos' we are closet gays. So I do not want to make it so obvious to all my other colleagues that I like him. And pisces people are very attractive people, they have a lot of friends and I don't want to fight with them for his attention. And sometimes it's because of my low self-esteem and insecurity...when he talk to everyone else except me and he will say bye to everyone else except me just like in your case. I feel neglected...I feel maybe he doesn't like me as much as I think he likes me.

Whenever I see his frustration when I ignore him,I do feel regretful. But this is how Pisces and Taurus are like, we both are passive and we both need someone else to approach us first. Otherwise, we may feel that the other party is not interested in us.

I don't like to ignore him. But that's me...and I really dislike public display of affection. I prefer to leave the cuddling behind closed doors...one-to-one privacy and affection.

Making him a bit jealous won't help in a Taurus case. We are famous for being jealous! When I see my Pisces guy having fun with others and not me. I will definitely feel jealous, trust me. I feel also feel sad that he doesn't want to me. But I will pretend to ignore him, do my own thing...pretend I don't care...so I don't seem like a loser in front of other people. However, if he isn't jealous about you, why would he chase after you when you left? He could have gone home and pretend not to care.

You are making an insecure Taurus even more insecure by making him jealous. I do think what he says to you is really uncalled for. If you can't make him secure, then I think it's better to break off with him once and for all. Be very clear you won't want a relationship with him. He may feel sad, angry and/or depressed...but once it's over. He will be a happy taurus again. Taurus are the most nasty when they are insecure, especially in a relationship.

So that's the problem with both signs. Both need assurance that the other party are in love with him/her before

I understand, I use to be just like that. Try to find someone else to call if you want to go out and just want to do something. The women that get the good guys are the women that act like they could care less if the guy shows interest. One of my guy friends said ???no man wants a woman to call him and ask him if he wants to hang out?? men are wired to chase women. Even though I??m still learning, I??ve learned men even like to chase their girlfriends, which is still baffling to me but I am realizing it is true, I think them chasing strokes their ego it??s only when they finally have you totally available to them that they get bored.
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