Real Housewives of Potomac

By Prince_PiscesDecember 8, 2020 2:45pm — 4 replies

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Star Trek Discovery
anyone watch it granted i had some low expectations going in it seems pretty good very similar to the old star treks and pretty decent sci-fi
How much TV do you watch?
dont be shy how much time do you spend with your eyes glued to the tv especially the mind numbing variety moon merc and mars please
A Night(s) at the Opera #12: Coronation Street
https www youtube com watch v cpnkvlc145c
A Night(s) at the Opera #11: Another World
july 21 1986 cass and kathleen are in danger thanks to cecile who is pissed that she lost control of cass and now she has also lost control of her goons a gang member named aces who has a grudge against jake terrorized victoria when he mistook her fo
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while i m feeling the soap opera wave for a few weeks again before i get burnt out until september i want to dive into more soaps also want to dive into british soap operas starting with eastenders february 19 1985 https i imgur com brpuhop
Love, Victor on Hulu
omg they better give us season 2 oh and victors dad could get it
90 Days Fiance Tell All
did you watch it what are your thoughts tom is caps figured hes earth but the sass hes showing im not familiar with in caps that down to earth behaviour is very much earth behaviour usman deserves better lisa is like angela loudmouth th
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its finally time to visit oakdale arguably the best soap opera of the mid and late 90s december 24 1985 it s christmas eve in oakdale lily gets a huge christmas present as dusty returns to town frannie played by julianne moore celebrates her b