how to soothe a Taurus's jealousy

what actions could be taken to help alleviate a Taurus's jealousy?
from Atlanta, Georgia
what actions could be taken to help alleviate a Taurus's jealousy?
female from TX
look into his eyes softly say.......behave!

that always worked for mine. He knew he would get mad for i look at him and say that. and he would not stay jeolous for long. he really learned how to control it. but it takes help from you.
female from TX
*Jealous* i meant.
35 years old female
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Why ask how to alleviate their jealousy? You may as well just ago and ask how to alleviate us of being taurus........
from your wildest dreams
"Rising Sign is in 17 Degrees Libra Very attractive and popular, your charm he
so if they don't get jealous is it safe 2 assume they don't care?
35 years old female
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not necessarily... I'm usually seething with jealousy but I keep it to myself......
from your wildest dreams
"Rising Sign is in 17 Degrees Libra Very attractive and popular, your charm he
I suspected that. Occasionally he'll casually ask about male friends but I can't tell if it's jealousy or just typical male wanting to feel like he's "got" something other men want.
35 years old female from Fuck off, NY, United States
Wow not sure. I have Venus and Moon in Taurus and when I get jealous I go on a rampage. There's no stopping the bull in me.

So what are you doing that is making him see red? Could be something as simple as strutting around like you're all that and a bag of chips too. These are easy going guys who like to have what the other guy doesn't but don't necessarily like to see tongues hanging out from other men and you smiling about it.
from Atlanta, Georgia
right, but it appears jealousy is inevitable in him because i haven't done anything to trigger that emotion... i don't flirt, and hell, i haven't even so much as hugged another guy because i know he doesn't like another man's hands on me, or my hands on anyone else but him.

repeatedly i tell him he has nothing! to be jealous about, but it's still there.
i don't know what else to do except assure him he's the only one for me, but i guess that's just not enough?
from Atlanta, Georgia
by the way, possible contributing factors: he has moon in Leo and Venus in Taurus.
(jealous positions i've heard)
32 years old from massachusetts
"I'm Ruzi. I'm 23 years old. Born in yugoslavia, [montenegro] im also macedonia
I think everyone gets jealous.
there is no way if you cant put that trust in the heart of a taurus then we will contiune to b jealous

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