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I want to know from all you virgo men out there if this is an indication that you really like someone or you just are ph
I want to know from all you virgo men out there if this is an indication that you really like someone or you just are physically attracted to them. Whenever my virgo man is around me--we could be talking about the most platonic thing---most times he gets hard ons--i think it's so cute because it shows how much he is physically intuned to me and how intense the chemistry is between us. He's always staring deep into my eyes with smiles on his face and seems to be sooooooo physically attracted to me. I just wonder if as a virgo man this means something more than just sex--i mean we have had sex very many times and it's still the same--the "fire" hasnt diminished. Yet every single time i see him he is aroused by me and the tension is insurmountable. Do virgo men show their love physically rather than with words? Even when he is aroused he prefers to show me what he wants or move my hand to indicate what he wants and i suspect from his facial expression that he feels very shy.
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
Virgo man? I'm a bit confused by that statement considering you were not feeling this way in another thread...yeesh women
I dont know what to believe anymore--my heart is telling me one thing while i'm trying to figure out what my head is saying.
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That would have to mean that he would have to be her man .... and he's not.

He hasn't cheated her .... they aren't a couple, so how could he possibly cheat?

They are treetrunk buddies .... and she's hoping he will fall if she keeps stroking his dick.

:::: shakes head ::::::

You don't even know you're his slut, do you?

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Lissanth, what sign are you?

Yes, we show love through physical actions.
I am a gemini Cajun
The reason i post here is to get genuine advice----i dont really see how it helps to be told about PAST POSTS OF GEMINIS BEING OBSESSIVE OF VIRGO MEN. Perhaps you just want to be heard. You haven't really offered any sort of advice in any of your posts Hikoro--only criticisms--you make a statement about past posts of gemini women and then you go on to say not that you are accusing me--Seriously, is this what this website is all about?? I honestly thought it was intellectual people offering solid advice on a situation---!!!
"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
lissanth there are people on DXP that will not hold back and will call you out, call you names, DXP is not LA LA land, don't be afraid to put yourself out to get some clarity

IMO this man doesn't seem to be into you on an emotional level but he's into you physically, which means its an FWB situation, which means he has no intentions of falling in love, stop giving him sex and he will most likely be gone, he's already shown you that he's bringing women into his home, he's sent direct signals that things are on his terms so either deal with that fact or find someone that is into you beyond sex.

I think he's older than you right? 30's or 40's? If he is then he's too old for you and will not take you seriously hence all the head games. If he's around your age then he most likely is not ready for anything serious with any one woman, as for him being your guy, I have to say he's not your guy, he's every girls guy until he decides to settle down, you are attractive, your fun, your entertaining, the sex is good most likely, YET that doesn't mean he wants anything imparticular with you other than what you already have so you have to find a way to stop hanging and clinging onto a man that only wants sex and a bit of your time, stop creating this imaginary relationship were you are making it all up because you want more by analyzing his every word and actions. If you want someone to cherish you and love you, he's not it but if your looking for a temporary distraction, a good time then he's your guy.
Thank you for your advice all who have replied--

He is in fact 27 and I cannot honestly do the situation justice by explaining here. I know it is pretty clear that he does not want a committment for whatever reason and yes i have set boundaries--long ago in fact--i have stopped contacting him, have told him that i want nothing more to do with him, that we are just friends and I have not been intimate with him for five months. Still he continues to try to talk to me--he is not living in my country right now but he recently got back for a short visit. During this time he constantly called me--kept begging me to see him which i flat out refused to. The huge inconvenience is that he lives in the same building as me so he knows what i do at all times. I saw him the other day and we spoke at length in which he could not stop trying to kiss up on me and get all physical with me--i did not allow it. I point blank told him that this situation does nothing for me and makes me unhappy so i am moving on. He said we should go with the flow because he cannot offer me anything right now because his career is unstable, he isn't living in the country and a relationship cannot be his focus right now. He insinuated much like your virgo man hikoro that when he comes back to my country then we would have a proper relationship. However, i dont believe that i want to remain in this situation with the uncertainty of that. In all honesty i am not breaking it off with him because i have a burning desire to be in a serious commitment with someone at this present moment and so i want that opportunity to find that--i am because it makes me unhappy and it is pointless to be in a situation with someone like this where i never know where i stand. Truthfully the intensity between us is amazing--i'm sure that's why he does not want to let it go either. When i am with him i feel like he cares about me so deeply--the way he looks at me, always giving me advice and helping me, he also gets jealous whenever my male friends visit, always makes himself visible ---because as a gemini i can be very cold and i am often detached so in person you will never know what i'm thinking or feeling---just because i talk about how i feel here doesnt mean this is how i am with him or in person--i'm actually quite cold. He actually seems quite intimidated by me at times. So you see why it's so confusing?
From what I know from being in Virgo Island and yes I know I am leo....surrounded by nothing but Virgos. They don't get physical unless they like someone. They occasionally do give in when someone pushes up on them out of "curiosity". However after they get what they want a lot of the times they change their minds and break up with you. Especially if you don't seem really serious about anything or if you seem too serious about them. They are big on independence but they are insecure about a lot of things. So if you feed into their insecurity or are too posessive they are gone. Supposedly they are loyal so I'm not sure why he is cheating when he is with someone else. But then again all the Virgo's I know argue about who is the bigger flirt. I think Virgos flirt excessively, they seem to think that it's me that does so. Bring up the fact that you are "seeing each other" or dating, if he agrees then you have your answer. If not leave him hanging. Virgos worry a lot, all the time, about everything. If he cares about you he'll be contacting you within a week or so to talk over your status.
We had a talk the other night where he pointed out that he does not get physical with someone he does not like. I said well he seems to only like me as a friend and he said "no i dont, if i did i wouldnt go anywhere with you, spend any time with you, make love to you (he actually said make love) stand here talking to you when i'm starving". I asked him about being intimate with other women and he said well it's not his focus but sometimes he does give in or indulge--so i cant really say that he's over there messing around with other women on a regular basis--he could just be downplaying it although he's very honest. Another thing is he's always so hot and eager for me --i mean i want to logically argue that if i'm just sex to him or he's messing around with another woman/women then why does he act like he cant wait to have sex with me or why is he always soo hot for me??
Haha Talking about this I'm learning Virgo and Leo has a lot in common after all. When a Virgo likes you, you are their WORLD. Once you lift those rosy tinted glasses towards your face they snatch it straight out of your grasp and somehow permanently but stylishly embedd them on their face. One of my parents is Virgo and loves the other until death more than anyone in the planet. I have a best friend that is a Virgo that still talks about someone that she fell inlove with like 8 years ago. I have other Virgo friends that can not breathe without making some kind of joke, remark, or reference to that "special" someone. If he says he is with someone else or hints it...he could either be making you jealous, but most likely he is telling you the truth. Virgos have "I'm scared" to tell you complex. I have a friend that lies about smoking because she is scared that people will get angry at her because they don't want her to. So the fact that he didn't lie might be a problem. Best bet is really just to ask him or/and to leave. One of my closest friends is a Virgo male and he still talks about these two girlfriends he had that left him. They HATE it.
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Posted by Lissanth
---because as a gemini i can be very cold and i am often detached so in person you will never know what i'm thinking or feeling---just because i talk about how i feel here doesnt mean this is how i am with him or in person--i'm actually quite cold. He actually seems quite intimidated by me at times. So you see why it's so confusing?

Well this seems to be the root cause of your issue.

Any Virgo man would have trouble dealing with this. You seem to be a lovely young woman to me, but if you can't show him love in your actions, demeanour and words. He'll forever shy away.
Dont get me wrong Cajun, i do cover up how i feel because i believe that emotions are a sign of weakness esp when i dont know where i stand with him--but i am also quite physically affectionate and to tell you the truth i am mostly affectionate during sex or when we are physically intimate--he even said it once--he commented about how the only time i let go is when we have sex--so i always have a constant battle going on in my head thinking that he probably responds to me on a physical level because this is how he feels he can reach me OR that it's solely what he wants.

He told me that he indulges in sexual activity with other women sometimes--he actually did not want to tell me this--i had to force him pretty much because he says he didnt want to hurt my feelings etc--but he said he is not seeing anyone--nto involved with anyone. Whenever i ask him directly about these things--his tone and the way he talks to me is so gentle as if he would rather not tell me. But i am very direct, and i dont play around--i want to know even if it's bad so i suppose i confront him with these things.
eh EF pride. Just do it. lol
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