Apparently I’m a masochist. Blocked the Virgo ages ago and am sitting here listening to songs that remind me of her. Thinking about about our past. Nice things. Not about what a womanizing douche she is. Clearly I have problems. πŸ˜‘
Is this placement bad? Is it just me, or do Virgo moon's get annoyed with someone asking such an obvious question? πŸ™‹πŸ» I have to admit that I get annoyed. Are you guys' careful with handling your money? Cause I get mad when my mother carelessly s
I know there are threads that talked about virgo's disappearance but i want to ask about my specific situation since i didn't find any that fit. So he's a virgo sun, moon scorpio, mars taurus, venus leo. i'm a scorpio woman, pisces moon, aries mars, ve
My virgo girlfriend broke up with me thur text on the weekend of our aniversity told me she was not in love with me and that she could not make herself feel what i felt for her.....after a year of telling Me she loved me she went cold for the last month o
My virgo girlfriend broke up with me thur text on the weekend of our aniversity told me she was not in love with me and that she could not make herself feel what i felt for her.....after a year of telling Me she loved me she went cold for the last month o
i've had a few virgo friends. and all of them at some point think i am not talking about myself enough. or that i don't share. or that things are somehow one sided. and sometimes they get in their feels about it. one even threatened to end our friendship
This man can be so confusing. Does not give compliments. I hear virgos like control. I mean I know things seem to be on his "terms". But funny not controlling in the bed room. Well maybe that's his form of control. I've asked what do u like? Answer I don'
I'm going to keep this short because I want to get to the point. Virgo male and I talked on social media. We have each other's numbers, but I feel like conversation is better when it's online. He is a bit younger than me so I chop that up as a generation
Hi. My best friend is a Virgo woman. We have been inseparable for a couple of years. I confessed my love and everything was good. My life is a bit complicated at the moment so nothing moved forward. She also just had a messy break up. She has often said I
I had met this wonderful Virgo guy in an online dating site almost 6 months ago. We hit it off immediately and he asked me out after a month and we are in a long distance relationship. This Virgo guy though, as he said, is clueless about relationships.
Do Virgo males like consistency? So I have a Venus in Aries which prompts me to chase, but I'm wondering if I should stop being so consistent. I don't think I'm being overbearing because we exchange text messages like 3-5 times a day, I don't double text
Why is it things have to be on their terms? I'm a Capricorn and my Virgo just confuses The heck out of me. Not much of a risk Taker. You ask what are your fantacies? The Virgo answer I don't know. Seriously to everything. I am learning that bc I am a
He broke up with me because of a huge fight we had three weeks ago and lost his love for me.As a Pisces I have cried many oceans over his choice. I was wondering if it is possible to remain friends with him later down the road. We had a beautiful relation
HI, been reading the boards and I just thought maybe a fellow virgo could help me out!!! I have been single for over 3.5 years, it was a tough split and I felt very broken after it, I decided to take time out and do whats right for me and if I meet som @Damnata
I'm currently in love with a Virgo man who is 10 years older than me. Our current chemistry is very good: he feels comfortable talking about anything to me, tells me his life story, caring for me, protecting me, buying me cake, sharing with me about his w
I have been dating a Virgo man for two years now. He has never really opened up to me fully, sometimes acts distant, and can appear unemotional and disconnected. He says that he was not always this unemotional. He tells me that he loves me, that I have ne
I am an ex military, did things that can fill books, and still active working on the intelligence field...I like to say about myself that insulting a woman or attacking her is one impossible thing about myself.. I am kinda good looking and have a lot of
Virgo man blocked me from snap chat I kept sending messages asking him in what's app because he didn't block me there and I wonder why? He is reading my texts but ignoring it and being distant. He used to always when we have an argument he cuts his

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Dear Aquarians, it's my turn now to have some doubts about my SO. As most of you know already, he is an Aqua Sun Pisces Moon, I am a double Libra (Sun and Moon). Our relationship is based on friendship and is going well as far as it concern me, but he doe
Hi guys. My virgo ex and I(aquarius) been together for 2 years. Well we really loved one another and i know he does,i still really do. Well 2 months ago, he came clean to me that he cheatd with 3 girls(slept with 3 girls in month) during our 2nd month tog
The Pisces came back to me last week. We then bumped into each other at the same club on Wed and I was with someone else. She was really upset and jealous and became territorial. She left the place and was texting me on her way home (I smashed my phone by
I just don't understand. The two people who matter most to me, haven't done any attempt to come to see me Two people who know, that when they were in this situation, i would do anything 😒😒😒 im so sad right now Even our mutual friends, relatives
What is your sign doing?? [b]1.) When they're at the beach [/b] burying myself in the sand [b]2.) When you're in a pool party[/b] Sitting at the corner of the pool edge and freaking eating and watching [b]3.) When you're in a group of frie
Discuss. πŸ˜ˆπŸ™„πŸ˜‡
My best friend became less communicative about a month ago then I received a text invite to a get together at his house. By this time his wife is 9 months pregnant. My sister asked if they had a baby shower after seeing gifts in the nursery. I was shocked
I love how deep and creative they are. And I love their fashion choices. Ugh her outfit is flawless!
Is it a way to show someone that you are interested in them when you are not? Excuse me...what’s the point of this? Ego boost? Or just lots of time on ones hands? Or it is actually coming onto someone but when they don’t respond - pretending it’s jus
Hey y'all..... Just started dating this scorpion.. First time on THIS board woohooo! Anyway he pursued me.. On fb, via mutual friends. Good sign. We spent a couple weekends together. We live a couple hrs apart. Hit it off pretty well.. Lots in common.. He
Rate your own appearance and also your character? appearance 8/10 character 9/10 maybe to high but i like how i look and how i am,ofc i have some traits or flaws that dont make me perfect even in my own eyes? Rate yourself?
It seems like on every thread you gotta pop up and remind everybody for the millionth time about your opinion about Libras. Why u so hard up on Libras? We get it. You despise em. And naw, I can honestly say I dont fit your description of what you think or
Just wondering if I'm the only Taurus that put work before a relationship, I mean it seems about right ..
I known a taurus man not that long only a month, on the 2nd date we have a great conversation, and time. I was sleepover at his place, but no sex though. Weird I know. He is truly an affectionate man I ever met. Like people is saying about taurus people.
What do you think life looks like for those born with their Moon in the opposite sign of yours.