Virgo and Scorp. The two sibling signs

So ever since I've been on DXP (which is like 5 years), the Virgo forum has always been populated by Scorp women trying
38 years old male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
I can defend myself against anything. I like to think of great defense and cou
Never heard of it.
38 years old male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
I can defend myself against anything. I like to think of great defense and cou
25th Decan needs a woman who doesn't have any desire to control men. Sag women are good for that since you give them a little something to control, and they love it. And generally appreciate anything you do for them, as long as you can help them make sense of their chaotic existence. Scorp women are sometimes hard to deal with, and things can get ugly really quick. Especially if you're not a really submissive man. Scorp women will try to take control of your entire life. Sag women only try to take control of apart of it. Sag isn't as compatible with Virgos as Scorps are, but I think it's worth the time to find a decent one (a lot of Sag women are total duds and a waste of time). Once you can find one who needs you, she'll slowly start showing her worth to you. and it'll feel great. And since you don't need to give them constant attention (though some is required), they don't interfere with your life. They just supplement your life, not really change it.
38 years old male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
I can defend myself against anything. I like to think of great defense and cou
You're going to have to be really sure of yourself to deal with a Scorp woman as a Virgo man. So you have to be a lot more aggressive when pursuing Scorps. They're very silent people, and don't always make their intentions known. Still, I think if it somehow works, it's a very spiritual and surreal connection. Almost as if you somewhat merged with them. If things don't work out with the Sag, I'd totally try it with Scorp women again. Right now, I really don't need the complicated relationship required to get things with Scorps going. I think I can learn enough about myself through the Sag because no two signs are as different than Virgo and Sag. Getting it to function is a matter of divorcing yourself from ego, and just trusting in your partner's ability. to me that's simple, but the hard part is getting rid of your ego and insecurities.

The Scorp relationship seems to play out much differently since there are too many glaring similarities. Sometimes it's refreshing dealing with someone who is different, though some of the more spiritual aspects are lost. I guess everyone doesn't need that strong of a bond to make a relationship work. Just respect for one another.
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It's a psych ward.
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I had no clue Virgos and Scorps got along so well as to be called siblings signs. Wow.

Explains a lot though, I've gotta say.

And I do notice that people who dislike one sign on here tend to dislike the other, LOL
What's good yall? I have been on here watching for some time, but I have to put my two cent in. I am a virgo highly attracted to a scorpio female and I sense her feeling is the same..I wont go into full detail at this time, but I have to say this is a strong feeling.
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