Neat & Tidy vs. Sloppy & Messy Virgos

Which one are you? LoL! I am a messy virgo. Clean but messy. One of my male virgo friends is so bad you can't even see t
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Which one are you? LoL! I am a messy virgo. Clean but messy. One of my male virgo friends is so bad you can't even see the floor in his house. Two other virgos I know redefine the definition of organized, keeping everything tidy and in place. Just curious. Maybe there are other contributing factors in our natal charts. Survey says....
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Im messy and so is my aunt lol i notice that people who have virgo in moon or rising are clean freaks... my mom is a leo and my gurl is a libra and they have a virgo rising and they are clean freaks lol. i have almost all virgo in my chart except moon and rising and i have no urge to clean...
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I am anxious to read the responses from more virgos (or people who live with them) on this subject. My haunch says there might be more messy virgos than neat ones! LoL! About the moon and rising virgos, I knew a rising virgo who would was a neat freak from way out beyond and a virgo moon who was a complete slob. Hmmm...
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My room is not clean, but still organized (books with books, clothes with clothes, etc)
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Lol I sort of have a ying and yang thing going here...

My Car:
On the outside - spotless, waxed to a perfect shine, I pay a guy to come to my work and wash it every week

On the inside - MESSY. I look like I live in the damn thing. I have articles of clothing in the back. I always keep a jacket in my car but its just THROWN in. My trunk has 982734928374 things in a plastic box thats not even organized

My personal documentation and organization:
If its in my computer - every file and document is PERFECTLY organized. My music is completely organized in one section with all files names fitting. My pictures the same.

If its hard-paperwork, pictures, music CD's - A completely MESS. I have a box I literally throw all my paperwork into that I go through ONLY when the box is full. My CD's are just stacked lazily on a shelf. My pictures are tattered and just strew about on my bookshelf

The good - I vacuum my carpet a couple of times a week. My kitchen is spotless and completely organized. You could eat off my kitchen floor.

The bad - I NEVER make my bed. Hate it. I usually have a small amount of cloths strew about the bedroom floor (usually in the morning) but I'm fairly decent about picking it all up when I get home from work

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I have some real thoughts about this. I am the original slob. When I was a kid my room was so messy you couldn't walk across the floor. My mother, who is a minimalist, finally accepted the fact that "I like to have all my things out where I can see them."

I am still a terrible slob, but what I don't like is disorganization. I'm like someone else said, clothes all in one pile, papers in other piles (large papers in one pile, small papers in another, bills in a 3rd etc. One undifferentiated pile, or even worse, papers laying randomly all over that could get lost, bother me.) I remember where I put things, and I get very upset if anyone touches or moves my things. Also in my work habits, or when planning a trip or something, I am very organized and detail oriented. What I like is to have everything so well planned it seems to come off effortlessly. I can't stand loose ends and confusion.

As for the slobbiness, I felt like Linda Goodman said it best. We Virgos hate inefficiency and wasted time. Cleaning is the most wasteful and unproductive of activities, because no sooner is it done than it all has to be done over again! It never stays done! Therefore, why waste time on it? Why make the bed only to mess it up again that very night? Why put away the dishes only to have to get them all out again? It is better to devote energy to something that will really have results and make a difference.

One Virgo's opinion,
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So far I agree with all of it! LoL! I always keep a jacket in my car thrown in the back seat. Everything has its area, bag or box. Items are apread out so I can easily see them. Ha! I make my bed about 3/4 of the way up. Anymore than that requires undoing it for reuse. Oh, this is too funny!
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You'll get to know me sooner or later... My chart: sun in virg
I'm both at the same time lol.

I'll go through and clean everything up, because it drives me insane when my stuff is disorganised lol. And i'll keep it tidy for weeks. Then all of a sudden, my room will look like a bomb has hit it and i'll leave it like that for a couple of weeks until I go crazy and clean it up again lol!!
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"i notice that people who have virgo in moon or rising are clean freaks... "

That's interesting. My moon is virgo and I am a clean freak as well.

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My virgo brother was a total SLOB!

Ditto! LOL!!
I am sloppy if someone else cleans after me ... preferrable a french maid

if not i tend to tidy as i go so at any instant my surrounding is tidy'ish while i am carrying on with things
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I'm in a hurry now, but need to organize a tally on this! It seems to be that most virgos are messy vs tidy... so how did we ever get a clean-freak rap??
The virgo I use to date...he was a clean person, but he never had time to clean. I was usually the one cleaning while virgo man worked like 16 hour days (not even a joke) all the time.

For a germaphobe, you would figure he would clean up the place a bit more. I had to bark at him a lot to help me out every now and then because I felt like a spanish maid. But when he did clean, he did a great job...
64 years old female from Seattle, WA
That's another aspect to it. I'm such a dang perfectionist and so detail oriented that if I once started cleaning I would never be able to stop. If I ever did get it perfect - for an instant - then as noted previously, I'd only have to start all over, since it's the nature of entropy for things to fall back into disarray. No thank you!

Lately I pay my (Libra) daughter to houseclean and she does a pretty good job, probably as good as anyone, but I'm always noticing these tiny edges of grime around the drain, or dust on the top of a door, or a spider web in a hidden corner, or a smudge on a wall, and I have to point them out to her - she just looks at me unbelievingly that anyone could possibly NOTICE these things, but my eye is always drawn to them.

Left to myself, everything would have a nice, even coating of dust and disarray.

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I am the Ultimate Organizer. Books, records, DVDs, etc. are all alphabetized. The file systems on my computers are Virgic works or art...

But, I don't get nervous or freaked out by messes or clutter. I can tolerate a certain degree of filth -- depends on the location & situation. I don't expect my garage to be as sterile as an operating room... But my bathrooms have to be hygienic!
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