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  • I have been dating this Virgo man for about 9 months now , he hasnt had a gf in like 6, 7 years only one night stands.. so he met me and we started something he has been coming back and leaving 10000 times , he is cold warm , he opend up to me a few time
  • one of my good friends is a virgo and shes awesome and very thoughtful, but she can over analyze a situation till she is blue in the face and it kills me that she does this to herself. When she is analyzing she gets in a really bad mood and she lets small
  • ... stupid is as stupid says
  • He has the same b day as me I feel sorry for him but unfortunately he falls in the whore side of virgo
  • Hi I hope someone can advise or guide me on how I can help my sister. She’s 27years old and is a Virgo. She has a very bubbly lively personality and full of energy the type of woman who enjoys helping others and has no selfish side to her. She has clo
  • Wondering if it's just me or have other Virgos experienced the same things... Pisces: I have a love/hate relationship with Pisces men. Every Pisces guy I meet, we just seem to "click" on a gut level. They're extremely caring and so much fun, they make
  • I first wrote this on the leo page and am now posting this on the forums where I have placements I'm asking about: I recently started noticing some connections between astrology placements, and it seems like more than just a coincidence. I thought it
  • I've known him for 20 yrs. Been through his ups and downs with him. Walked through his personal hell beside him. Basically dedicated my heart and soul. Loved him from the first meeting. With being the only one there for him he has sure become selfish an
  • *Sigh*. I'm such a sucker for Virgos, especially the tough/active variety (Keanu Reeves is a good celebrity example of what I mean). There's this guy at my job that is the perfect Virgo to me: hardworking, humble, analytical, communicative, intelligent, b
  • Lol what makes a virgo not want to see there child? Especially if they have a child that they do see from a previous relationship? Kind of curious about how to deal with this.. Its troubling to me....
  • Hello, its my first post up and I need some advice. My mind has been going crazy over this virgo guy. I have tried reading previous threads and its seems like virgo men are a confusing bunch at times. Please give me some advice :) Well, met him
  • I am single and met a married man. This married man visited my state in order to search for a home and relocate. when he visited he stayed at his cousins home who happens to be a very good friend to me. I knew his plans to relocate and bring his wife here
  • ...but this one literally tried to run a Virgo over. I got this from my newsfeed, dude is born the 30th of August: (you don't have to be logged in to facebook to see it) So this Vi
  • Hi all. About a month and a half ago I was out with friends. Toward the end of the night this guy came up and said, "you're hot. I want to talk to you." he was very persistent but sweet at the same time. (I'm a Cap with Leo moon and Scorp ascendant) I k
  • I'm curious. What do you like about Water placements in a lover? I'm specifically interested in Virgo Venus and Water Venus but any positive Virgo/Water perspectives are welcome. Negative commenters need not participate, thanks. :)
  • Michael Jackson Beyonc_? Pink Nick Jonas LeAnn Rimes who else?