How do you know if a Taurus guy still like you?

I've been working with my taurus co-workers for almost 2 years now, but we haven't been talking to each other that much.
Life is beautiful when you love yourself first before others have to understand that negative side of Taurus man. My new Taurus man wasn't so slow

when he was courting me. He was intense and I told him during reconciliation after break up that I

need some air sometimes 'cause I can't handle his jealousy and his drama thing which he understands.

After we broke up, I gave him a cold shoulder... lol , then he contacted me. I was happy when we had

a break up because I love being a loner sometimes and do many things with friends and office mates.

Ladies problem is too focus to their guys. regardless of their signs. It's red flag.

I don't like slow pace. lol. not my ideal type from a man. It looks ladies thing. lol

He is slow indeed, but honestly I kinda like the pace. My previous relationships have always been quick. And this time although I'm not the one dictating the pace I do enjoy every moment of it. Reading this forum and seing all the complains about how taurus Guys being slow and cold did scare me a little. But this is different...I took time (cuz I have lots of it with him) to look at our relationship, and you know what? I haven't got a single doubt about him liking me and him caring for me. His actions are crystal clear, but unlike me he doesn't really voice them out. It did bother me a little at the beginning since I'm very talkative, but the way he look at me, the way he smile at me, I just love it! I also appreciate how honest he is. He already told me about my flirty attitude...He said that he finds it somehow charming but at the same time it scare the living hell out of him as he just don't know how he'll cope with it in the long run. I asked him what could we do? and his reply was a simple "I don't know, but I'm thinking about it" that made me laugh but at the same time it really reassure me as he didn't ignore it or try and make me feel like everything will be ok. Leylia12 was right... he seems to be very harsh on himself...everytime I make an effort to adapt or go out of my way to please him, although he does appreciate the effort...I can clearly see him getting very uncomfortable... and I think this is the biggest issu at the moment. He wants me/us to be happy but is so afraid to fail at it. So I'm patiently waiting for him and I don't mind, because I know all along that deep down he really has my best interests at heart and he will never do anything to hurt me.
Life is beautiful when you love yourself first before others

Oh I see,

He seems very slow... He is the same as my Taurus Guy office mate before. We been working together

2 1/2 years in a one company until I quit the job to move on my life and career growth as well.

He really likes you but be careful not to give him any hint that you're a flirt type 'cause that

will rage his jealousy and mess up the relationship.
I don't know how to put it... as we're not officially dating. I don't even know what our relation is to be honest, but I enjoy it and he seems to be comfortable with whatever happened. If I have to time this whole thing, I would say we started to see each other at the beginning of August... A week after he got back from his long trip. I told him how I've miss him... and everything started from there I guess. Since then, he's like a pandora box... the more I get to know him, the more I want to's addictive! I'm quite independant so I don't mind doing stuff alone and all...but whenever I see him...then and only then I've realise that I've actually miss him...I really don't know how to put it into words... it's weird.
Life is beautiful when you love yourself first before others


You're on your way to success, I guess so. when did you start dating this guy?

I dated mine June then we broke September due to my Stubborness in moving with him and then got back

again October but he wanted me to moved in with him again, so I did. We lived together just a month now.
Posted by OmagaIII
I don't get it...

We Taureans go out of our way most of the time for others. Then you turn around and tell us to back off... It hurts like hell, because we also hate and fear rejection, but we try so hard to do it anyway then you turn around and are worked up because we backed off...


In my opinion, it's because like your treat a person as if they are "the one" and its kind of scary, especially if it feels too soon. It's like "what makes me so special?"...and the treatment almost made me suspicious at times. I went thru this 1st with a Scorpio, and then with a Taurus. The Taurus was more bold and I pushed him away saying he was too young, which I felt he was at the time. He's been paying me back x100. I had to end it this weekend. I feel he wants me to say "I want to be with you" but I've hinted it a million times, and he's told me in every way possible he is not interested, although I feel differently. Imo, he wants me to be more direct and will torture me until I come out and say it....just how I tortured him because he wouldn't say it *sigh.* I just can't anymore, BUT I've learned some lessons. If I get a second or third chance with him, I won't turn him away. If not, I'll know how to treat someone else that shows their interest in me, especially if I like them. Playing hard to get is NOT it anymore lol.

I get how nine times out of ten, it's the other persons fault.
Thank you Leylia and Thank you Ariangurl. Things have been good lately, I mean our relationship is moving very very slowly but steadily. I don't think I've ever met a guy as quiet and private as he is. I never had to work that hard to extract any kind of information from someone lol. I manage to somehow learn that he had a single girlfriend thoughtout his life, but when I ask more questions about his previous relationship... he quickly change the subject...I understand that it is none of my business... but somehow it got me sooo curious. I finally got to meet his closest friends as well...I could tell they were all shocked when they saw me... like they just saw a's only after talking to them that I understand why... apparently I'm the first girl he's ever brought along since his ex girlfriend...which was like 15 years ago!!! That got me even more curious about his past! All I've manage to learn through his friends was... he loved her very very much and he was deeply wounded by her and it took him years to get over whatever happened. His friend then told me to take good care of him. After dinner with his friends, he invited me back to his place to watch a movie, a horror movie to stay in halloween spirit lol. Things were quiet at first then I move right next to him acting as if I was scare...then to my surprise, he pulled me in and put his arm around me (God! it felt good!). At the end of the movie, he turn around and look at me and said... "I know that movie didn't scare you at all!" He totally got me! I think I was blushing like an idiot, but he kept staring at me straight in the eyes. I felt defenseless, but at the same time soo excited. He shook his head, smiled and ask me "What should I do with you?" That was provocation!!... and boy! did it work! I was completely speechless, then he gave me a little kiss on the forehead and hug me very tightly. We spent the night together, but nothing happened... we just cuddle up to sleep... and it was the best night of sleep I had in forever!!!
I once had a Taurean who loved me for a whole year before I fell in love with him. And the change in my attitude towards him was like Night and Day.
Suddenly he got my time and my priority.
Well gurl, It may have happened to you too.
He bared his interest towards you once and you declined. Taureans are good at reigning their feelings in and if they decide to stop goign for you they can too.
So before he is completely closed off in his pursuit of you. If you really like him now? Go for him.
Let him know how your feelings have changed since the first time he told you how he felt...

We women seem to have to make moves towards our taurean men...
Be careful, be smart, be yourself and let him know he is appreciated... I should go to sellp now I am exhausted. But I coudl say more next time.
I wish you all the best
The fact that he bought you a gift shows he is still interested in you!
Your story is very cute and honest
Gemini and of my all time favorite couple is made of this combination (Steffi Graff and Andre Agassi). How are you guys doing lately? Was he able to sort out his own feelings? Judging from his actions... I think you're on the right track. And I totally agree with you... I've also become very tame around my Taurus, I can totally related to that lol. It's weird isn't it? I'm an Aries and I'm also restless but somehow, the way he looked at me, the sound of his voice...really put me at rest and at peace.

Keep us informed I'm rooting for you guys!
Hi Omagall, If you red the whole story...You'll see that I didn't play any games. I did turn him down at first...because I didn't have feelings for him and I did not want him to waste his time. But he was still very caring and kind towards me...then he left for over a month...that was then that I had realised I actually miss him. All those little gestures of kindess, all those smiles and that look... all suddenly just vanish. I thought I just miss the attention he gave me...but that wasn't it. I genuinely miss him, and I already told him about how I felt lately. I didn't hide anything. In fact he told me he needed time to readjust and I'm fine with it....I have moments where I feel restless and impatient...but when I think about what he had to deal with all this time I think he more than deserve some time. I'm a Gemini and a very restless one...I always want to do things, talk and I'm all over the place, but as soon as I see him or hear the sound of his voice I feel at peace... I'm surprise at how tamed I am around him... not in a bad way. All my worries just go away when I'm with him. His smile put me at ease, when he looked at me I feel pretty but defenseless at the same time. If you ask me if I love him? I really don't know... but right now, he's the one thing I want and don't feel like sharing. I discover that I could actually be possessive and petty... I never thought being taken care could feel this good!

And Naughty, we're not officially together, but we care for each other a lot. And I really like how things are moving... our relationship is very honest. I had all the time I need to think things through... He should be able to have his don't you think?
35 years old male
Venus Aries awesome!
Posted by Chouchoune

and I asked him if he wanted to go to my place and he said no,

You are directly hinting him but he might be conservative

its so obvious u both like couple (based on your story)

whats still stopping you both of officially being together?

all you gotta do ... is demand ... not ask ... and then smooch him
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"Well well well. A true Taurus at heart with fire coursing through my blood.
I don't get it...

We Taureans go out of our way most of the time for others. Then you turn around and tell us to back off... It hurts like hell, because we also hate and fear rejection, but we try so hard to do it anyway then you turn around and are worked up because we backed off...


Look, you pushed him back, you told him you don't want anything from him, and now you are out of your mind because you don't have him there. You made the call, not him. He was honest and open with you, and you shot him down. Now we take this type of stuff hard on our self, but we'll be ok and just move on at our pace.

You need to stop getting worked up about him because you caused the tension, not him. You also need to be straight up and honest with him, he owes you nothing. Actions and words have consequences.

It is this type of thing that pushes a Taurus to the limit, then we crack, and then the whole world is ticked off at us... Stop playing games and either say what you need to say, or move out of the way. If your not honest and open, your gonna hurt 2 people here and be left with a scare that nothing will ever heal.

I don't want to sound harsh and the like but I am caught up in similar situations. You have NO idea how it rips us apart. And eventually, eventually we can't take it anymore (and we take a lot) and then we snap, and enter an emergency shutdown mode where everything becomes 'uncomfortable' all the time. You'll be crying your self to sleep for a pretty long time after this and the void won't go away. We may, but nothing else will.

Decide what you want with him, get the message across and move on together or on in your own direction. You are tempting that which should not be tempted.

You sound really amazing, and I can imagine why he wants you, but you'r really playing a bad game. Don't be surprised when the music stops playing and your the only one standing...
Thanks Naughty for your support! and THANK YOU Leylia for your precious advices. I'm really glad as things have been awesome lately between me and Mr. Taurus. I did what you suggest and it really helped. Whenever guys flirt with me, even though Mr.Bull act as if he doesn't care, but as soon as turn to him and give him a smile or sometime just plain ditch the other guy to talk to my Taurus instead... his face really did light up... and that smile of his really makes me happy. I also don't know why, but lately I've beeen very touchy feely towards him...At first I was afraid he might not like it... but to my surprise... not only it doesn't bother him, but instead he actually warm up to me even more. His quiet nature haven't change, but him caring for me is undeniable...he doesn't express it openly, but his actions are very clear... he pays attention to the smallest of details, me coughing, sighing, yawning...I mean he treats me like a little princess in a very subtle way and I really love it.

Last Friday, we went to a karaoke bar with a bunch of coworkers and they force him to sing! My heart literally skip a beat there. I've heard his voice on a daily basis...but it was the first time I heard him sang...OMG it was awesome! If our coworkers weren't there I would have totally jump on him. We had a lot of fun that night and everyone was trying to make him drink but he was dead serious about no alcohool that night...I asked him why and he said "Who would drive you home otherwise" AWWWWWW isn't he the cutest??? Really melt my heart. He drove me home later that night... and I asked him if he wanted to go to my place and he said no, but he would love it if I could keep him company for a while. He took my hand and we went for a little walk??_.Oh I wish that night never end. After walking me home, he gives me my first HUG!!! It felt sooo good! Before I went to sleep that night, I sent him a little text message saying I miss him and he replied ???You have no idea!!?? Thinking about that night now make me miss him so bad! Sigh??_.
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Sorry didn't see the latest updates.

But I must say, he literally sounds like a play by play taurus male playbook. I'd literally do everything the same as him LOL.

On behalf of all taurus' I'm sorry we get jealous, we can't help it!!!
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