Body language of Virgo(s) NLP

Hi all..

This is something I have been pondering a little.
My Virguy, is very much an action speaks louder than words fellow. Along with that he is also more of a (Implicit) not (explicit)communicator. He's mentioned this from the the get go. Knowing this I started to read his actions instead of dwelling on his words, or lack thereof, when it came to emotions. Anyhoot, I have read that Virgo(s) are handy people( very good with the hands). I have also read that they are certainly expressive with thier eyes. So, going by this.. I ask you. Do you suppose Virguys and virgirls are number one candidates for the art of reading body language(NLP)?
I for one have certainly been using this to my advantage. It helps to gauge what he is saying to me when we are together.I even see and feel his burgeoning feelings, (may I hope) love for me.

Have any of you have found this to be true? Any thoughts? Come one come all..
Thanks in advance..

57 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
"Do you suppose Virguys and virgirls are number one candidates for the art of reading body language(NLP)?"

Not even !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The complete opposite. They have to be taught what things mean when it comes to the physical part of another person.

The reason this seems to be from my experience is because they spend an excess amount of time "thinking" and leave the physical world to habit. Once a way of doing things is set, they will continue doing it the exact same way until you tell them you now want to make a change.

Say you've changed your mind about something, he/she does a task the old way and you have a physical reaction that would suggest you now don't approve of the "old way", he/she won't notice your physical expression of disproval . . you have to verbally tell him/her about the new way.

They are duty and task oriented, not intuitively oriented . . they have to be directed about what you feel and think and will even say, "I'm not a mind reader. Tell me."

If I started a new relationship with a Virgo and he told me something like this (which, I would already know without him telling me) . . what he's telling you is that he is much like his virgin brothers and sisters in the aspect that he won't be forthcoming with information (feelings and communication about feelings), so it's his way of saying, look deeper, beyond my expressionless state.

"read his actions instead of dwelling on his words, or lack thereof, when it came to emotions". He's run into this dilemna before, it sounds like and is trying to get you to look past what he recognizes as a trait that might send you packing.

You're a lucky woman, most people aren't that aware . . most people would rather live "blinded" to satisfy their ego's. Got to love these people, don't ya? How can one not?
no kiddin' Gotta luv em --P angel..


you got me wrong there. I meant us reading them..thier feelings through their body language. not the other way around. I know they are not that much into intuitiveness, they are more into logicistics for sure.

P-angel< You're a lucky woman, most people aren't that aware . . most people would rather live "blinded" to satisfy their ego's. Got to love these people, don't ya? How can one not?

I realize I am very very lucky.. having this more mature type of virgo..
thanks for the comments..P-Angel..


57 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Ooops, sorry, misunderstood.

On this side (the one you meant) . . still, they aren't expressive, except the eyes. With my V-man, I can pretty much tell what he's thinking, or wanting, or needing from the look in his eyes. The rest of his body is pretty solid and still, motionless.

Unless, of course, he's infuriated, lol, then it's easy to read him . . you just have to duck.
no problem..

lol..your funny.. I haven't seen him that mad yet.... but, I will duck when I see it" in his eyes"..haha..
Hey Dy,

was wondering when you were going to comment..hehe


I have found all that you have said to be true. I would love to read more of your thoughts on the virgo males body language. should I PM you on the specifics?

Is that a banana in his pocket, or is he glad to see you? If he smiles and drools when you drop trow, it's a good sign.
Hey virguy62,

He not only smiles and drools.. he whistles..ooooo....ooooo..the little are you Virguy...


Strings, Virgo or not, men do not get subtle hints sent out be the female of the species. Why leave us to analyze things when you can just blurt out that you want us in the first place and remove any doubt?

Then body language will only need to be inetrpreted in a more intimate situation.
57 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Nope Strings, they're not . . that's what I was talking about. You have to tell them. My husband, still to this day, after all these years, doesn't know what my facial expressions mean. If I give him a look, I then have to follow up with what the look meant because he'll be asking why the glare (even if it's a look of lust . . he thinks I'm glaring), not very arousing if one can't seduce because it's not recognized, eh?

Glad to hear you females aren't so thin. Sweet !!!!!
30 years old male from Kansas
i'm a virguy and i can read body language better than anybody i know. Sometimes it's overwhelming. For example, when I'm talking to somebody who smiles a lot and uses friendly gestures while communicating, i get so caught up by their gestures that my mind wants to read into the intentions rather than listen to what they have to say. I find that people that overly use their body language to communicate are trying too hard. That's why i would much rather communicate on the computer where "tone, body language, expressions" dont effect the important message. Virgos get bored by small talk and it shows in our motionless behavior. We much rather ask questions that lead to something, not ask questions for the sake of forwarding a conversation. Ackward silence doesn't bother us, we'll wait for you to think of something to say, don't feel ackward around us cause we're anxious and insecure about the way you feel about us, even though we have a large ego...funny how that works. Back to body language, if you ever see us when we're angry, you'll see us use our body language a whole lot more because as bad as it sounds, anger is an emotion that makes us feel alive. It's easy to use angry body language, all you have to do is hit something without much grace. Yeah, us virgos aren't very graceful but we're very precise.

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