When Virgos Disappear what does it mean?

I met a Virgo guy a month ago. We had an awesome first date and then I left town for the holidays for about 3 weeks. He
I met a Virgo guy a month ago. We had an awesome first date and then I left town for the holidays for about 3 weeks. He called or TM nearly every day. Then offered to pick me up at the airport but I declined politely. He asked if he could take me to dinner the same nite and I did say yes.

We had an almost perfect date that nite but things kind of ended up in an awkward moment where He was all fired up and ready to get "busy" and I didn't let it happen. He felt embarrassed about how he came on too strong and I told him it was alright I just didn't do casual sex partners or FWB. He said everything was good and we were cool.

The next day he called and said he was sick and would be out of work for a week and the Dr. told him he should wait until the virus passes so he doesn't infect more people. Before he hung up he said I was special to him and I said the feeling was mutual. But he hasn't made any contact with me since.

I sent him a TM that nite he called to get well. The next day I TM to ask how he was and he never responded. The 3rd day I called his phone and the voicemail wouldn't allow to leave a message (maybe full). The thing is .......its been 5 days and I haven't heard from him. Is that normal disappearance time for a Virgo or should I think he's cut me off and isn't interested any more? Should I try contacting him again? When Virgo's take time off for themselves how long do they "normally" stay away? And what does it mean?
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It's hard to say, Temple ..

Under normal circumstances, it's normal for a Virgo to pull away and go missing once they've realized that real feelings are involved, for they take ages to sort out emotions of this nature and have to be certain before proceeding further to the next step.

However .. these aren't the circumstances we normally encounter in here when women come in to say that their Virgo has gone missing (which is ALOT).

For three weeks you were away .. which is plenty of space time for him to valuate what you mean to him and whether he wants to move forward. When you came home, he was still there .. and aparantly had decided he wanted to move forward .. so, his gone missing never really had to take place the normal way because you left for 3 weeks.

In this time of texting everyday, the emotional side of the relationship had taken place .. he's still there.

Then when he moved in for the physical side, you pulled away and said you don't do casual sex .. in his mind, he was likely thinking, "How could this be casual. We've developed a bond emotionally over the last month?"

He's probably gone for good ..... for it's doubtful that he would consider it casual sex, yet you did .. so he probably thought that he made a mistake in trusting your intentions with him.

That's just my best guess according to the circumstances you posted ..
Thanks P-Angel, but although there was some bonding going on with the brief phone calls and TM over the last 3 weeks that was only our 2nd date in person. We're just dating and I don't feel he's "entitled" to more. But that's me and my morals. Anyway, you're probably right though he's probably gone for good. And if he is, I'm glad I didn't have sex with him since that was obviously his only intentions.

Also, good advise that I should just let it be. And if he is still interested he'll call me. I would like to know that he is feeling better but wasn't sure if I should send a TM asking if he's feeling better after all this time. If he was still interested (I can't be sure) I didn't want him to think I didn't care how he was recovering by not inquiring how he is doing.

I have puh-lenty to do to keep me busy......I'll just forget about him. I just went thru a relationship where my guy kept disappearing.....NOT willing to put up with those games again for anyone. If 5 days isn't enough time for him to go off and then come back.......then I'm done with him. Just wanted to know the reason Virgo's (this Virgo) disappeared when they seem soooo interested and then vanish.
Maybe. I understand he needed time to recover. OK... But if he needs 5 days or more to vanish and not answer texts from 5 days ago......how can he possibly still be interested? His words hint one thing but his actions say another. He could have responded with "doing better, thx". "feeling worse".... Something. But he didn't responded. It only seemed unusual because before he was always contacting me in some way almost every day for an entire month. Now...poof!
No I'm a pisces. And thanks for giving me a straight answer. I did tell him afterwards that I thought there was obviously a lot of chemistry between the 2 of us and nobody knows what will happen in the future but I look forward to exploring the possibilities with him. Hoping that he would appreciate my openness and honesty about how I feel toward him and also to not let him feel too badly about how he behaved. He said we were cool. But.....I don't know what more I could have done to reassure him I would like to keep dating for awhile and just see where it goes after a few more dates. I'm dating others too and until I feel I want to spend all of my time with just " that one special guy" until that time comes I don't want to become intimate with anyone until I figure out who that lucky guy might be. I haven't been around the Virgo guy long enough to feel that "comfortable" to make that choice. And I've never dated a Virgo so I have no idea what to expect or what was happening. Pity he's run off to feel sorry for himself he definitely did not screw up (no pun intended) with me until he vanished.
It wasn't discussed by either of us regarding our current dating situation. But I would think he would assume I would be asked out often and date regularly. (I'm very pretty) Yet, when I do get asked out I don't accept dates from just anyone. I'm very selective (again,...not something discussed). But it did come up on the first date that I prefer sexual exclusivity in a committed relationship and having casual sex wasn't my thing. It wasn't discussed in depth but....I did tell him that on the first date as he was very direct and asked me about it.

Starfish, either you are psychic and you know something I don't...(do tell) or you're right... I'll continue to be true to my own special self and I WILL also find out what kind of a guy he really is in the end!
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When Virgos Disappear what does it mean?

Testing a newly discovered cloaking device!
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You know that this is all bullbutters.. if you are interesting enough be sure that the one you are dating will be right around the corner where ever you turn.

Yea, I am beginning to see him for what he really is a big phony. It's been a week and I've still heard nothing in response to my last contact with him. I sincerely doubt he is still recovering but after a week......he still doesn't have the courtesy to answer my text.......I'm put off by rude behavior and it kills the attraction for sure and I've lost interest now because of it. Cloaking device or not.........he's about to find out how fast I am going to disappear from HIS radar. Except, funny thing.......he probably dumped me when I wouldn't have sex with him and it took me a week to figure that out! Hmph! LOL
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Good for you, but don't dare to blame on Virgoness! You must be interesting enough to be on the RADAR.

This time was Virgos, next time will be what ever..!
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<)2 Behf&
57 years old male from Norway
Qbone: ?opinions are like arsholes, everyone got one?

do you mind if i steal that for future use? LOL

Sure; why not, be my guest and fire it out in every direction needed. Seems that many of us need a reminder time to time that ?our actions are important not the opinions?.
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A lot of butter comes out of those asses

That's why opinions are not matter actions and accepting theconsequences is important.
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Opinions are always under the influences of the local community (communities) and some hypocrisy of influential politicians.

Its not based on (personal) thoughts and experiences.

Key word..... under influences.
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What was your action with your Virgo..??
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